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52 B-Day Stitches, Drunks & Soccor says, Brooklyn T

Stitches, Drunks & Soccer says, Brookie T.

Let me preface this weeks blog with a quick... with a quick story.... Brandon and I every Monday wait for Brooklyn to send the first e-mail and we know she is online.  We then use e-mail like texting... well 5:00 came and went NO Brooklyn.... 6:00 came and went NO Brooklyn 7:00 came and NO Brooklyn.... by now my dear Brandon is calming his mother... 7:01 came and finally and this is what the message was...

Hey Mom, Don't be worried. I had to come see Dr. Johnson because I might have hit my head on a cupboard door and needed stitches. ONLY IN THE MISSION. That's why I'm late. But I'm good. He's stitched me up and I will write you guys, then we will go back to our apartment.
Family. Family. Family.

We find all kinds of people here in the mission. Right now we are teaching an actor of Chilean television, retired military nurse, stay at home Moms, couples with marital problems, an Evangelical pastor, etc. It's amazing to me how the gospel of Christ brings us all together, no matter what our situations are, in order to heal, give hope, love, and serve one another.

Trivia about Chile. They are crazy about soccer. I think that's what they live for. To the point where, in school, they stop classes to watch the games (say what?) and in the streets during the games all you hear are televisions, blown-horns, and yelling. Haha. Right now Chile is playing for the world cup. They have won so far (2 games - against Australia and Spain) and the Chileans are a little on the crazy side of things. We do not teach while the games are on because no one will listen to us and it ends up being a waste of time. This past Wednesday it was absolutely beautiful outside so we sat in a park and studied; it was heavenly.

Trivia about me: I might have done some damage to my head, once again. But this time it wasn't the Chile's fault due to their low doorways. I was in the kitchen, cleaning up something on the floor, and forgot that the top cupboard door was open. I stood up a little strongly... and quickly... and BAM... all I felt was pain. I immediately reacted by putting my hand on my head (felt the goose-egg) and sat on the floor. What I didn't realize was how much I was bleeding until the other Hermanas came into the room after hearing me struggling to the floor in pain. They start freaking out. I'm trying to stay calm, to not cry, and give them instructions of what I needed. Paper towel. The bag of veggies in the freezer. Water. Etc.... After 20 minutes of trying to get it to stop bleeding, we went to the bathroom to wash my hair, as I had blood everywhere from the top of my head to the bottom of my neck and shirt. After we got my hair cleaned and Hermana Veron brushed it for me (I love her), they all told me I needed stitches. I can't see it. So I think I asked them about 10 times if they were sure... So I came to see Dr. Johnson and we took care of it. 5 stitches later... I've got a huge headache, numb ear, bloody hair, but feeling okay. =)

I have been in Chile for 1 YEAR as of the 19th of June! I wish I could remember everything and give a summary of the past year; however, you've all got that in my blog. :) So instead I'm gonna tell you about 12 changes I have seen... 

First and foremost, I am exhausted. There are literally days that I think, "I can't walk another step. I don't know how the Elders do this for 2 years." Walking another step just seems impossible some days; it doesn't even feel like me walking. Angels have uplifted me and the Spirit has put words in my mouth... I have seen miracles...of this I testify. 

Second, I have learned so much about what this gospel means to me and have found a love for my scriptures and the words of prophets, of old and of today. 

Third, my calls as nurse have gotten to be more complicated, extremely confidential, and more consistent. Haha. 

Fourth, I have seen the trust of the missionaries, President and Hermana Wright grow to an incredible level. If someone calls President Wright for a health problem, serious or simple or uncomfortable or comfortable... First response out of his mouth "Call Hna Talbot" :). 

Fifth, I have realized more and more the influence we have on others, children and adults alike. I have seen many members of the church walk away due to how they were treated by other members. This has taught me the importance of being a good example, loving and showing that love to everyone. 

Sixth, I have made more goals in my future life and have tried to focus on the things that really matter. The happiness and joy that lies in this gospel I will live until the day I die. 

Seventh, the importance of always thinking of others first, serving, sacrificing, and not expecting a reward in the end. I know the blessings I need will come from God more than they will ever come from man. 

Eighth, I love my family more than they know. Time and distance heals and honestly I think I've had enough of those two things. :) 

Ninth, I need to learn to cook. LOL. 

Tenth, that I should be grateful everyday, every moment, for the things I have, have accomplished, and have suffered in my life. I've got it pretty good.

Eleventh, I have seen all of your physical, mental, and emotional support. Thankyou. 

Twelfth, the Atonement of Christ and this gospel changes lives. I have proof of that. I have seen and experimented it. 

Thirteen (bonus), I've gained weight and can't do anything to get rid of it (until I get home to a gym).

Mom, I totally pulled a 'you' the other day. I was in divisions with Hermana Berthelson in her sector (the other side of our ward). We went to go see a new convert, Mary, and her family. Single mom with 3 kids, Camila (10 who acts 12) Adrian (2) and Angel (4 months). Needless to say, they have some problems in their house when it comes to communication, showing love, respect, etc. Well, Hermana Berthelson and I entered the house and I could just see there were monkeys messin' around and feel that something wasn't right. Mary was cleaning the house alone. The kids watching TV. The baby sleeping. Mary was in her work clothes. There was laundry everywhere. The floor had not been swept. And the air was thick enough to cut it. Obviously there was a fight going on and this Talbot hates contention. So psychologist Hermana Talbot kicked in and we all had a talk. We talked about helping each other even when we don't want to, respect, love, communication, and family prayer. It was amazing to see and feel the difference in their home as they made goals to improve. It was literally a 360. Then here comes the Martha Talbot part. I totally made them "kiss and make up". As they hugged each other and smiled, I felt relief. The contention had vanished. Point being Mom, my kids are gonna hate me cause I'm turning into you. :)

I got 2 letters this week!!! One from Dad and one from Brandon. From last September. LoL. Chilean mail. I've come to believe that they use donkeys for transportation.

When we were studying in the sun (during the soccer game) I got thinking. I've realized that everyday we walk in a world that's covered in rainclouds. These rainclouds can be: sadness, inequality, trials, temptations, disobedience, etc. However, we also can find ourselves walking in sunlight (on a cloudy day). Fact: the sun warms your heart while it's beating. We still function (the heart still beats) even if there is no sun. But oh it's so much more enjoyable if we can take that sunlight and put it into the light in our eyes and our hearts to brighten another's day. It's easy to take the sun for granted, but life is the best when we remember where that sunlight lies... Then once we've found it, the truth, we live it out loud. I know the truth and light in my life is this gospel of Christ that I am sharing. I know there is nothing that the Atonement of Jesus Christ can't heal. I know on the rainiest days we learn the most; in these moments, we search to find the light. I hope we are searching for a light that lasts, that's bright, that allows us to see more clearly, that nurtures us, and that we would never dream of living without.

I love you all.

Monday, June 16, 2014

51st B-Day This week marks one year in Chile

51st B-Day
This week marks one year in Chile
Hola a todos!
Hey family. :) 

Hermana Talbot and Hermana Tax "Women in Black"

First, Mom. I need your help. I show people often our family tree on NewFamilySearch to give them a vision, but I need something else. A story... Tell me about the most spiritual experience you've had with family history. AND what motivates you to do family history?

I hit my one year mark this week!!!!! I can hardly believe I have been here for that long, but I think it's true. =) There's usually a big party for the 1 year mark, so I will have lots of pictures next week. Wow. One year.... I will be home soon, seriously.

We had 2 conferences this past week. One with President & Hermana Wright and the other with Elder Lynn G Robbins of the 70 (Santiago Norte and Sur together). I love the opportunities we are given in this mission to hear from our leaders, especially the 12 Apostles and the 70. I will share with you all just a little of what I personally learned if I get some more time to write.

Guess what? I put on a new name tag this past week. I made it to a year with the same one everyday, all-day. However, it kept falling off. Including once in church when I was heading to the pulpit. Oooppppssss. Figured it was time to change the name tag or face further public shame.

I thought of you Mom this past Friday. We were talking to a lady outside of the mall and a father (in his 70s) and his son (in his 30s) passed by. The son physically and mentally was challenged with disabilities; however, as they were walking, everyone that passed by he said in a very loud voice, "Hola! Hola! ..." until they responded and then he just smiled and moved on to the next. I was touched in my heart to know that all he wanted was a "hola" from people, then he was a happy camper. Life truly is simple. We truly complicate things. 

Making chicken delights Santiago, Chile way

(Why do you ask would such a thing remind her of her mother... I LOVE those with special needs... and have always taught my children "the handicapped "are not the ones being tested here on earth but we as a "normal" human beings will be judged as to how we take care of, treat and love these special people)

Why do we always say: oh someday.... "There is a danger in the word someday when what it means is “not this day.” “Someday I will repent.” “Someday I will forgive him.” “Someday I will speak to my friend or family again.” “Someday I will start to go to the gym.” “Someday I will return to the temple.” “Someday …”
The scriptures make the danger of delay clear. It is that we may discover that we have run out of time. The God who gives us each day as a treasure will require an accounting. We will weep, and He will weep, if we have intended to repent and to serve Him in tomorrows which never came or have dreamed of yesterdays where the opportunity to act was past. This day is a precious gift of God. The thought “Someday I will” can be a thief of the opportunities of time and the blessings of eternity.
All of us will need His help to avoid the tragedy of procrastinating what we must do here and now to have eternal life. For most of us the temptation to delay will come from one or both of two feelings. They are polar opposites: one is to be complacent about what we have already done, and the other is to feel overwhelmed by the need to do more.

(see: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2007/04/this-day?lang=eng)

Let's not be complacent nor overwhelmed!! I am learning that there is no someday; there is no tomorrow. But I do have today. :) 

Hermana Tabot's BOOTS (and her L L Bean rain coat yea)

This week I was thinking an awful lot about my boots (weird I know). I sent a picture last week of when I had the great idea to submerge them in a lot of dirty water. Little did I realize until later that such boots have holes on the sides where there are buckles. I wish I had realized that sooner... after walking around with wet socks all night (that stunk really bad too). I also realized that I have some holes in my spiritual boots. That my protection against the floods of the world is, at times, allowing the dirty water to enter. I learned that I need to pay more attention (now and when I get home) to where the holes are in my boots, so that I can mend them and work on bettering myself as a person and a daughter of my Heavenly Father. And it won't just be someday that I decide find and mend, but today. :) 

THANK YOU ALL for the mail

I have been sending lots of crazy people to the clinic lately. Eye infections due to wearing contacts in Chile (that's a big no). Severe stomach pain (appendicitis). Torn meniscus in an Elder's knee (who now has gone home for surgery). Etc.... I can't wait to go through all of my notes after the mission to remind myself of the crazy stuff that I have delt with. For example, an Elder called me and said "Hermana Talbot, I just want to make sure I am going to be okay. I totally just ate a cupcake that had expired months ago that my parents sent to me and the package didn't get here until now... and the cupcake had some white things in it and tasted kinda weird. Am I gonna be okay? I don't need to go to the clinic or anything right?" HE WAS COMPLETELY SERIOUS. No worries, he lived.

I love you all.
Talk to you next week.

P.S. Beth Tilton, Emily Howe, Rebeca Garcia (!muchas gracias!), Toto, Brooke Sherlund, Lindsey Johndro, Lily Ellison, Lisa Wilcox, Carole Wright, Roger Hemphill, Aaron Moses, Betty Lou, Harry Moses, Heidi Tucker and everyone from church..... Thanks for all of the comments from my facebook!!! I will try to get an email out to you all for my Mom to respond... next week. =) Thanks Mom for the great idea. It made this Hermana happy.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

50th B-Day ... fungus,abcesses,and liver attacks???

50th B-Day ...
fungus, abscesses, and liver attacks...

Looks like Brooklyn's little Gabbee aweee
Hey Everyone,

There have been some crazy nursing calls lately. Yellow nails. Funguses. Butt abscesses. Hahaha. No seriously. One who called me to tell me he ate expired brownies with white chunks inside and wanted to know if he was going to be okay. Hahah. One who called because he was convinced that he has a blood clot in his lung. Another who said he had a liver attack (what is that?). And so much more... It's getting to be more and more interesting as time goes on. I have no idea how Hermana Wright did it before. I seriously think that now that I'm here that the missionaries are sicker (seriously weird stuff) or good fakers. Or just more trusting and tell me really how they feel. Or expecting a quick fix and don't want to wait a little while to see if the problem resolves. I dunno. But, I love what I do. :)

In fact, Doctor Johnson called me this past week to tell me that there's going to be a health conference soon and he would like me to speak. I was like "what!?". :) He wants me to speak about my relationship with Hermana and President Wright. Okay. I can do that. So I told Hermana Wright and she started laughing and said 'no! Don't tell them all of our secrets or all of the bad stories'. Hahaha. We'll see what I say being that they will be in the room. :) I may just ask them to leave so I can tell everyone at the conference the truth. Hahahaha. Just kidding. I love my mission parents and they really have become just that... loving parents.

I made brownies again this week (it's a frequent request), but this time I decided to experiment. Sooo they were peanut butter, chocolate brownies with layers and swirls of sweet and condensed milk. They were yyuuummmmmyyyyy. :)

Mom got a card from you. You're so great. I love getting mail. :) Also Sister Melanson (the mom) sent me a card for my birthday. Dated August 28th. I receive it June 6th. Hahaha.

I'm sick again, but stronger than last time. I know it's the combination of the changing of the seasons and the pollution. Like when I was a kid in Utah and sick all of the time. But this time I started taking antibiotics. Yay Chile!!!

We've hit the rainy season! Almost daily it downpours. But... the worst part are in the streets. They flooood. Water + Desert = Flood. They just look like someone came with a fire-hose and put it in the street to just see how much water it can hold. Thank goodness my boots are holding up well. :)

People... are you feeding the missionaries?!? We have investigators. 2 of them this past week that gave us lunch. Investigators. Take time to feed them. Give them something good to eat (homemade), even if you can't have them in your home. Their Moms depend on you.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL!!! (well, to the fathers...) Especially my Dad (just sayin). =)

LOVE YOU ALL. Take care of each other. Make good choices. Remember that the choices you make today, affect your future.

Hermana Talbot

Below is the other part of the book I told you all about last week. If nothing more, it's a good read. When I read it, I found inspiration and a desire to do better to become better....

Happiness Is The Greatest of All Riches

"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thrives do not break through nor steal: for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. (Matthew 6:19-21).

The treasure we're talking about is a feeling of comfort, peace, and eternal security. Because I know that I'm part of a holy plan designed by a Heavenly Father who loves all of His children equally and who wants them all to achieve eternal success... (taking away the importance of all worldly acclaim or accomplishment). It's that perspective and the attendant spiritual and emotional tranquility that are Among the positive fruits of knowing - really knowing and living the gospel of Jesus Christ. It clarifies the relationship between people and their God and gives meaning and purpose to every individual life. Far more than being just another way of worshiping, it's a way of life. It guides every decision and underscores every relationship, including one's relationship with oneself. You see, you can never look at yourself in the same way if you know that you are a child of God and that He knows you, loves you, and cares about you....

What comfort and security comes from knowing that we have a purpose for being! What a blessing to have the solid anchor of specific values by which to live! How exciting to understand our ultimate, divine potential! How reassuring to realize there is a source of power much greater than our own, which can be accessed through personal faith and prayer and through the righteous exercise of God's priesthood authority! And how encouraging to know that there is a source of strength that can help us cope with daily trials and find peace in a troubled, turbulent world!"

"You can't control all the circumstances of your life, but you have control of your happiness. You are the architect of it."

The Anchor of Faith

"The Restoration of the fullness onthe gospel of Jesus Christ through a series of miraculous occurrences... is a lot to digest. Especially in an era when so many people are uncomfortable with the notion of miracles and are suspicious of religious faiths in general. While I understand where those suspicions come from (we've all seen news reports of religionists from across the entire theological spectrum who don't practice what preach), I continue to believe that with - real faith, whole-souled and unshakeable - can be as important to a healthy, balanced life as a sturdy anchor is to a ship bound for the open seas. If you've ever Seen the anchor on a large ship, you know how massive it is and how sturdy and strong the metal links of the anchor chain are. But when compared to the total size and weight of the entire shop, the anchor and it's chain seem small indeed. Still, if properly placed on the bottom of the sea, a sturdy anchor can hold a giant ship fast, even in troubled waters.

That's the same function faith in God serves in the lives of believing Latter-day Saints. Well-founded and carefully maintained, it holds them steady and calm despite the social turbulence and wickedness that swirl around them. Of course, this faith must be more than just lip service, or it won't be strong enough to withstand the stresses placed upon it by contemporary living. In order for our faith to be meaningful and effective as an anchor to our souls, it must be centered on Jesus Christ, His life and His Atonement, and in the Restoration of His gospel to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. These eternal truths can be likened to the links of the chain that help us to be anchored. "

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

49 th B-Day Here we go again... Plumber Brooklyn

49th B-Day Blog of her plumbing skills
more hair out of the drain 

Hey family and friends.

So I wrote you all this big long email, and pooofff.... it disappeared... =( I almost cried, but I will try again.

Anyway, this week I might have given myself a good goose-egg on the top of my head. Ya know, Latinos (most of them) aren't all that tall, so their doorways aren't either. Ya well, I thought I had passed the door jam when boom.... pain, blood, headache, and a scar later... I realized I hadn't quite cleared the door way. I am so blessed to have just one more scar from Chile. Haha.

I got a call... an unexpected call... from Elder Sheffield (secretary in the office) asking me when I wanted to come home. I might have had a panic moment as he gave me the option of November 17th or December 29th being that my return home date is in between those two (due to the change in the mission when I was in the CCM). I told him I could answer his question until I could talk with Hermana Wright. So I called her and it was pretty funny. We decided together (with a bit of persuasion on the part of the mission mom.) that I would stay until December 29th as I told you all before. Being that it is just 9 days after my return home date rather than 5 weeks early. Hermana Wright is going to call Salt Lake to try to find out if there is a new nurse coming to replace me, then we will know if I will extend until January in order to train her. I will let you all know when I know more. But as for now, December 29th is the office plan for my flight.
We met with Ignacio again this last week to give him his first, sit down lesson (not just in the church or outside the gate of his house due to him not having time). He's been coming to church faithfully for many weeks now. The lesson we had with him was amazing and yet hilarious at the same time. He really is a young man that inspires me. His desire and faith to learn and to know the gospel is something I don't think I will ever understand. We have so many adults who have no desire to progress or act on their faith, but Ignacio... at 14... wow. His parents are 100% supportive of his decision, but they really have left him alone as to coming to church, reading the scriptures, praying, the lessons with us, etc. BUT he still continues to surprise me as he moves forward and continues to endure. He was sad this past week when we talked about him being an example for his family and how they can be an eternal family...
I am teaching a 10 year old, Eduardo, English. We contacted his brother, Bernardo, a few weeks ago when we were trying to find one of his neighbors. We have been teaching him and his family the lessons and his mom asked me if I would help Eduardo with English. So I am doing just that... which has proved to be a challenge. The kids that I have taught in the past was to help them with their homework and to understand what their teachers are trying to teach them... and they are all excelling in their classes right now. But with Eduardo there are certain challenges that he has which complicates things. Like: Aspergers, Attention Deficit Disorder, Etc. I have enjoyed teaching him, though, he is very intelligent and has a memory like none other. He really tries hard to understand. I hope he will improve his grades! =)

We have a few baptismal dates that I am praying that these people will be able to achieve their goals. We'll see what happens. Pray for us and for them please.

We were able to see some of the fruits of our labors yesterday in the chapel. 6 investigatos, 3 less-actives in the chapel for the first time in months, and the long-time, live-in boyfriend and kids of Maria Ortega were all together for the first time (a dream of hers that came true). Literally... miracles... I am so thankful. =)

I have been reading a book called, "Our Search for Happiness: An Invitation to Understand the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints" by Elder Ballard. I have two parts to send to you all. One this week and the other next week. It is absolutely wonderful. He wrote this 100 page book for all those who do not know our beliefs... that they can read about the basic beliefs we have. I tell you what, I have learned so much, especially different ways to clearly explain to people what I believe. A quote that I loved is about the fruits of gospel living. He had many paragraphs on this; however, this summed up the fruits of being in the service of the Lord in any capacity (not just as a missionary)...

"Weaknesses become strengths, challenges become opportunities, trials become triumphs, and adversity becomes an adventure in the service of the Lord... Another fruit of gospel living."

Focus on the Prince of Peace

"As we commit ourselves to Jesus Christ - spiritually, physically, and emotionally - He blesses our lives with loving direction. Every decision we make from that time on is affected, because there are certain things a man or woman of Christ simply will not do. Our actions become more disciplined, our relationships become more righteous; even our language becomes more pure as we live a life that is centered on Jesus Christ and His teachings. Simply put, after the Spirt of Christ enters our hearts and our souls, we can never be the same again.

That doesn't mean we suddenly become perfect. We all fall short of that mark, which is why we're so thankful for the gift of repentance thought our faith in Christ. It just means that we're always trying to live up to the responsibility of being a true follower of Christ, not because we fear Him or Heavenly Father but because we love Them and want to serve Them.

The best thing about living a Christ-centered life, however, is how it makes you feel. It's hard to have a negative attitude about things if and when your life is focused on the Prince of Peace. There will still be problems. Everyone has them. But faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is a power to be reckoned with in the universe and in individual lives. It can be a causative force through which miracles are wrought. It can also be a source of inner strength through which we find self-esteem, peace of mind, contentment, and the courage to cope. I have seen marriages saved, families strengthened, tragedies overcome, careers energized, and the will to go on lock rekindled as people humble themselves before the Lord and accept His will in their lives. Heartache, tragedy, and trauma of all kinds can be focused and managed when the principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ are understood and applied."

The Quality of Our Lives

"'The quality of our lives.' It's an interesting phrase. I suspect most people think of this concept in terms of the comforts and conveniences they enjoy. But I prefer to think they the quality of our lives has more to do with substance than style. A quality life is one that positively influences others and makes the world around it a better place in which to live. A quality life is one that is constantly growing, expanding its horizons and enlarging its borders. A quality life is one that is filled with love and loyalty, patience and perseverance, kindness and compassion. A quality life is one that is based on eternal potential and not confined to this life only."
Put your priorities in order. Remember what's important.

Have a great week!