Saturday, September 14, 2013

P-Day 12 Addendum

Addendum to P-day 12

Hermana Talbot see her glow?

Silly Hermana Talbot Is this HER or WHAT???

Here is a ditty sent by Hermana Talbot in regards to her service as a 
'Mission Nurse Specialist" She is among a group of volunteers who are serving in the  mission field and at home. Have I mentioned I am proud to be this girls Maudre'??? 

Mission Nurse Specialist Committee
As of August 27th, the current numbers for medical and nurse professionals serving in individual missions:

34 nurses and 72 doctors (Church Service Volunteers and Church Service Missionaries) serving from home or office part-time.

148 full-time mission nurse specialists (both senior and junior) serving infield

9 nurses (volunteers) serving part-time on the MNS committee in the Missionary Health Services Department in Salt Lake City. This does not include all of the nurses and doctors serving as screeners, committee members and in specialty fields.

The 106 part-time nurse and doctor volunteers/missionaries and 148 full-time mission nurse specialists serve in 252 missions. 

 Since there are 405 missions in the world, we are still recruiting nurses! 

Those numbers do not include all of the physicians serving full-time as infield Area Medical Advisers or Area Mental Health Advisers.

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