Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Patti Riggs this is for you

Hermana Talbot and Runnells eating cookies Patti sent in her Christmas package!!!

27th B-Day Christmas in Santiago, Chile

27th B-Day 
Christmas in Santiago, Chile
This message is from Hermana Talbot:


I hope we remember the reason for this holiday. It doesn't matter what presents you get... it's what you give to others that really counts... 

Now what gifts have we given Christ this year for His birthday? 

Monday, December 16, 2013

26th B-Day 3 days shy of the 6 month mark....

26th B-Day 3 days shy of the 6 month mark....
A new companion for Hermana Talbot

Hey family.

I love you. I miss you. I will get to talk to you all soon!!

So I think this past week was one of the longest of my life. I am not 100% sure why, but I think part of it was all of the changes that I knew were going to happen with Hermana Rivera leaving to go home to Honduras and such. So we went to her Despedida on Sunday night for people to come say goodbye to her and take pictures.... then after she went to go sleep at President Wright's house because her plane left at 6AM this morning. It was sad to see her go, but I am ready to get working to start changing and learning from my new companion Hermana Diaz from Argentina. 

We had a little bit of a Christmas together before Hermana Rivera left this past week. And it was a good thing we did it because Hermana Jennings and Hermana Runnells also left. So in our ward is me, my companion Hermana Diaz (previously in the ward but in a different sector), Hermana Leishman, and Hermana Leishman is going to get a new Hermana straight from the MTC. =) 

So this weekend in Chile there was a concert at the Santiago Temple. I guess it is a yearly tradition and it's amazingly wonderful. There is A LOT of work that goes into it. The music and dancing is very well done. Elder David Archuleta sang this year and I have some videos for Tiffany (haha). It was a wonderful experience for us as we brought someone who is less active in the church and his fiance who we are teaching right now. I hope they were able to feel of the spirit as we were there. 

I was thinking this week about Christmas and the real meaning of this celebration that we all have. I got wondering what would happen if everyone stopped giving gifts to eachother... would we remember our Savior a little bit more... I loved the invitation of the 1st Presidency of the Church in this December's Liahona... for every member to gift a Book of Mormon with their testimony written on the inside to one person before Christmas. I hope we all took them up on this invitation and have done it... if not... go do it! The missionaries always have copies of the Book of Mormon!

I can't wait to talk to you all on Christmas Day or Eve. It is going to be slightly weird to see you all again and to talk. I am hoping I don't have an accent!!! Don't make fun of me too badly.


Monday, December 9, 2013

25th B-Day "Christmas in Santiago, Chile" ¿¿¡¡What up y'all!!??

25th B-Day "Christmas in Santiago, Chile"

¿¿¡¡What up y'all!!??

I cannot believe that by this time next week I will have a new companion. I am scared half to death, but know that it's coming so I can at least prepare myself for it. I do not know if I will be training someone new or not... I guess we will see. We packed Hermana Rivera's stuff up this morning and were weighing her bags and such. It was quite a process. I am so thankful for my time with her. I have learned soooo much and she was a wonderful trainer with my Spanish and teaching the gospel in lessons!!! I will miss her.

Our zone Las Condes... we are amazing. 

I GOT MY PACKAGES!!! 2 of them the same week!!! 

It was like Christmas! =) Literally. I haven't been so excited before in my life to open a present. Mom, I have been eating the peanut butter in the streets with my finger. Hey I couldn't help it!! Dad and bros, the flag is on my wall and everyone is so jealous! You all couldn't have sent me anything better than what you did!!!! 

 Me and Hermana Agle. =) 

I think when I get home I am going to look into Nurses/Doctors Without Boarders. Yaaaa. This girl's gonna do some work in Africa.

I miss the rain!!!!! I realized yesterday that I miss rain! I want it to rain so badly here so I can just get soaked! But I hear in the winter that it rains all of the time. =)

Funny slash terrible story. So last night around 1130pm I am laying in my bed. (Side note: we all know I have problems with sleeping....sooo... my bed is on the floor because I have found I sleep better on the floor because it's not as hot.) .... so laying in bed going to sleep and I hear Hermana Jennings just screaming... screaming... screaming my name HERMANA TALBOT and she's freaking out... then I hear laughing, so I figure everything is fine and I can just sleep... WRONG. The screaming continues... so I get out of my bed and the first thing my feet feel is water... lots of water... I run out of our room to the bathroom and one of the pipes burst under our sink... there is water EVERYWHERE... it's just spraying out of the bottom of the sink. And what are the rest of the Hermana's doing... they're videoing it and running around in a panic. (I just shook my head.) They're like "what do we do? what do we do?"... um, you turn the water off to the sink???!!! Hahahahahaha. So I turn the water off to the sink... then start telling them that we have to get towels to get the water off of our wood floor... oh my goodness it was craziness. THEN the conserje comes up to the apartment because Hermana Jennings called him and he comes and turns the water off to the entire apartment. Needless to say, I was like WHAT?!?!. We needed the washer, showers, toilets, etc. So I just went to bed... made them turn the water back on this morning... and we are waiting for them to come fix the hose under our sink (hopefully today)... Ya it was HORRIBLE. My bed and sheets and everything were so wet. *Memories of being the Mom, Plumber, Maid, etc. =)*

The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company, a church, and a home.

The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change our past....we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one thing we have, and that is our attitude....I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. *I am working on this*

The 4 most un-used but most important phrases in the world: I'm sorry. Forgive me. Thank-you. I love you. USE THEM!!

I love you all so much. I will see you soon! It's almost my 6th month mark. 

Stop counting down (family).


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

24th B-Day "One Week Closer to the 6 Month Mark!"

24th B-Day and....
One Week Closer to the 6 Month Mark!!!


I think today is my laziest day ever. I just sat all morning and did nothing. Literally nothing. Didn't sleep. Didn't eat. Didn't talk. Didn't read. Nothing. I didn't sleep well last night because it was really hot on the top bunk, sooo I put my blanket and pillows on the floor and slept for about 2 hours with the fan on my face. Good thing it's P-day and I can sleep later today. =)

This week's photos... 

me eating banana bread

mmmm M&M's

 my wall currently with all of your faces!

me holding a sewing needle that I used in a surgery with Hermana Rivera's ear [yes she was as scared as she looks as she's buried herself in my shoulder]It's Hermana Rivera's last week before she goes home and I get a new companion! I'm freaking out just a little bit. 

 bird pooped on me

Okay, so the bird that pooped on me. We were just walkin' down the street. Talking. Walking. Then I felt something wet on my head and arm.... I just looked at Hermana Rivera. Needless to say I had poop on my WHITE SHIRT for the whole afternoon... 2 spots on front... on my nametag... on my back... on my backpack... GROSS!!!

I drank "cherimoya juice" this week  
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherimoya It was delicious. Honestly do not know what it is in English or if it exists there at home, but it was good none-the-less.

Our investigators are doing well. Our recent convert, Elvira, is moving back to Paraguay with her family. We will miss them A LOT, but have hopes they will return. Violeta (eternal investigator) is doing well too. She has a baptismal date the 5th of January because she will not get baptized in 2013 because she has a superstition with the #13. 

We talked about Christmas yesterday in Relief Society and what gifts we can give this month to remember our Savior and what gifts we can give him. There was a list of some really good ideas. (1) the gift of time, (2) the gift of being a good example, (3) the gift of acceptance, (4) the gift of seeing the best in people, (5) the gift of quitting a bad habit, (6) the gift of privacy, (7) the gift of teaching, (8) the gift of listening, (9) the gift of being grateful, (10) the gift of forgiveness, (11) the gift of letting others give to you.

I challenge each one of you to pick at least one gift to give to the Savior for the celebration of His birthday this month. I know it will make this month a brighter, happier month if you do so.

I found these wonderful quotes this week in my reading and thought they were absolutely profound.

"Dare to be a Mormon.
Dare to stand alone.
Dare to have a purpose firm.
Dare to make it known."

"The sun never sets on righteous missionaries testifying of the Savior."

"When the time for decision arrives, the time for preparation is past."

Have a wonderful week. Ponder about life a little this week. Are you doing all you can to build the kingdom of God and your own testimony of Him? Can you be doing more to prepare yourself for that day when you will see your Savior face to face?

I love you all!!! A LOT.

Monday, November 25, 2013

23rd B-Day 5 days past my 5 month mark!!!

23rd B-Day for Hermana Talbot RN Mission Nurse Specialist
5 days past my 5 month mark 
(but who's counting eh?)

¡¡¡Hola mi familia y amigos!!!

So I want to write in Spanish because I am a really mean person and I know you will all have to use google translate (other than Fransisco and Mrs. Garcia haha). However, I HATED IT when missionaries wrote me in a different language because it was a pain in the butt to go translate it! So English it is. I can talk Spanish to you guys all you want when I get back home. I can't wait to be able to talk to people at home in Spanish; however, I highly doubt I will be able to. BECAUSE Spanish in Chile is very different! They have many slang words that no one else understands, they talk very fast, they speak with a lot of fluctuation in their voices and almost every sentence ends in a higher note than when you start (they say they sing while they talk), and they do not say their S's. Soooo I will be coming home not being able to communicate with people in Spanish and have a funny Spanish accent in my English. Great. =) But really, my Spanish is definitely Chilean. It scares me sometimes how Chilean I sound (oh mind you, I still have my Gringa accent too). Oh ya for example. If someone is really intelligent, they use the name Mateo (Matthew) to describe them. Like: oh he's so Matthew. HOW WEIRD IS THAT. Another one... when you're wasting time they say you are "painting monkeys" or "drinking juice". Gotta love it. I am going to come back saying the weirdest things.

So yesterday we had the opportunity to go to CVC. That is what the pictures are. (oh ya and the other picture of the highchair is for you Mom. isn't that adorable?). Okay anyway. CVC is Centro de Visitantes en la Capilla. Translated to... The Visitors Center in the Chapel.... So what happens is there is a Cristus and we play some words/testimony of Christ and after there are posters that are absolutely gorgeous about different principles in the gospel... like the temple, families, the gospel of Jesus Christ, etc... and we do a little tour of the chapel. Hermana Rivera, Hermana Leishman, Hermana Jennings, and I were the sisters for this round. (they do these tours in different chapels every weekend). 

So we taught the lessons. Elder Menendez (Guatemala) and Elder Covarrubias (USA) taught about baptism at the font, Elder Bustamante (Peru) and Elder Aravena (Chile) were for references for the missionaries to come visit them another day, and there were members from the ward and Elder Schade (USA) and Elder Espinoza (Chile) that invited people off of the street into the tours. Also the members were there to explain more about the organizations (like young mens/womens, relief society, etc). It was a wonderful experience. I love teaching people about the gospel and bearing my testimony about the difference we can feel in our lives when we are living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father.

I don't have any good nursing stories. But hey that means that we are healthy right now. Right? Hahaha. I'm still getting calls all of the time. Everyday. Ingrown toenails. A twitch in an eye (huh? haha). Back pain. Etc. The normal! Oh ya this week we got a new doctor for the mission. Doctor Johnson and his wife, Hermana Johnson. I am going to go into the medical office on Wednesday, a little early before our meeting with our district, and catch him up on a few things. Poor thing just feels overwhelmed and lost. But as much as I have talked to him already, he's going to be amazing!!!

Okidoki. I think that is all for now. I love you all! A lot. I am going to go take pictures of the 12 Step Addiction Program that the church has so we can continue helping our recent convert with his efforts to quit smoking. =) He's been valiant so far, but I tell you what he is crankier than ever while he's been going through withdrawal. Sometimes I just wanna hook him up to ativan and morphine to make him stop whining. (that's for all of my co-workers).


Monday, November 18, 2013

22nd B-Day of the one and only Hermana Talbot

22nd B-Day in Santiago, Chile 
of the ONE and ONLY Hermana Talbot

Also I do have a funny story for you today. So we were talking with one of our families who are members about Maine. And he asked me what we ate at my house. So I told him the regular things... chicken, rice, pasta, etc. So after we got talking about the kind of wild animals that we have in the woods and he freaked out. I was like WHAT? and he says "I can just see it. Hermana Talbot with her gun shooting outside of her window... shooting a bear... and lo and behold, there's dinner!". I started laughing so hard. These people are so funny, especially when it comes to things that they have never seen (like a bear).

 We got this reference of a name and address from the office. So we went to the apartment and tried to get in contact with the person. Come to find out it's a 14 year old kid who passed by the temple a while ago and got curious about the church. He asked his Mom who's temple it was and she said "the Mormons". So he hopped online that night and started researching. He got into a chat session with the missionaries there in Utah and asked if he could have a Book of Mormon. So we called him because he wasn't at the apartment and the first thing he said was "wait, stay there, I'm going to run home. do you have my Book of Mormon!?". He is amazing. Absolutely amazing.

This scripture is for you guys. It's from Moroni 8:2-3...I changed it just a little bit....My beloved family and friends, I rejoice exceedingly that our Lord Jesus Christ hath been mindful of me, and hath called me to his ministry, and to his holy work. I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end.

We are all doing well. Getting ready for Hermana Rivera to leave. I am not quite sure if I have it in my head that she is leaving and I will get a new companion. Now that our companionship is golden, it's so hard to start anew. But I know I have much more to learn of myself and from others. =)"

Last, but not least, we had Elder Holland come to see us this week, as you know. It was AMAZING. Talk about being bold. He's one of the boldest men I know, but you can feel his love just radiating towards you. He talked to us about how this is real life. We talk so much about going home back to "real life" however, this is real life. Teaching the gospel of Christ to our friends and neighbors. He made me realize that I don't want to be the missionary who comes home and nobody even realizes that I was once in Chile preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He talked about us living what we're teaching. Not just for these 18 months, but for forever. How this time on our full time missions should be the changing and most pivital point in our lives. This should change our hearts, attitudes, everything. He told us to: "kick when you dont want to kick and stroke when you don't want to stroke". Our strokes and kicking are: the Book of Mormon, a real desire to be better and more Christ-like, and personal progression. WOW. He talked about us teaching with power and authority. How we should astonish people. (Does that mean we are supposed to be bold?) He mentioned Doctrine and Covenants 18:15 and how that one soul it's talking about... is ourselves... It has changed my attitude a little bit as I have realized how much I need to learn and grow. What habits I need to change in my life. Lastly, he talked about how this life isn't easy. I loved what he said. He said "the scripture says: take up your cross and follow me.... it doesn't say: take up your featherbed". He said: "the road to salvation always passes through Gethsemane". And lastly, most hilariously (oh btw, he is a very funny man!!) he said "you know what? we need to cherish these scriptures. do you think it was easy for them? they wrote on plates with an icepick!". It was a wonderful, spiritually, uplifting conference. I am so grateful he was able to come see us and talk with us. It was just a little wake up call for me.

I love you all so much! Thank-you for all of your prayers and love. I am always with you... in spirit and in heart.


I am eating a DD donut. The joys of going to the office once a week to chart nursing stuff.

 Me and my old companions from the CCM and Hermana Martinez (nurse in the Santiago South) when we saw each other at the conference with Elder Holland.

One is of the raisins here. THEY'RE HUGE.

Monday, November 11, 2013

21st B-Day Eating Blood Sausage, and Bone Cartilage and Missionary Dog Bites....

21st B-Day 
Eating Blood Sausage and Bone Cartilage 
and Missionary Dog Bites.... 
all in the day of Hermana Talbot

Hey Family!

 Hermana Runnells and I. We are twins today. Ahh love her. 

(story about this picture... I noticed her very wrinkled non-ironed skirt.... and teased her about it... Brooklyn said, "I said this morning, my mom is going to kill me if I send her this picture".)

A gorgeous building in El Centro in La Plaza de Armas.

We were there to get our visas this week and I wished I had had more time to take photos of the cool buildings, but maybe someday. (highly doubt it). Anyway, so we went and got my visa process started this week to be come a Chilean. haha. It was the longest process ever. We stood in lines of people all day at the police station (equal to the FBI at home) and at the Registro Civil (like the state building). It really was a simple process of finger printing, paying money, answering questions... just a long day because there were soooo many people. Oh another funny thing was there was a whole bunch of missionaries that went together... at least 50 of us. I was famous! Everyone was like, "oh so you're Hermana Talbot!". I just wanted to hide, because I knew the health questions were going to start... hahaha. From the time we got up in the morning (5am) to the time we got back home from the visa run (4pm) it was a total day of visaness. =)

So Hermana Rivera told me something gross this week. She says at home after she's eaten the meat off of the bones of a chicken, she then cuts the bones open and eats the cartilage. I told her that was disguisting. HAHAHA. She laughed and said "what? it's really good!" hahaha. Nasty.

"prietas or morcilla" AKA blood sausages. They love them here. It's the outer layer of the intestine of an animal stuffed with peppers and their fresh blood. Not cooked. I almost barfed. BUT I DID NOT EAT THEM.

=) Last picture together probably because Hermana Rivera is leaving me this next change (she is going home her mission time is over) and I will have a new companion.

One other thing that Hermana Rivera taught me (and I have no idea where this started) but during a lesson if you touch your ear and then right after touch your nose... that means that the other person needs to end the lesson because we need to leave. It's quite hilarious at times because I've started using it and she just starts laughing hahahaa. I thought it was the weirdest thing ever, but yet a good signal. haha.

Hermana and Doctor Mikesell are leaving me this month!!! NOOOO. But we have a new doctor coming to us. Doctor Johnson. I am excited to meet him and see what changes will be coming to the health world of Santiago, Chile. I could not have done this without Doctor Mikesell or Hermana Mikesell. They are so wonderful to me. =)

So we have started the 12 step addiction program with one of our converts. I never realized how much we could use that programs just in our regular lives! The church has done a wonderful job of putting together a program for addictions. I have learned a ton!

Tomorrow, we have the grand privileged to meet with Elder Jeffery R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The meeting will include all missionaries from the Santiago South, East, North and West missions and may be the largest gathering of missionaries in Chile in the history of the Church. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! We are so excited to hear from him... and I am excited because it will be in English. haha.

Okay, so Dad wanted more nurse stories. So yesterday, I almost killed an Elder. So he called me and said "Hermana Talbot, I just got bit by a dog and have a huge hole in my arm. You can even see the bone!". I flipped out and told him to go to the Emergency Room. Well after talking for a couple minutes, I realized he was not seeing his bone. He was seeing FAT. I almost died because I know I had a mini heart attack. Another story. I had an Elder call me last night to ask if he could take two medications together because he has a cold. He was reading off all of the ingredients to me in Spanish of what was in them and all that jazz. I just had to shake my head and listen. Hahaha.

Alrighty, I think that is all. I love you all! 

Hello to my friends and co-workers at good ole EMMC. =)

Love Love Love

Monday, November 4, 2013


20th B-day Never a dull moment... 
address reminder:
HNA Brooklyn Talbot
Mision Chile Santiago Este
Cristobal Colon 6824
Casilla 27.144 Las Condes
Region Metropolitana
Santiago, Chile


So this week. First, I am not going anywhere. Changes were today, but I am staying right where I am. Hermana Rivera is still my companion as well. She goes home at the end of this change, so I definitely will be getting a new companion next change. So in the mission the first companion you have is your "mom". So because Hermana Rivera is going home and she is my Mom... 

 I never realized how hard it was for missionaries to go home. We talk a lot about what she needs to do and change when she goes home. But at the same time, we are trying to work the hardest we can so that she can say she went through her entire mission working as hard as she possibly could to bring people to Christ.

This last Sunday was the confirmation of Elvira. She is officially a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has been given the gift of the Holy Ghost. I have never seen someone so happy before. She just smiled all day! 

Then after Sacrament Meeting (I play the piano every Sunday), I realized that the Sunday School Teacher for our class wasn't there... Soooo, off I went to teach the class. Origionally, I thought Hermana Rivera and I were going to teach together, but she sat down in the class and I was like, "oh, ok, here we go...."... keep in mind I hadn't even read the lesson and it's in Spanish too. (Afterwards she said, "ya I just thought, her Spanish is a lot better, she'll do just fine without my help" hahaha). The class was on Repentance and what a powerful lesson it was thanks to the members who were there and their participation. I have come to realize that I love teaching. =)

So Kassy (love you) sent me a video a couple of weeks ago and I finally was able to watch it. I had never thought of that before, but you guys can email me videos!! Short ones probably, so that I can hear your voices and see your faces!! =) Please!

OH MY GOODNESS. THERE WAS AN EARTHQUAKE (temblor in Spanish). I have never felt such a think in my life like this... So we were in our apartment (5th floor) and all the sudden everything just started shaking. My jacket was hanging off of my bed and it was swaying about a foot in each direction. I was in shock! Hermana Rivera was just sitting there waiting for it to stop... (She's from Honduras and they have earthquakes there too all the time.) And it just wasn't stopping and was getting stronger and stronger... So she says "if it doesn't stop in a few seconds or gets any stronger, we're leaving". I didn't even hear her say it because I got my camera out to video my jacket that was swaying. BAHAHAHAHAHA. But it stopped right after... we were fine. It was like 30 seconds long. I can't even imagine what the earthquakes were like when they had all of the destruction down here a few years ago.

So the photos... The first one is we all "dressed up" for Halloween. Hahaha. Gotta love the sense of humor of missionaries. 

The other is of me and a bilboard here about a movie I think? I honestly don't know. But the reason I took it was because I am called the "butt-kicker" in our house. Because I just tell people how it is and don't beat around the bush... (no, does that sound like me?) 

And the last one is of the city the other night. Gorgeous sunsets here.

Sister Rivera and Brooklyn eating a "flower"

Okay, I think that is all. Oh ya, no. I have some seriously funny stories about these calls I get from missionaries. Hahahaha. They are hilarious at times. Rabies shots for dog bites. Sprained ankles. Allergies. Stomach pain (the food here really isn't healthy for you at all). Colds. Flu. And the list goes on. =) I need to start writing some of them down during the week to send to you guys. But all is well, no one has died yet. (crossing my fingers). I get anywhere from 0-20 calls a day. Granted, there are over 200 missionaries in this mission.

Is there anything you all would like to know?


Monday, October 28, 2013

19th B-Day Special Day for 2 Hermanas and Elvira

19th B-Day
Special Day for Hermana Talbot and Rivera and Elvira

Family, Friends, and The Blog. =)

So I am running out of time this week. I am not sure why. Oh never mind, I know why. Because I am getting nursing calls while I am trying to use my internet time here in the mall. Hahaha. Nah. It's okay. So first, I guess the nursing stuff. So at whatever time in the day or night that someone has a problem medically, they call me. That's it. I have had anything from rashes, to throwing up, to "I can't walk", to "I fell today, but I think I'm okay" to "I have a fever of 102"... to all sorts of other stuff. I thought I was going to have to send one of the Elders to have his tonsils out this past week, but we are going to wait until he gets home. I did send him to the hospital though and thank goodness I did. It's so hard here because I can't see them or assess them. Sooo difficult. And the companions try their hardest, but they just aren't nurses. Sometimes I think they think I am absolutely crazy when I tell them to do something for me like look down someones throat or take their temperature or such. It's quite hilarious sometimes. The Spanish is a struggle at times, but it's coming and thank goodness I have Hermana Rivera. She is absolutely wonderful.

So people here have started asking what my first name is so they can add me on facebook. When I tell them Brooklyn they ask me if it's like Broccoli. I just start busying out laughing, Mom. HAHAHAHA. Rose, like Dante calls me... Do you remember that day?
Mom, there's an hermana in our sector who added me on facebook and sent you a message in English. She wants you to respond back in English and her grandson who speaks English can help her translate. Hahaha. These people are so funny.

We had a baptism yesterday. Elvira. It was absolutely the craziest day. If anything else could have gone wrong, it would have been that she "changed her mind". So the dress that we had for her didn't fit, we couldn't find white pants big enough for her son to wear as he baptized her... but for these, she just moved all of the buttons over and took out the pleats. Hahaha. Then we get to the baptismal service and the first speaker isn't there.... then we get ready for her to go to the font and her son steps in the water and he jumps back out and says "we can't get in there. that water is boiling!". His foot was bright red after he was in it for like 10 seconds. Sooo they ended up having to empty out some of the water and put a hose from an outside faucet, through a window, to put cold water in the font. I just couldn't believe it. Elvira and her son Jorge just started laughing hysterically as they talked about being "cooked" alive at a baptism. She was like "I'm gonna come out like a boiled chicken". BAHAHAA.  Oh ya and the video that we were supposed to watch didn't work either because we couldn't find the remote for the DVD player to change the language from English to Spanish. Ya needless to say it was probably the most stressful baptism ever, but she got baptized!!! So is so happy and we are too. We also gave her a pair of her own scriptures and we wrote our testimonies in the Book of Mormon and Jorge wrote his in the Bible. She said it was the best gift she had gotten that day. So worth the money!!!

We went to the temple this week too. It was absolutely wonderful. I did the whole time in Spanish and was surprised how much I understood. Pretty much everything. Wow. =) Oh ya.
I made pancakes this week. Thanks Mom for teaching me how to flip em.

Go read Mosiah 27:14. Pray for your families... Prayer works!

I love you all. Thanks for all your prayers and emails.


Monday, October 21, 2013

18th B-Day Starting of Mission Nurse Specialist Role

B-Day 18 
Starting of Mission Nurse Specialist Role

Hey Family,

So I have a mountain of things to say this week, so I am going to write first before responding specifically to emails. =)

First of all, we went to Applebees this week. It was like going back to Heaven for an hour or so. I was uterally shocked that Hermana Rivera had never been to a restaurant like that before. When you have a menu and need to order from it. I am so blessed for growing up in the States and having the wonderful family that I have been blessed with. I love you guys.
We have a baptism this next week. Her name is Elvira. She is absolutely amazing and I am so excited to see the joy in her face as we get closer to this Sunday (the day of her baptism). I do have to say, though, that Satan is working hard in her life right now. With complications with her living situations and her family, as well. HE WILL NOT WIN. =) 

Also this next Sunday is the Primary Presentation. I am playing the piano for it being that there is no one else who plays the piano in this ward. I am so grateful for this talent I have been given!

Yesterday was my birthday in the mission! 4 months!! It's starting to go by quickly. The weeks seem like days. The changes (every 6 wks) seem like weeks. 

We are off to the temple in the morning... Hermana Rivera, Hermana Jennings, and me. We are so excited! I am going to try to listen in Spanish this time. Crossing my fingers that my Spanish isn't quite as bad as I think it is. =)

So random thought. We were walking down the street the other day and a Chinese guy walks past us and Hermana Rivera turns to me and says "Jackie Chan!!!!!" I about lost it in the middle of the street as I almost peed my pants. Sometimes I just have to shake my head and keep on walkin'. Hahaha.

OH I GOT THE BOX OF CHOCOLATE!!! We were so excited to get it! Can I just tell you how excited the other Sisters were too? It was like Christmas in October. Thank you Momma. We are enjoying every single bag of chocolatey goodness. MMMMMM.

I have started the nursing part of my mission. The day I started the calls came in at 8am. My hours are from 11-3 hahaha. But all is well. I've only gotten calls about things I can't do anything for. Mostly rashes. I just shake my head and say "well I can't really do anything for that... you're just going to have to wait a few days and see if it goes away". HAHAHA. It's quite interesting to try to understand everything in Spanish, but thank goodness for Hermana Rivera. She really is my assistant. We just put the people on speaker phone and she helps me understand by pointing or acting out what they're saying. Nothing like cherades (I honestly don't know how to spell this) when it comes to the health of the missionaries in our mission.

Hermana Runnells and me were talking about how when we were younger how we thought missionaries were like perfect and they had so much power! Well we know that's not true now.... and we were talking about how the members of the church have the same power. The power that we have is the Spirit and every member has the same right and ability to feel that Spirit, just like us. We talked about the importance of Home and Visiting Teaching and how it's such a simple but crucial thing in the church. All that is asked is to be a missionary to those families or people. So simple! So for all of those Moms or Dads who never had the opportunity to serve a mission... DO YOUR HOME AND VISITING TEACHING. It's just like missionary work! And to all those who did serve, remember the importance of your members while you were on your mission and how you now are that member... We talked about the things we need to change when we get home. Like for me, I need to stop wasting time on FaceBook and the internet... to get my butt out of my bed and go with the missionaries to lessons. I need to be more grateful. Because with more gratitude is less pride. I am ready to change my life... this mission has changed my life... and those changes are for a life time, not just for now. I am ready to leave people, things, and lives better than the way I found them. It's time. Time to be better.

Missionary Mama B Talbot =)

P.S. I don't have time to read this through to check for spelling and stuff, soooo hope it's readable. LOL.

P.P.S. The picture of the 3 hermanas. Me, Hermana Palacios in the wheelchair due to a sprained ankle (it was fun pushing her around the sector when I was on divisiones haha), and Hermana Urzagaste.

B-Day 17 Addemdum

B-Day 17 addendum
Queridos,Hermana Talbot, una hermana de nuestra misión, es una enfermera entrenada y licenciada, y empezando éste Sábado (el 19 de Octubre) ella será llamada para trabajar como enfermera para nuestra misión. Desde el Sábado en adelante, en vez de llamar a la Hermana Wright, deberían llamar a la Hermana Talbot con sus problemas médicos. Ella tendrá su propio celular donde la podrán contactar, pero ella todavía estará en su sector haciendo proselitismo con su compañera así que por favor llamen entre las 11am-3pm. Por favor no la llamen fuera de este horario a menos que sea una emergencia médica para que ella y su compañera puedan seguir trabajando en su barrio.


Dear, sister Talbot, sister of our mission, is a trained and licensed nurse, and starting this Saturday (October 19) she will be called to work as a nurse for our mission.
From Saturday onwards, instead of calling the Wright sister, they should call the sister Talbot with his medical problems.
Dear, she will have his own cell phone where you can contact her, but she will still be in its sector thus making proselytizing with fellow to please call between 11 am - 3 pm.
Please not call it outside these hours unless it is a medical emergency that she and her partner can continue working in your neighborhood.

Muchas Gracias Élderes y Hermanas

La Oficina

17th B-Day Getting Ready to Start the Nursing assignment soon!

17th B-Day 
Getting Ready to Start the Nursing assignment soon!

Hi everyone!!

So I've got some news finally about the nursing responsibility that I've got. I will be starting this coming Saturday (19th October). What happens is if any of the missionaries in this mission (Santiago Este) have a health problem they call me. I have picked up the role earlier than expected due to Hermana Wright (Mission President's wife) needs my help. =) I do have hours that they call call me. Hermana Wright thought that would be best. So the next 2 or so weeks before the next change is an experiment as to what is working well and what is not working well.

I am so grateful to have Hermana Rivera as my companion right now. She has helped me out a ton the past few days to get me ready for the crazy calls I am going to receive. I will have some funny stories I am sure. =) I am going through the in-field 12 week training a little faster than 12 weeks, but all is well.

Hermana Rivera and I are getting along perfectly.

My boogers are black, just in case you wanted to know. The polution here is HORRIBLE. I am just thankful my nose hairs are doing their job and I am hoping that that crap isn't in my lungs. (We can hope right?)

MOM. FEED THE MISSIONARIES!! I don't know if it's a problem in Maine or not, but at times it is hard for us to get meals. Help em out!

I love you all! Say hi to all of my friends and co-workers for me. I miss you all!!

P.S. For the photos. Um, there's... 

us studying in the morning with the sunshine... trying to tan or legs....

 my eyeball so you all know that I am watching you!!!....

and the HUGE broccoli here!! Seriously, the veggies are HUGE.

Monday, October 7, 2013

16th B-Day the Hermana who eats bird brains

16th B-Day
the Hermana who eats bird brains??

Bird Brains?? ewe for real???

Hey Familia!!

Hi. =) I have attached 2 pictures for you guys this week. One I was eating the brains of birds this week. Actually it was really good. I was surprised... but you have to put lots of butter on them!! HAHAHA. Lies. It's a fresh walnut. I hope I tricked some of you for maybe like 2 seconds. =)

We were able to attend General Conference. I watched the Relief Society session in Spanish and the rest in English. I was so thankful that they had set up English because I definitely understood way more than I would have had I listened in Spanish. Also, I wanted to write in my journal in English because I'm pretty sure whoever reads it won't understand in Spanish hahaha. I tell you what though, my spelling in English is HORRIFIC! I don't know what I'm gonna do when I get back home. I feel like I need to go back to school sometimes. I am teaching my companion English and sometimes I can't even remember how to spell something. It's terrible.

Hermana Rivera and Talbot before General Conference Santiago, Chile

So I don't really sleep here. Before my mission as Mom can attest, I was the sleeping queen, but now... I just can't sleep. I am not sure what it is yet, but I think it's stress to be honest. So I don't really dream hear either. I've never really been a dreamer. BUT I had an interesting dream Friday night. It was about you, Mom. So this was my dream: I was with Hermana Rivera and Hermana Jennings. I had a cellphone like we have hear and it started ringing. So I answered it and the person told me to put the phone on speakerphone so everyone could hear, but she specifically wanted to talk to me. (mind you this dream is in spanish... what? haha)... so I put it on speaker phone and the lady says "Hi. I'm a nurse at the hospital. I just wanted to let you know that you're Mom was in a terrible accident. You need to come home now because she's not going to make it until you get back in 2014". Okay, I woke up in a start and just started bawling!! It was so real and so scary. I can't even tell you how horrified I was. I had wished so back I could have called you, Mom. I have fasted and prayed yesterday and today for you. I hope to never dream ever again in my life.

General conference was wonderful! If you didn't watch it, go watch it! If you did watch it, get the printed copy as soon as you can and study them! I know the messages were truth and were specifically for each of us. I could not believe all of the talks that were on convenants and missionary work. We were just all sitting there saying AMEN. =)

I love you all. A lot. I hope you are doing well. I cannot wait for all of these promised letters that are coming my way. I'm about ready to go kick some butt in the mail system. =)


Monday, September 30, 2013

15th B-Day another day in the life of Hermana Talbot

15th B-Day 

yet another day in the life of Hermana Talbot

Hey everyone.

I am doing well. Busy with the work. Starting to think more about my calling as the nurse... I cannot wait to start it, but I am sure there's gonna be some huge challenges that come my way. Pray for me and my Spanish!
Oh so everyone shows me their medical issues. Like the members. We're not talking about the missionaries... the members. I have seen bulging stomachs, butts, and pretty much everything else. Hahaha. I just sometimes look at them and think, yup it's not like I can do anything about that right now. Usually it's showing me bruises or lumps or weird stuff. It makes me laugh so hard, especially because my companion is very private and hates medical stuff. BAHAHAHAHA. Too bad she has to see all of this stuff too. =)
We had a Chile wide conference for all of us medical people... all of the Presidents' wives and the nurses with Doctor Mikesell... It was wonderful... the only problem was this... I translated the entire time for Hermana Martinez (the Hermana that I switched missions with in the CCM)... so I will get the notes from Hna Mikesell and Hna Wright so I can actually soak in the information. I tell you what... this translating business is DIFFICULT. Half of the words we use in English you can't translate into Spanish and visa versa. Anyway, we got through. All was well. 

We might have tried to contact a Nun in the street the other day. Needless to say she crossed the street before we got 5 yards from her. You would be shocked to know how many people shake their fingers at us as we walk past. We just say "Have a good day!". I need to start saying something like "enjoy the sunshine that God has given us!". Hahaha. 

I see miracles everyday on this mission. Sometimes they are very subtle, but they are still there. I know this is the work of the Lord. There is no way 18-22 year olds could "convince" people to join a church. We just have to get them to listen with an open mind and heart first. Their answer doesn't come from our words, but from the feelings they have in their hearts. I know the only way we all can know this is through prayer and reading the Book of Mormon. I love being here. I love these people. I can't wait to come home and continue to be a missionary. =)


P.S. I am starting to forget how to spell in English. Seriously a problem being that I always prided myself in spelling and grammar. Sometimes when we speak in English, we'll change into Spanish mid sentence, or say something that directly translates that makes no sense in English. I hope you are all ready for terrible English when I get home. =)

(1) Stray dog in the middle of the street. Just sleepin... no big deal. Not even caring who was walking by or buying food at the stand he is sleeping next to.
(2) the motorcycle with Dominos on the side... yup that's how they deliver pizza. =)

(3) HUGE CACTUS!!! Gigantic.

(4) Hermana Leishman, Hermana Jennings, and me at the Centro Artesanal Los Dominicos. Look it up online. Quite an amazing story. I bought something special for you there today Mom. I am sure you will see it come through on my card hahahahaa. 

Here is a photo of a few of the zones in Chile in our mission. With Elder Zeballos and his wife. Also with President Wright and his wife. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

14th B-Day September 23, 2013 Fiestas Patrias

14th B-Day September 23, 2013 Fiestas Patrias
The Holiday Santiago, Chile closes down

For the next 6 weeks there is Hermana's new address:

Karen Parker
Unit 3460 Box 6
DPO, AA 34033

It is the address of a member of the church who works at the Embassy. IF you want to send something do it quickly!!! IN THE MISSION FIELD THEY CAN BE TRANSFERRED EVERY 6 WEEKS.

There's a city here called Maipu... it's pronounced... my poo.... HAHAHAHAHA. It's the little things in life that make you laugh when you're on a mission.

We have two more hermanas in our apartment. They came today. Hermana Diaz and Hermana Runnells. Hermana Diaz is from Argentina and Hermana Runnells is from Utah. They are wonderful!! We are a little bit cramped in our apartment with 6 of us in there, but in reality we have the best apartment in the mission. We do live in the richest area here, I think. I will send a picture of all if us this next week. =)

Fiestas Patrias. 

The biggest holiday in Chile, I believe... it has to be. Everyone shuts EVERYTHING down for 3 days. 18th 19th 20th. You can't even find a store open for groceries. It's so hard to buy anything... oh and not just buy things but the streets are EMPTY. I have no idea where everyone goes, but it's like they disappear. We were walking down the middle of the streets in the city... no cars in site. It was unbelievable. We ate with a family here... empanadas and hot dogs and hamburgers. YUM.  It was wonderful.

playin' with fire!

hamburgers, hot dogs, empanadas

Fiestas Patrias
We found one member who is inactive who lives there. It was so sad... they told me that they don't go to church because they can't understand Spanish. They know nothing in Spanish. So what do we missionaries do... we started teaching Sunday School Class separate from the ward in English. The three of us Gringas (now 4) will take turns teaching in English and Spanish (the other class). How wonderful is that?!


You tell those friends of mine that I'm waiting for letters!! It's like Christmas here when you get a letter. I want more! =) Plus, I promise if they write me then I will write them back. YAY. =)

So my mind no longer can speak in English at times. It's absolutely wonderful. Hermana Diaz (the new missionary) was astounded that I only have 6 weeks in the field on my mission. I am so grateful for the blessings I have been given with Spanish and also to have a Latina companion who doesn't know English. I don't think I quite realize how well I can speak until I find another Gringo who's been out longer than I have, but can't speak well. I thank God everyday for so many blessings while I have been here. Especially with Spanish. Oh do I make mistakes... definitely yes... but it's coming and I have NOTHING to complain about!!!

We had a rough week companionship wise. This isn't an easy transition for anyone. Especially when companions change. With Hermana Rivera there's a different culture, language, personality, everything. We are, actually, completely opposite. But we had a good talk this past week and things are looking up!! We both have been much happier these past few days and are growing together during this process. Everyday, I learn more about myself and the changes I need to make in my life. I can't believe I am here in Chile!!

I miss you all A LOT. I think about you often. Send more letters and emails. I can take pictures of the emails to read throughout the week.