Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3rd "B-Day" July 9, 2013 No longer Tuesday, or P-Day now it's entitled "B-Day"

3rd "B-Day" July 9, 2013
Hermana Talbot
Santiago, Chile

Thanks for teaching me how to shower quickly. Your skills have been very useful. There are way too many girls to one bathroom. (7 to be exact)
We had a change in teachers this week. It's been good. They all teach different things in different ways. It's good for us. :)
We have the best district ever. The 6 of us are trudging along. Two sets of trios. We all get along really well. We come up with the funniest things in Spanish.
One time Elder Vernon was translating to the class for the teacher (it's really good practice) and the teacher said "en serio" which is "seriously"... but he translated it as "are you for reals?" :) We laughed so hard.
Thank you for teaching me to be on time, patient, and loving. I tell you what... it comes in handy that's for sure. I work on those daily.
I am doing well. Loving it here. It's beautiful. The Spanish is coming. Our lessons are wonderful. Latinos are amazingly friendly and love to practice their English on us. 
I pray everyday the Lord will accept my sacrifice being here.
Love you all!!!

eating a completo... A hot dog (seriously), but they put stuff on them. I had cheese and egg on mine. Really good surprisingly.

Sister Hermana looking happy and healthy! 

 Americans on the 4th of July. They made us chocolate cake and popcorn. It was AMAZING.

I was transferred to Santiago East 

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