Monday, March 24, 2014


39th B-Day 

Hi everyone!!

I am here. All is well. I am working as hard as I can. We are just work horses me and Hermana Tax. I tell you what. =)

I OFFICIALLY HAVE 9 MONTHS IN THE MISSION!!! Half way mark!! Me and Hermana Flores from Mexico... we have the same birthday in the mission.

There is a picture of me and Keni... a boy who we are teaching with his Family (la familia Ortega) and his mom asked me to help him learn English as he is struggling in school. I cannot tell you how many times this past week I was asked to hold English classes. We decided we will start this next week... I have no idea how to teach English, but don't tell anyone. =) 

I got a package from the Bangor Stake primary children this week!!!! I have yet to write them back (the 8 children who wrote me), but I am not sure how to do it being some of them "signed" their letters and I have no idea who they are from. I am hoping Patti Riggs can help me out to find out and then I will write all of the kids back individually. If not, I will write a letter to the lady who sent the package to me for her to share with the wards and branches. It was a wonderful treat. The excitement and surprise was overwhelming.

So we had something happen this week in our community. We were studying in the morning when Hermana Tax said "wow, look at the smoke". Sure enough we could see a lot of coal, black smoke and flames. Come to find out it was 8 houses.... It started in one house and before they knew it, it had made it to the gas tanks that everyone has in their houses for their kitchen... then from there... they all went up in flames. Needless to say, there are families without anything!! Clothes. Food. Houses. Etc. We, as the missionaries, acted. =) We called our leader and the bishop and got some help organized. Hermana Tax and I went to the grocery store a few times and I bought them food and then Saturday we went through all that we have for belongings in our house and gave away what we weren't using. (Mom, I might have given away about a suitcase full of clothes, but um... at least we don't have to pay to bring them back! hahah). They were so grateful. They have been cleaning up their "land" being there are no houses... Picture attached of the remnants of the houses in the streets waiting to be picked up by the city. It was just a devastating week.

Sunday (yesterday), we had a sacrament meeting just for missionary work. All of us Hermanas spoke as well as our mission leader in the ward. It was wonderful. I spoke on what our purpose is as missionaries. To invite others to come unto Christ. Not just people who are going to be baptized... not just less active members... but everyone. And we don't just invite them to come unto Christ by being baptized into the church, but rather for them to progress and endure to the end. It was a wonderful opportunity to talk to them about our true purpose.

Someone from the health department in Salt Lake City sent this to me... it hit me like a rock..... "As we read the scriptures we are told to liken them unto ourselves (1 Nephi 19:23). This year’s course of study in Sunday school is the Old Testament, and my favorite story contained therein is Esther. Even though the name of God is not found even once in the entire book, His presence and spirit are in every page. The turning point in the story is when Esther is challenged to step forward and stand up for her people (the captured Jews in Babylon) before the King. Mordecai implores her in Esther 4:14 “who knoweth whether thou are come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

We are not where we are, doing what we do, because of the random forces of chance. Whether we serve as a part-time screener, AMA, nurse, RMSS member, or simply doing our part in the kingdom- we have been, as was Esther, reserved and prepared “for such a time as this”. May we take courage from this Old Testament heroine in doing our very best in whatever calling is ours."

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! Prayers are welcomed. =)


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