Monday, November 11, 2013

21st B-Day Eating Blood Sausage, and Bone Cartilage and Missionary Dog Bites....

21st B-Day 
Eating Blood Sausage and Bone Cartilage 
and Missionary Dog Bites.... 
all in the day of Hermana Talbot

Hey Family!

 Hermana Runnells and I. We are twins today. Ahh love her. 

(story about this picture... I noticed her very wrinkled non-ironed skirt.... and teased her about it... Brooklyn said, "I said this morning, my mom is going to kill me if I send her this picture".)

A gorgeous building in El Centro in La Plaza de Armas.

We were there to get our visas this week and I wished I had had more time to take photos of the cool buildings, but maybe someday. (highly doubt it). Anyway, so we went and got my visa process started this week to be come a Chilean. haha. It was the longest process ever. We stood in lines of people all day at the police station (equal to the FBI at home) and at the Registro Civil (like the state building). It really was a simple process of finger printing, paying money, answering questions... just a long day because there were soooo many people. Oh another funny thing was there was a whole bunch of missionaries that went together... at least 50 of us. I was famous! Everyone was like, "oh so you're Hermana Talbot!". I just wanted to hide, because I knew the health questions were going to start... hahaha. From the time we got up in the morning (5am) to the time we got back home from the visa run (4pm) it was a total day of visaness. =)

So Hermana Rivera told me something gross this week. She says at home after she's eaten the meat off of the bones of a chicken, she then cuts the bones open and eats the cartilage. I told her that was disguisting. HAHAHA. She laughed and said "what? it's really good!" hahaha. Nasty.

"prietas or morcilla" AKA blood sausages. They love them here. It's the outer layer of the intestine of an animal stuffed with peppers and their fresh blood. Not cooked. I almost barfed. BUT I DID NOT EAT THEM.

=) Last picture together probably because Hermana Rivera is leaving me this next change (she is going home her mission time is over) and I will have a new companion.

One other thing that Hermana Rivera taught me (and I have no idea where this started) but during a lesson if you touch your ear and then right after touch your nose... that means that the other person needs to end the lesson because we need to leave. It's quite hilarious at times because I've started using it and she just starts laughing hahahaa. I thought it was the weirdest thing ever, but yet a good signal. haha.

Hermana and Doctor Mikesell are leaving me this month!!! NOOOO. But we have a new doctor coming to us. Doctor Johnson. I am excited to meet him and see what changes will be coming to the health world of Santiago, Chile. I could not have done this without Doctor Mikesell or Hermana Mikesell. They are so wonderful to me. =)

So we have started the 12 step addiction program with one of our converts. I never realized how much we could use that programs just in our regular lives! The church has done a wonderful job of putting together a program for addictions. I have learned a ton!

Tomorrow, we have the grand privileged to meet with Elder Jeffery R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. The meeting will include all missionaries from the Santiago South, East, North and West missions and may be the largest gathering of missionaries in Chile in the history of the Church. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! We are so excited to hear from him... and I am excited because it will be in English. haha.

Okay, so Dad wanted more nurse stories. So yesterday, I almost killed an Elder. So he called me and said "Hermana Talbot, I just got bit by a dog and have a huge hole in my arm. You can even see the bone!". I flipped out and told him to go to the Emergency Room. Well after talking for a couple minutes, I realized he was not seeing his bone. He was seeing FAT. I almost died because I know I had a mini heart attack. Another story. I had an Elder call me last night to ask if he could take two medications together because he has a cold. He was reading off all of the ingredients to me in Spanish of what was in them and all that jazz. I just had to shake my head and listen. Hahaha.

Alrighty, I think that is all. I love you all! 

Hello to my friends and co-workers at good ole EMMC. =)

Love Love Love

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