Monday, March 24, 2014


39th B-Day 

Hi everyone!!

I am here. All is well. I am working as hard as I can. We are just work horses me and Hermana Tax. I tell you what. =)

I OFFICIALLY HAVE 9 MONTHS IN THE MISSION!!! Half way mark!! Me and Hermana Flores from Mexico... we have the same birthday in the mission.

There is a picture of me and Keni... a boy who we are teaching with his Family (la familia Ortega) and his mom asked me to help him learn English as he is struggling in school. I cannot tell you how many times this past week I was asked to hold English classes. We decided we will start this next week... I have no idea how to teach English, but don't tell anyone. =) 

I got a package from the Bangor Stake primary children this week!!!! I have yet to write them back (the 8 children who wrote me), but I am not sure how to do it being some of them "signed" their letters and I have no idea who they are from. I am hoping Patti Riggs can help me out to find out and then I will write all of the kids back individually. If not, I will write a letter to the lady who sent the package to me for her to share with the wards and branches. It was a wonderful treat. The excitement and surprise was overwhelming.

So we had something happen this week in our community. We were studying in the morning when Hermana Tax said "wow, look at the smoke". Sure enough we could see a lot of coal, black smoke and flames. Come to find out it was 8 houses.... It started in one house and before they knew it, it had made it to the gas tanks that everyone has in their houses for their kitchen... then from there... they all went up in flames. Needless to say, there are families without anything!! Clothes. Food. Houses. Etc. We, as the missionaries, acted. =) We called our leader and the bishop and got some help organized. Hermana Tax and I went to the grocery store a few times and I bought them food and then Saturday we went through all that we have for belongings in our house and gave away what we weren't using. (Mom, I might have given away about a suitcase full of clothes, but um... at least we don't have to pay to bring them back! hahah). They were so grateful. They have been cleaning up their "land" being there are no houses... Picture attached of the remnants of the houses in the streets waiting to be picked up by the city. It was just a devastating week.

Sunday (yesterday), we had a sacrament meeting just for missionary work. All of us Hermanas spoke as well as our mission leader in the ward. It was wonderful. I spoke on what our purpose is as missionaries. To invite others to come unto Christ. Not just people who are going to be baptized... not just less active members... but everyone. And we don't just invite them to come unto Christ by being baptized into the church, but rather for them to progress and endure to the end. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk to them about our true purpose.

Someone from the health department in Salt Lake City sent this to me... it hit me like a rock..... "As we read the scriptures we are told to liken them unto ourselves (1 Nephi 19:23). This year’s course of study in Sunday school is the Old Testament, and my favorite story contained therein is Esther. Even though the name of God is not found even once in the entire book, His presence and spirit are in every page. The turning point in the story is when Esther is challenged to step forward and stand up for her people (the captured Jews in Babylon) before the King. Mordecai implores her in Esther 4:14 “who knoweth whether thou are come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

We are not where we are, doing what we do, because of the random forces of chance. Whether we serve as a part-time screener, AMA, nurse, RMSS member, or simply doing our part in the kingdom- we have been, as was Esther, reserved and prepared “for such a time as this”. May we take courage from this Old Testament heroine in doing our very best in whatever calling is ours."

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! Prayers are welcomed. =)


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

38th B-Day This week is Hermana Talbot's 1/2 way mark....

38th B-Day This week is Hermana Talbot's 1/2 way mark....

Hey everyone.

I am still alive. No worries. I might be in the ghetto, but it's not THAT bad. Everyone keeps worrying and sending emails, but I am and will be fine. =) I will tell you though, I have seen enough alcoholics and drug addicts this past weekend for a life time. They break my hearts. Especially when we see them sober and they beg us to help them change. However, it's difficult. VERY difficult because everyone in their house is high or drunk. I met a girl this week. 11 years old. Her mother is an alcoholic and drug addict. When we saw her this past week her hair was freshly burnt... It broke my heart to talk with her. To listen to her mother try to talk to us about how she's a sinner and can't listen to our message because she feels ashamed. Anyway. We have made plans with the ward to try to invite this little girl to the activities in Primary... as her Mother is completely fine with her leaving the house at any time as long as she's with us.... to at least try to get her out of the house. I cried when I met her. I just couldn't hold back the tears as I tried to tell her that there is always hope in life for something better!

Oh ya and there's this woman that the other Hermanas have in their sector... her husband is an alcoholic... and to make sure that he doesn't get drunk... she puts some kind of powder in his alcohol to make him vomit... that's the kind of world these people live in! I am still amazed that I am here. Finally in the ghetto... to see how people live with nothing and realize how blessed I am.

We have been working sooo hard... as they say here.... working a fool (but they spell it "a ful" like full....) We taught over 50 lessons this past week. It was wonderful. I have never worked so hard before. When it comes to calls nursing wise, I have to wait until the night time to talk to people because I do not want people to see my ipod and try to steal it. So usually I am calling people in the night up until 1130 at night. I am never bored. I tell you what. =)

So when we are at a house... we yell... all of the houses are surrounded by fences and gates... they do not have doorbells (too poor).... so we yell... "HALO!" and then they answer the door... I love yelling at people's houses. Hahaha.

Something fun this week happened... well lots did, but this was missionary fun... we were walking in the street and this guy comes up to us and says "hey so I found this book on the street the other day... it's one of those books that you guys carry around all day in your hands. I'm wondering if you can tell me more about it." I think my mouth could have caught 30 flies... =) We are waiting to hear back from the missionaries who are going to teach him of how it's going.

Oh ya. The moon here. You can watch it rise... like a moon rise?!?! It comes over the mountains like the sun does (imagine that hahahaha)... it's so beautiful. I do think however, that the moon in Maine is a lot bigger, but equally, it's fun to watch it, LITERALLY watch it, rise.

I am so thankful for all I have and will have. To have grown up in the United States... in the home I did... with the parents and brothers I have. I am grateful for all of the efforts of those around me to provide and be an example for me. I am thankful for the gospel in my life and the hope and love and joy it brings to me. I am thankful for the scriptures and the time I have been given to study them.... to find out what they really mean to me. I am thankful for my friends and the respect they give me, even if they are not of the same religion. I am thankful for Chile and my calling as a nurse and a missionary. I am thankful for the opportunity I have to be here to grow and to see how I need to change my life. I am thankful for my mission president and his wife and all they have taught me. I am thankful for my companions (past, current, and future) and all they have and will do for me. I am thankful for food, health, home, etc. The gratitude I have in my heart this week has grown everyday as I have seen the suffering here in the ghetto. Not just suffering physically, but mentally and spiritually.

I love you all. Be generous. Remember to be positive. We have so much. We just don't even understand all that we have until we can see the suffering of those who have nothing. Search for the miracles and blessings you are given, daily. 

Brooklyn (aka Hermana Talbot)

P.S. Someone called me Sister Talbot the other day... I just looked at them with a strange look on my face... and they go "what?" and I said... "I am Hermana Talbot... Sister Talbot is my mother." Hahahaha. Love you Mom.

Monday, March 10, 2014

37th B-Day fine time to mention all the earthquakes BROOKLYN!!!

37th B-Day Never a dull moment with Brooklyn Talbot
fine time to mention all the earthquakes BROOKLYN!!!

Hey Everyone.

So guess what? I am not in El Golf right now hahaha. I got transferred to a new sector with a new companion. Meet my new companion Hermana Tax from Guatemala

I live with 3 other Latinas. No more Northa Americans! No more English! Ever. Hahaha.....After 6 1/2 months in El Golf, it was time for a change and the Lord knew it. So I a starting all over again with a new companion and a new area to learn. To meet lots of new people and to share my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am excited. Hermana Tax is absolutely a sweetheart. I cannot wait to get to know her. I am now in J.P. Alessandri which is A LOT more ghetto than El Golf was. =) So when I left El Golf and told people yesterday (at church) that I was leaving... guess what was the first thing they said to me..... "Now who's gonna play the piano?" Hahaha =) Poor things.

Okay so I have a story about Susy. I do not know if you all remember her or not, but here is her story. This is what I wrote you guys a while back about her: "The other day we were talking to a receptionist (age 40 or so) about the love that God has for her and how there is ALWAYS hope! She is suffering from severe depression and as we were talking she just cried and cried and cried. Well she felt much better after we finished talking and we were about to leave and I said to her. You know what. I want a hug. =) So I gave her a hug and the poor thing just held on to me like she hadn't been hugged in 10 years. Well anyway, so we went back yesterday to go see her and ask how she was doing and she said this "you know what I don't know why but when you hugged me the other day I just felt something special... I can't explain what it was, but something that I haven't felt in years." My response was the first thing that came to my mind, which I have never said in my entire live "you know Susy, we are representatives of Jesus Christ... that hug was to show you how much He loves you... only He couldn't physically do it himself, so we did it for Him". It was a very special moment that I will always remember! The 10 minutes, maybe, just maybe, I was the arms of Christ." Anyway, so we went to go see here again yesterday at her work and she is a completely different person. Literally. She smiles, laughes, makes jokes..... isn't crying..... has hope.... It's absolutely amazing to watch the change that has come over her. She has started organizing her house, is serving others, spending more time with her son, and is finding the enjoyment in life. She is waiting to find time to listen to the missionaries in her area. I continue to encourage her to take time because it will bless her life even more. She states we were her angels and I cannot even tell you how happy I am to know that. If she was the reason I came to Chile, I am content. =)

So we went and saw Violeta this week. She was talking about how that when she eats she forgets that she needs to pray over her food to ask God to bless it and to thank Him for it. Well anyway, she says she forgets to do it... but after she's all done eating... she remembers... and then prays to thank God for what she ate and to ask Him to bless it in her stomach. HAHAHA.

We've gotten some pretty good earthquakes here lately. Well they've been little ones (for Chileans)... On the 4th of March there were about 20 (temblores - little earthquakes) about the magnitude of 5.4. The Chileans just shake it off and say, "nah we'll worry about them when they get around 7.0". They're crazy!! It's a very odd feeling to feel the earth shaking under you, I tell you what. But I have my emergency bag prepared and ready to go... =)

I have some scriptures for you guys to look at. They're about the Light of Christ... what does the Light of Christ mean to you? John 8:12 then DandC 50:24 then DandC 115:5. =)

I am gonna go write some of you guys back.
Love you all!!! =) MWAH

P.S. This past week I realized for the first time in my prayers I thanked God for changing my mission from Santiago Sur to Santiago Este. I am thankful to be here. =) 

Do you see how big the locks are here??!!! HUGE. This is on the chapel gate. 

our district that never was a district... the assistants and secretaries of President Wright... with the nurse and her companion

Me with Susy   
Vice president Biden came to Chile last night. They had a show for him at the biggest miltary school here in Chile (in El Golf)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

36th B-Day coming up on 1/2 way mark!!

36th B-Day coming up on 1/2 way mark!!!!
but who is counting (right)

Hey family!!! 
Of us 4 in the dark... heading to the East mision in Santiago for a meeting with a member of the quorum of the 70
me, Hermana Diaz, and Cristal (a member in the ward who is 16 yrs old and is wanting to serve a mission... she went out with us this past week to teach)

me with 2 girls that i met in the CCM. we were in Alcantara together and met up at the conference with Elder Evans

Last one... today... with the hermanas from our zone. =)

me and Hermana Gollehon (the new nurse that is going to the Chile Osorno Mission... she is currently in the CCM and so she and I have talked to "train" her a little as to what she is going to see and handle as the mission nurse... I tell you what she is very frank and "this is how it is"... more than I am!! the Latinos that we talked to together just kind of looked at her with a shocked look on their face. hahah)

I have a whole lot of stuff to tell you this week. I have no idea why, but I have my page for today in my planner just full of stuff to say... so here we go. Hope you all are ready to read and smile. =)

I ate sushi this week for the first time. I don't think it was actually raw fish sushi though. I rather graciously picked out the what I was told was "chicken" ones to eat. It was okay.... not gonna say it was my favorite. But I ate it!!!

Yesterday in church I translated for a couple (in their 50s) from the states who are here to learn Spanish and then they will be going up to the North of Chile to the mines. Anyway, the brother asked me if I would translate his testimony for him. So I did. I never realized how hard it is to translate from English to Spanish. We use so many different words in English to express ourselves that do not exist in Spanish. But all went well. Then I got up and bore my testimony on being able to look for the blessings that we have in our lives and to stay positive. When I got back down to my seat, next to the couple, the sister said to me "your mom would be so proud of you".... Mom, it hit my like a rock. Right in my face. I started bawling. Literally with my hand on my mouth and it was time for me to get up to the stand to play the piano for the last hymn. The congregation waited for me for at least 30 seconds to get myself together. With tears streaming down my face, I played the last hymn and tried to forget what she had told me because everytime I thought if it the tears came down faster. It was a precious moment for me. I know I needed to hear that exactly in the moment she said it.

We learned this week in Relief Society that 2.4% adults in the church do their family history.... how sad is that!?!?! I saw these two quotes this week and they made me think more about the importance of Family History work and Temple attendance: "When you are troubled and when you have crucial decisions that weigh heavily on your mind and soul, you can take your cares to the temple and receive spiritual guidance." AND "The ordinances and covenants of the temple are the protecion for us in our day and for what we will face in the future." Don't take the opportunity for granted to serve your forefathers and attend the temple for them. We cannot be saved without them!!

So we recieved a text message on Thursday from the office stating that there was a conference going to be held Saturday in the Santiago Este (East) Mission with a member of the quorum of the 70 Elder Evans. He is the director or the head of all of the missionaries in the entire world. He was sent by the quorum of the 12 apostles to come "feel what we feel here in Chile and to report back to them". He spoke to all of us from the 4 Santiago Missions (N,S,E,W) which is about a thousand missionaries. (funny note to put here... so as we were walking... of course we met people along the way... so there were groups of these people in skirts and suits just walking down the street... the police were staring at us... and would stop in their cars to follow us for a while, then drive off.... I just wanted to tell them, "listen we are the least of your worries guys")... anyway... it was a wonderful conference. He talked to us for almost 5 hours. Nonstop. I learned so much!!! One of the things he told us was to read the talk "Find the Lambs, Feed the Sheep" from President Hinckley in 1999. I read it this week. It was an eye opener to me of how much help we as missionaries need from our members. He also said we need to be "contagiously optimistic". I LOVE THAT! He said we need to focus more on our purpose as a whole than how many baptisms we have or haven't had. Especially because enduring to the end is the hardest part of it all. Our purpose as missionaries is to: invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. ALL OF THAT. Not just one part. He said if we just focus one one part we are playing one note on the piano... and it's not very beautiful.... however, if we can play all of the parts, then it can be something marvellous. Hermana Diaz and I have talked and we have decided that we need to change our focus from trying to find people to teach and baptize (investigators) to focus on the less active members that we have in our ward (over 25 just in our area). I have come to realize that if I can help reactivate a less active member it is the same as if I can help baptize someone. Soooo that is some of what I learned from Elder Evans. It was a wonderful meeting with him and I am so grateful that we have apostles and a prophet to help lead and guide us.

I know that if we are obedient and diligent with faith in Jesus Christ... there is nothing else... all that follows will naturally follow those three things. Enduring to the end isn't that hard if we have faith, obedience, and diligence. It all depends on us and our attitudes.

I love you all. So much. I wrote some letters this week and sent them off.


P.S. I am not counting down or anything... but this month I will hit the half way mark.