Monday, November 4, 2013


20th B-day Never a dull moment... 
address reminder:
HNA Brooklyn Talbot
Mision Chile Santiago Este
Cristobal Colon 6824
Casilla 27.144 Las Condes
Region Metropolitana
Santiago, Chile


So this week. First, I am not going anywhere. Changes were today, but I am staying right where I am. Hermana Rivera is still my companion as well. She goes home at the end of this change, so I definitely will be getting a new companion next change. So in the mission the first companion you have is your "mom". So because Hermana Rivera is going home and she is my Mom... 

 I never realized how hard it was for missionaries to go home. We talk a lot about what she needs to do and change when she goes home. But at the same time, we are trying to work the hardest we can so that she can say she went through her entire mission working as hard as she possibly could to bring people to Christ.

This last Sunday was the confirmation of Elvira. She is officially a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has been given the gift of the Holy Ghost. I have never seen someone so happy before. She just smiled all day! 

Then after Sacrament Meeting (I play the piano every Sunday), I realized that the Sunday School Teacher for our class wasn't there... Soooo, off I went to teach the class. Origionally, I thought Hermana Rivera and I were going to teach together, but she sat down in the class and I was like, "oh, ok, here we go...."... keep in mind I hadn't even read the lesson and it's in Spanish too. (Afterwards she said, "ya I just thought, her Spanish is a lot better, she'll do just fine without my help" hahaha). The class was on Repentance and what a powerful lesson it was thanks to the members who were there and their participation. I have come to realize that I love teaching. =)

So Kassy (love you) sent me a video a couple of weeks ago and I finally was able to watch it. I had never thought of that before, but you guys can email me videos!! Short ones probably, so that I can hear your voices and see your faces!! =) Please!

OH MY GOODNESS. THERE WAS AN EARTHQUAKE (temblor in Spanish). I have never felt such a think in my life like this... So we were in our apartment (5th floor) and all the sudden everything just started shaking. My jacket was hanging off of my bed and it was swaying about a foot in each direction. I was in shock! Hermana Rivera was just sitting there waiting for it to stop... (She's from Honduras and they have earthquakes there too all the time.) And it just wasn't stopping and was getting stronger and stronger... So she says "if it doesn't stop in a few seconds or gets any stronger, we're leaving". I didn't even hear her say it because I got my camera out to video my jacket that was swaying. BAHAHAHAHAHA. But it stopped right after... we were fine. It was like 30 seconds long. I can't even imagine what the earthquakes were like when they had all of the destruction down here a few years ago.

So the photos... The first one is we all "dressed up" for Halloween. Hahaha. Gotta love the sense of humor of missionaries. 

The other is of me and a bilboard here about a movie I think? I honestly don't know. But the reason I took it was because I am called the "butt-kicker" in our house. Because I just tell people how it is and don't beat around the bush... (no, does that sound like me?) 

And the last one is of the city the other night. Gorgeous sunsets here.

Sister Rivera and Brooklyn eating a "flower"

Okay, I think that is all. Oh ya, no. I have some seriously funny stories about these calls I get from missionaries. Hahahaha. They are hilarious at times. Rabies shots for dog bites. Sprained ankles. Allergies. Stomach pain (the food here really isn't healthy for you at all). Colds. Flu. And the list goes on. =) I need to start writing some of them down during the week to send to you guys. But all is well, no one has died yet. (crossing my fingers). I get anywhere from 0-20 calls a day. Granted, there are over 200 missionaries in this mission.

Is there anything you all would like to know?


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