Tuesday, July 8, 2014

54th B-Day Everybody needs a friend

54th B-Day in the life and times of
the one and only Hermana Talbot

Song for this week!!

"Everybody needs a friend; no one wants to be alone. When things are lurking down, it's good to have somewhere to go. There are those who really love you. You can see it in their eyes. There are those who'll pretend to and it might hurt you, but it's good to know how to recognize the one from the other. Make the ones that matter.

Good friends lift you up when you feel like you've had enough; keep you going through the thick and thin. Good friends gather 'round you. Leave you better than when they found you. By your side until the very end. That's a good friend

Everybody needs a friend; and there's always room for more. You could be the one they need. You'll be able to know if you'll just open up your eyes to be the friend that matters."
I wonder how many times I wasn't a good friend or let somebody down. Gotta be better at that... I know now, more than ever, that being a good friend includes sharing the message that I've been sharing for the past year. Not to shove it down throats (a good way to lose friends though haha), but to not be afraid to share what I know to be true and the thing that brings me happiness and good life goals.

Be a good friend. Be the friend you want to have. Sacrifice for all people, friends or strangers, cause then you truly love or learn to love them. Always think of others first. We don't grow nor become better people when we only think of ourselves (hello pride). Our Heavenly Father has given us brothers and sisters and friends and parents for a reason. In fact, He's given us everything; the least we can do is serve our God by helping another. Becuase I know, "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God" (Mosiah 2:17).

Next week, write to me and tell me what you did to serve someone and how you specifically sacrificed for him/her. Make it a good story. :)

The head is better. No more headaches. I have a scar and a lump on my head still, but I think it might be another lasting scar from Chile.

I cried last week at the end of church; how embarrassing. One of our inactive members, Fernando, came to church. Finally. After months of never coming to church due to addictions, we talked firmly with him about coming to the chapel and how much it would help him. And.... He came (even if it was only for 20 minutes at the end). We talked to him after and he was so nervous and jittery, saying that he needed to leave. I was so happy for him and yet felt the pain he was feeling. It was a terrible moment; a moment of sadness in my heart for him. I hope to see him recover and overcome his addictions. I know that he can. I believe the hope I have for him, through the Atonement of Christ (especially because I know he cannot do such a thing alone), is greater than he has for himself. His own strength and power isn't sufficient to do it. We just have to help him see that he can change.

Dad. Got another letter. This one came in like 19 days. Miracles never cease, I tell you.

New goal of mine: Call at least one investigator, one recent convert, and one less active member (especially those in mission age) every Sunday before church. Help out your missionaries. :)

Oh, I was soooo bothered this past Monday. We were buying things for the week in Lider (Walmart) and were standing in line. There were tons of people there, all waiting in lines to check out. We got into a line and were waiting when I saw margarine 5 steps from the checkout. So I said to Hermana Tax "save me my spot I'm going to go get margarine right over there". She says "ya I'll watch you". So I leave the line that has like 8 people in it, get my margarine and come back (legit 10 seconds). Well, the guy (30's) behind me had a fit. He started talking to the girl that was with him saying "when you get out of the line, you can't get back in...." blah blah blah. The woman, at least, defended me and said I was only going for margarine and to take a chill pill. But he continued, talking behind my back (literally) like I couldn't understand. Can I tell you what fury raged through my body? I wanted to turn right around and say, "What is your problem? Have you never left someone in a checkout line to save your spot before? Oh ya and yes, I did understand you. Where's your respect?". However, at the moment I said all of that in my head, I remembered the 2 names I carry on my name tag. Hermana Talbot and Jesucristo (Jesus Christ). So instead of reacting in a way that I I couldn't being I had such a reminder on my chest, I turned around, smiled, and helped him place his groceries on the counter. He hesitated at first and acted as if I was stealing his yogurt (oh brother), the woman he was with assured him that I was helping, and he thanked me. I walked away content with how I acted; however, that does not mean I didn't vent in the street to Hermana Tax 10 minutes later when no one was around. Hahaha. I hope we all respect others and think of them first. Be forgiving. Be loving. Think before you act. Always carry the name of Christ with you; maybe not in a physical name tag, but "take His name upon you and always remember Him". I truly learned, through this experience, what it try means to do exactly that.

Love you all. It's July. December comes fast. It's already July. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures.


P.S. Mom. Will you make me a dentist appointment for January? We got talking about how we have winter coats on our teeth and I want to get in ASAP when I get home. :) Tell the Rands hi.

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