Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4th "B-Day" July 16, 2013 in the life of Hermana Talbot

4th "B-Day" July 16, 2013 
in the life of Hermana Talbot

Hello family!!

We learn new phrases and words everyday. I've got one for you all to learn...... Tango tanta hambre que me comeria una vaca..... I'm so hungry I could eat a cow. :) There's lots more to come so get learning! 

I am still not 100% sure of what I will be doing outside of the CCM. I will hopefully have a new address for your next week of where my snail mail should go (in the Santiago East Mission). I will know better what my assignments and duties are when I get to speak with the mission president and his wife. They ultimately decide.

(1) Cool fact: we are the only district of Gringos in the CCM who can roll our R's. I can't remember if I told you that or not.
(2) Another cool fact: there are no Spanish words that have a "W" in them.
(3) Another cool fact: they close many of the streets here in Santiago on Sunday so that families can ride bikes, rollerskate, etc. There is no other places to do it here in the city.
(4) There are hundreds of thousands who are inactive in the church here in Chile. If everyone came to church on Sunday there would be 929 people in one ward. Chile has the highest inactivity rate in the world. 85-90%.
(5) Elder Holland said "Chile will be a beacon of light to South America and the way to change is through their families." Looks like I've got a lot of work to do!!! They say Chile's missionaries lack quality teaching which results in prebaptisimal rushing. Shame on us!!! That needs to improve!
(6) We taught our first "real lesson" this past week to our bus drivers. The Chilean people are so nice. Seriously, they are wonderful people.
(7) And lastly, I finally realized this week that I am a "Sister". You know, as a child, you hold the missionaries in the church on a high ranking. You always talk to them, thank them, are excited to see them, etc.... WELL GUESS WHAT?!?! That's me! Hearing adults and children alike yelling "Hola Hermanas" just warms my heart. Granted that will change once I go farther out from the CCM and temple grounds. 

Me and the other North American girls. They were 2 weeks ahead of us and left the CCM this morning for the mission field. I swear we met in Heaven.

 The really tall building is the tallest in Chile (so we've been told)
Santiago, Chile

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