Monday, September 30, 2013

15th B-Day another day in the life of Hermana Talbot

15th B-Day 

yet another day in the life of Hermana Talbot

Hey everyone.

I am doing well. Busy with the work. Starting to think more about my calling as the nurse... I cannot wait to start it, but I am sure there's gonna be some huge challenges that come my way. Pray for me and my Spanish!
Oh so everyone shows me their medical issues. Like the members. We're not talking about the missionaries... the members. I have seen bulging stomachs, butts, and pretty much everything else. Hahaha. I just sometimes look at them and think, yup it's not like I can do anything about that right now. Usually it's showing me bruises or lumps or weird stuff. It makes me laugh so hard, especially because my companion is very private and hates medical stuff. BAHAHAHAHA. Too bad she has to see all of this stuff too. =)
We had a Chile wide conference for all of us medical people... all of the Presidents' wives and the nurses with Doctor Mikesell... It was wonderful... the only problem was this... I translated the entire time for Hermana Martinez (the Hermana that I switched missions with in the CCM)... so I will get the notes from Hna Mikesell and Hna Wright so I can actually soak in the information. I tell you what... this translating business is DIFFICULT. Half of the words we use in English you can't translate into Spanish and visa versa. Anyway, we got through. All was well. 

We might have tried to contact a Nun in the street the other day. Needless to say she crossed the street before we got 5 yards from her. You would be shocked to know how many people shake their fingers at us as we walk past. We just say "Have a good day!". I need to start saying something like "enjoy the sunshine that God has given us!". Hahaha. 

I see miracles everyday on this mission. Sometimes they are very subtle, but they are still there. I know this is the work of the Lord. There is no way 18-22 year olds could "convince" people to join a church. We just have to get them to listen with an open mind and heart first. Their answer doesn't come from our words, but from the feelings they have in their hearts. I know the only way we all can know this is through prayer and reading the Book of Mormon. I love being here. I love these people. I can't wait to come home and continue to be a missionary. =)


P.S. I am starting to forget how to spell in English. Seriously a problem being that I always prided myself in spelling and grammar. Sometimes when we speak in English, we'll change into Spanish mid sentence, or say something that directly translates that makes no sense in English. I hope you are all ready for terrible English when I get home. =)

(1) Stray dog in the middle of the street. Just sleepin... no big deal. Not even caring who was walking by or buying food at the stand he is sleeping next to.
(2) the motorcycle with Dominos on the side... yup that's how they deliver pizza. =)

(3) HUGE CACTUS!!! Gigantic.

(4) Hermana Leishman, Hermana Jennings, and me at the Centro Artesanal Los Dominicos. Look it up online. Quite an amazing story. I bought something special for you there today Mom. I am sure you will see it come through on my card hahahahaa. 

Here is a photo of a few of the zones in Chile in our mission. With Elder Zeballos and his wife. Also with President Wright and his wife. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

14th B-Day September 23, 2013 Fiestas Patrias

14th B-Day September 23, 2013 Fiestas Patrias
The Holiday Santiago, Chile closes down

For the next 6 weeks there is Hermana's new address:

Karen Parker
Unit 3460 Box 6
DPO, AA 34033

It is the address of a member of the church who works at the Embassy. IF you want to send something do it quickly!!! IN THE MISSION FIELD THEY CAN BE TRANSFERRED EVERY 6 WEEKS.

There's a city here called Maipu... it's pronounced... my poo.... HAHAHAHAHA. It's the little things in life that make you laugh when you're on a mission.

We have two more hermanas in our apartment. They came today. Hermana Diaz and Hermana Runnells. Hermana Diaz is from Argentina and Hermana Runnells is from Utah. They are wonderful!! We are a little bit cramped in our apartment with 6 of us in there, but in reality we have the best apartment in the mission. We do live in the richest area here, I think. I will send a picture of all if us this next week. =)

Fiestas Patrias. 

The biggest holiday in Chile, I believe... it has to be. Everyone shuts EVERYTHING down for 3 days. 18th 19th 20th. You can't even find a store open for groceries. It's so hard to buy anything... oh and not just buy things but the streets are EMPTY. I have no idea where everyone goes, but it's like they disappear. We were walking down the middle of the streets in the city... no cars in site. It was unbelievable. We ate with a family here... empanadas and hot dogs and hamburgers. YUM.  It was wonderful.

playin' with fire!

hamburgers, hot dogs, empanadas

Fiestas Patrias
We found one member who is inactive who lives there. It was so sad... they told me that they don't go to church because they can't understand Spanish. They know nothing in Spanish. So what do we missionaries do... we started teaching Sunday School Class separate from the ward in English. The three of us Gringas (now 4) will take turns teaching in English and Spanish (the other class). How wonderful is that?!


You tell those friends of mine that I'm waiting for letters!! It's like Christmas here when you get a letter. I want more! =) Plus, I promise if they write me then I will write them back. YAY. =)

So my mind no longer can speak in English at times. It's absolutely wonderful. Hermana Diaz (the new missionary) was astounded that I only have 6 weeks in the field on my mission. I am so grateful for the blessings I have been given with Spanish and also to have a Latina companion who doesn't know English. I don't think I quite realize how well I can speak until I find another Gringo who's been out longer than I have, but can't speak well. I thank God everyday for so many blessings while I have been here. Especially with Spanish. Oh do I make mistakes... definitely yes... but it's coming and I have NOTHING to complain about!!!

We had a rough week companionship wise. This isn't an easy transition for anyone. Especially when companions change. With Hermana Rivera there's a different culture, language, personality, everything. We are, actually, completely opposite. But we had a good talk this past week and things are looking up!! We both have been much happier these past few days and are growing together during this process. Everyday, I learn more about myself and the changes I need to make in my life. I can't believe I am here in Chile!!

I miss you all A LOT. I think about you often. Send more letters and emails. I can take pictures of the emails to read throughout the week.


Monday, September 16, 2013

13th B-Day September 16, 2013

13th B-Day for Hermana Talbot
September 11th a weird day in Chile


I miss you guys. A ton. Life is crazy busy here. All the time. We walk a ton, have a few investigators, and lots of less active families that we visit. I FINALLY GOT 2 LETTERS THIS WEEK!!! Yayayyy. They might have been dated July 16th... but you know... I got them... 2 months later. I got 1 card from you and one from Kassy. I am hoping this week there will be more. I get mail from the office every Wednesday when we have district meetings.
 I am hoping there will be more this week from the office. I get mail every Wednesday from them. I sent off letters to you all today. =) 

KEEP THEM COMING! I love reading them.

I learned that the underground metro here goes max 100km per hour. It goes about that in between stops too. It's quite an interesting concept to have to ride in a train, but not really a train... I dunno how to describe it. You guys have internet... google it. Haha.

So I haven't started the nursing stuff yet, but that doesn't stop people from knowing who I am and ask me questions. It's funny sometimes the questions I get. I called one Elder to pass on a name and number of someone we contacted in the streets who wanted to listen more to the missionaries... so anyway, I call him and he says, "Doctora Hermana Talbot. I am really sick. What should I do?".... hahahahaha. I was like whoooaaa, wait... I am not a doctor. And he goes "what's the difference?"... Oh man have I got it coming to me. It's gonna be interesting everyday, but I can't wait to take on the role full time. CANNOT WAIT.

So the title of this week... September 11th. It's quite a weird day in Chile. This past week was the 40th anniversary of some.... I dunno what to call it... an uprising between the people and the government. Usually on 9/11 things happen in Chile like in the streets and stuff. So we all came home early in the afternoon. Nothing happened that I heard of. Other than on 9/10 there was a shooting in our sector? Anyway. We were all fine. We studied in our apartment and had a great night together (the 4 of us).

We have lots of work still to do. I love this mission. I love this gospel. It has blessed my life far beyond anything I will ever be able to see. Even through the stress, I have never been so happy in my soul. I am trying to enjoy every day and every moment. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with what needs to be done and how much I still need to learn and grow, but one day at a time it happens.
I love you all!!! Sooo much.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

P-Day 12 Addendum

Addendum to P-day 12

Hermana Talbot see her glow?

Silly Hermana Talbot Is this HER or WHAT???

Here is a ditty sent by Hermana Talbot in regards to her service as a 
'Mission Nurse Specialist" She is among a group of volunteers who are serving in the  mission field and at home. Have I mentioned I am proud to be this girls Maudre'??? 

Mission Nurse Specialist Committee
As of August 27th, the current numbers for medical and nurse professionals serving in individual missions:

34 nurses and 72 doctors (Church Service Volunteers and Church Service Missionaries) serving from home or office part-time.

148 full-time mission nurse specialists (both senior and junior) serving infield

9 nurses (volunteers) serving part-time on the MNS committee in the Missionary Health Services Department in Salt Lake City. This does not include all of the nurses and doctors serving as screeners, committee members and in specialty fields.

The 106 part-time nurse and doctor volunteers/missionaries and 148 full-time mission nurse specialists serve in 252 missions. 

 Since there are 405 missions in the world, we are still recruiting nurses! 

Those numbers do not include all of the physicians serving full-time as infield Area Medical Advisers or Area Mental Health Advisers.

Monday, September 9, 2013

12th B-Day September 9, 2013

12th B-Day September 9, 2013
Had a time change so emailing was messed up

(1) The drink of Chile is called Mote con Huesillo. It's actually pretty good. It's like... I don't even know what it is. Google it. But there's whole or half of peaches in it usually.
(2) I bought spaghettios this week. (ewww) but it was a little bit of home.
(3) There are trees here in the streets that grow oranges. And people just eat them. Like the trees in the streets. Say what?
(4) ° means ST or ND... like 1st, 2nd, 3rd... is 1° 2° 3° =)
(5) I might have hailed a taxi the other night by running into the street with my hands out like a bird. We needed to cross the street to start going in the right direction and the other Hermanas just weren't taking the initiative. So I saw a taxi coming and I booked it across 4 lanes of traffic. Mind you there was no one coming, but they do drive about 60 mph here in the main streets. The other Hermanas just laughed and laughed at me. Ooopps. So pretty much the impression of the missionaries for that taxi driver is that we're all crazy and run out into the streets when we want a ride. =)
(6) When it rains they put sawdust on the floors of the stores. It's quite messy let me tell you. I have no idea why they don't just have rugs, but they don't.
(7) We had a time change Saturday night so I am now 1 hour ahead of you Mom.

I think that's it. I am learning tons. Everyday. About myself. Other people. The gospel. etc. It's amazing how much you realize you don't know or are lacking when you move to a different country with a different language and culture. I love it here.


Silly girl... who ya firing at??
In every park there is exercise equipment

Monday, September 2, 2013

11th B-Day September 02, 2013

11th B-Day September 02, 2013
What a gift on Labor Day

I miss you guys tons. I am really happy today!! =)

Mom wanted to know this:
--- what is your daily schedule?--- Up at 7:30am. (which is like death every morning). Exercise, breakfast, get ready for the day. Personal study from 9-10am. Companion study from 10-12pm (for the first 12 weeks it's 2 hours then after that it's one hour). Language study for one hour. Lunch. From there out it depends on what we have for appointments with families or investigators. If we don't have any then we are in the streets contacting people or trying to find less active members.

Brandon wanted to know this:
--- the #1 thing I miss that isn't family, friends, house, or bed? ---- A car. (opsie says her Maudre'--no car to come home to)
--- will I teach him all of the bad swear words that I know in Spanish? ---- of course. ;)
--- what's the greatest thing medically that I've learned so far? ---- greatest thing or the craziest thing? Greatest most useful thing... probably stress management strategies. Craziest... well we have a lot of problems with foot fungus because the Elders don't wash their socks with hot water, so they have to boil their socks before they wash them... ewwww. wouldn't want to eat from their pots. hahaha. Other crazy medical stuff there's this one Elder who was hit in the head 5 years ago with a tree trunk. He works in the jungle in the middle of Peru. Was unconscious for a day in the hospital, but the hospital didn't have a neurologist so they just did scans and sent him home. Well now he is showing signs of memory loss, mini seizures.

It has been a week of fun. Celebrating my birthday with the 3 Hermanas that are in the same apartment. They definitely made the day special. I loved reading your guys' emails wishing me a happy birthday. Thanks. We might have made homemade mint brownies, pizza, and mac-n-cheese. Healthy I know. But sometimes you just need a little bit of home. Oh ya and it took us 3 stores to find baking cocoa. Wonderful afternoon with them as we ate lunch together.

We were walking past a guy yesterday who was either drunk, just plain crazy, or high. I dunno which... anyway... he started talking to us and my SPANISH SPEAKING companion looks at me, "Did you just understand that?" .... um noooo. So she starts walking down the road saying to herself "oh I speak Spanish... she speaks English... and what language do you speak? .... Loco (crazy)." BAHAHHAAHA. She really is hilarious. 

Love you all A LOT (caleta). MWAAAHHHHH

 Hermana Talbot's Birthday Dinner with Hermana Jennings

Yummy Birthday Mint Brownies

My girl is 22 where has the time gone??