Tuesday, July 30, 2013

6th "B-Day" July 30, 2013

6th "B-Day" July 30, 2013
in the life for Hermana Talbot

See my sad Mommy face.... NO pictures today....

Due to the changes of me being in the CCM (Missionary Training Center) longer, I am living day by day with the changes being made and them figuring out what to do with me.

Yesterday, I spent the day in the medical office. One phone call (about a dog bite) came in due to the doctor being gone and just not any medical needs. I was with the doctor's wife all day and we had a great time learning about crazy South American medicines/traditions.

All of the other missionaries left this morning for their mission areas. We have been preparing for the next group of missionaries to arrive tomorrow. I also had to pack my bags as I will be moving to the dormitories on the CCM grounds.

The Gilbert's have been wonderful to me today... french toast this morning for breakfast... and so much more.

I am wearing jeans today because I'm not at the CCM. Can I just say I feel like a different woman? OHHH IT'S WONDERFUL.

Nothing much has changed this week other than everything. I do know this. My mission is still Santiago East. I am still learning Spanish. I am still a mission nurse specialist. I am in Chile (which is in South America, I think ;-)). I still love chocolate. I still live for food. (THAT'S MY GIRL <3)

I am so happy to be here. I don't think I've ever felt like this before. I've never had quite a roller-coaster of emotions at the same time.

I know this is where I need to be. I know I have a message to share with the people of Chile. A message that can change lives. I know we have a purpose and an ultimate goal here on Earth, but we can't accomplish that purpose without knowing the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this reason, I am here... to spread the news of something bigger than I will ever be or could become if I were living on Earth alone.

Love you all!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

5th "B-Day" July 23, 2013 in the life OF CHANGES for Hermana Talbot

5th "B-Day" July 23, 2013
in the life OF CHANGES for Hermana Talbot

Okay so news. 
A lot of it actually. 
Hold on to your hats everyone.

I will be staying in the CCM (Mission Training Center) for 2 weeks longer due to my Mission President wanting me to come with the next transfer of Gringos and Latinos.
We have come up with some plans as to how I can best spend my extra 2 weeks. Namely, memorizing medical vocabulary and doing mock medical phone calls. I will be in the medical office with Doctor Mikesell right here at the CCM (he is the MD for all of Chilean missionaries) and also with Sister Thompson (who is the mental health specialist). So that will be wonderful.
We had a Brother Mills here with us this past week. He is the head of international MTC's. He and I spoke a few times and he also emailed Salt Lake City for me to get some conference training with church headquarters.
Lastly, I spoke with my mission president, President Wright, and his wife and we talked about what my responsibilities could be and so forth. Because the opportunities as a mission nurse specialist combined with a missionary are endless, it will be an adventure for a while to try to balance between the two.
Apparently, I will have my own cellphone and hopefully a laptop/iPad. The missionaries in the Santiago East Mission will call me for any medical questions or needs. Then from there I can refer them on to someone or give them advice.
I will only be teaching the gospel for 12 weeks; then, I will probably take over being the nurse for the sister missionaries and Sister Wright will continue with the Elders. Eventually, according to Brother Mills, I will take over the whole mission as the mission nurse specialist.
I am doing well. 
The Spanish is coming faster than I expected and I know I can learn so much more being here 8 weeks vs 6 weeks.

I never thought going on a mission would change me as much as it already has. Sure, I knew it was going to change me, but after 5 weeks I can start to see the difference. It's no wonder missionaries are so weird when they first arrive home! 

I know this church is of God due to the spirit I have felt while I am teaching gospel truths. I know change is necessary in everyone's lives in order to come closer to God and our Savior. Repentance is even for Celestial people! 
I know Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson are prophets of God with the authority to speak in His name. 
This church is the only true church on this earth with the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ as spoken of in the Bible and Book of Mormon. 
My Savior is my rock, guide, joy, peace, happiness, and all that I am or will ever be. So then if I know all of this, how could I not want to share it? 
This is why I am in Chile.... to serve my Savior in any capacity He asks of me.... for I owe Him for the eternities.

I love you all sooo much!

 Brooklyn and her empañada

One of the temple here on the grounds where the CCM is (everything here in Chile is gated in, so we have the church buildings in one area)

 The rest are of the attempt to take pictures of the mountains. Attempt. It is disgusting the amount of smog. Just from a little ways away you can see the smog. Gross!! 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4th "B-Day" July 16, 2013 in the life of Hermana Talbot

4th "B-Day" July 16, 2013 
in the life of Hermana Talbot

Hello family!!

We learn new phrases and words everyday. I've got one for you all to learn...... Tango tanta hambre que me comeria una vaca..... I'm so hungry I could eat a cow. :) There's lots more to come so get learning! 

I am still not 100% sure of what I will be doing outside of the CCM. I will hopefully have a new address for your next week of where my snail mail should go (in the Santiago East Mission). I will know better what my assignments and duties are when I get to speak with the mission president and his wife. They ultimately decide.

(1) Cool fact: we are the only district of Gringos in the CCM who can roll our R's. I can't remember if I told you that or not.
(2) Another cool fact: there are no Spanish words that have a "W" in them.
(3) Another cool fact: they close many of the streets here in Santiago on Sunday so that families can ride bikes, rollerskate, etc. There is no other places to do it here in the city.
(4) There are hundreds of thousands who are inactive in the church here in Chile. If everyone came to church on Sunday there would be 929 people in one ward. Chile has the highest inactivity rate in the world. 85-90%.
(5) Elder Holland said "Chile will be a beacon of light to South America and the way to change is through their families." Looks like I've got a lot of work to do!!! They say Chile's missionaries lack quality teaching which results in prebaptisimal rushing. Shame on us!!! That needs to improve!
(6) We taught our first "real lesson" this past week to our bus drivers. The Chilean people are so nice. Seriously, they are wonderful people.
(7) And lastly, I finally realized this week that I am a "Sister". You know, as a child, you hold the missionaries in the church on a high ranking. You always talk to them, thank them, are excited to see them, etc.... WELL GUESS WHAT?!?! That's me! Hearing adults and children alike yelling "Hola Hermanas" just warms my heart. Granted that will change once I go farther out from the CCM and temple grounds. 

Me and the other North American girls. They were 2 weeks ahead of us and left the CCM this morning for the mission field. I swear we met in Heaven.

 The really tall building is the tallest in Chile (so we've been told)
Santiago, Chile

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3rd "B-Day" July 9, 2013 No longer Tuesday, or P-Day now it's entitled "B-Day"

3rd "B-Day" July 9, 2013
Hermana Talbot
Santiago, Chile

Thanks for teaching me how to shower quickly. Your skills have been very useful. There are way too many girls to one bathroom. (7 to be exact)
We had a change in teachers this week. It's been good. They all teach different things in different ways. It's good for us. :)
We have the best district ever. The 6 of us are trudging along. Two sets of trios. We all get along really well. We come up with the funniest things in Spanish.
One time Elder Vernon was translating to the class for the teacher (it's really good practice) and the teacher said "en serio" which is "seriously"... but he translated it as "are you for reals?" :) We laughed so hard.
Thank you for teaching me to be on time, patient, and loving. I tell you what... it comes in handy that's for sure. I work on those daily.
I am doing well. Loving it here. It's beautiful. The Spanish is coming. Our lessons are wonderful. Latinos are amazingly friendly and love to practice their English on us. 
I pray everyday the Lord will accept my sacrifice being here.
Love you all!!!

eating a completo... A hot dog (seriously), but they put stuff on them. I had cheese and egg on mine. Really good surprisingly.

Sister Hermana looking happy and healthy! 

 Americans on the 4th of July. They made us chocolate cake and popcorn. It was AMAZING.

I was transferred to Santiago East 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2nd P-Day Tuesday July 02, 2013

July 02, 2013 2nd P-Day
Hermana Talbot
1423 Pedro De Valdiva
Providencia, Santiago
NO PACKAGES!!! Just letters.


I am doing well. No longer sick. My body has gotten over the immunization shock. One of my companions however has been puking and pooping this afternoon. Poor thing. I turn 100% nurse when that happens. :(
Chile is cold. A lot colder than I thought it would be. There are some days and nights that are just WOW I need a heavy coat, but other than those few nights I am just fine with the jackets I have. It´s a different cold here too. I don´t know how to explain it, but it is. They also don´t heat their buildings, so sitting all day in a classroom with no heat and in a skirt is REALLY cold.
(Brooklyn's mission call has changed to the Santiago East Mission. This means she will be relocating)
I feel okay about the mission call now, by the time that evening came, my companion (Sister Leavitt) gave me a scripture in D&C that says something about "it mattereth not if you go to the north, or south, or east, or west, you shall not fail"... If the east is where I am needed then that's where I will go. If my original mission call had been to Santiago East I would have accepted that call without hesitation. Also, I saw President Cook the other day, he and his wife. He said he was so sorry I was not going to be in his mission because he had told you he was going to take care of me. :( The new mission president is "President Wright". Fate... I say... fate... :) (Brooklyn's grandmother's maiden name is Wright)
We took a test this week on Christ-like attributes... guess what my worst attribute was? ohh you're right. Patience. I am working on it.
The spirit of God is strong here. I know this is where I need to be. I can feel of His love when I am teaching His gospel to others. I can feel the intensity of the words as I bear what I know to be true. He is my rock and my guide. He will take care of me.

Love you dearly.
P.S. I didn't have time to write to anyone else. Please give them my love. I did receive all of their messages and will try to respond next week.

Happy Hermana Talbot

This looks like trouble to me (wink)

brrrr Brooklyn says she is cold