Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2nd P-Day Tuesday July 02, 2013

July 02, 2013 2nd P-Day
Hermana Talbot
1423 Pedro De Valdiva
Providencia, Santiago
NO PACKAGES!!! Just letters.


I am doing well. No longer sick. My body has gotten over the immunization shock. One of my companions however has been puking and pooping this afternoon. Poor thing. I turn 100% nurse when that happens. :(
Chile is cold. A lot colder than I thought it would be. There are some days and nights that are just WOW I need a heavy coat, but other than those few nights I am just fine with the jackets I have. It´s a different cold here too. I don´t know how to explain it, but it is. They also don´t heat their buildings, so sitting all day in a classroom with no heat and in a skirt is REALLY cold.
(Brooklyn's mission call has changed to the Santiago East Mission. This means she will be relocating)
I feel okay about the mission call now, by the time that evening came, my companion (Sister Leavitt) gave me a scripture in D&C that says something about "it mattereth not if you go to the north, or south, or east, or west, you shall not fail"... If the east is where I am needed then that's where I will go. If my original mission call had been to Santiago East I would have accepted that call without hesitation. Also, I saw President Cook the other day, he and his wife. He said he was so sorry I was not going to be in his mission because he had told you he was going to take care of me. :( The new mission president is "President Wright". Fate... I say... fate... :) (Brooklyn's grandmother's maiden name is Wright)
We took a test this week on Christ-like attributes... guess what my worst attribute was? ohh you're right. Patience. I am working on it.
The spirit of God is strong here. I know this is where I need to be. I can feel of His love when I am teaching His gospel to others. I can feel the intensity of the words as I bear what I know to be true. He is my rock and my guide. He will take care of me.

Love you dearly.
P.S. I didn't have time to write to anyone else. Please give them my love. I did receive all of their messages and will try to respond next week.

Happy Hermana Talbot

This looks like trouble to me (wink)

brrrr Brooklyn says she is cold

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