Tuesday, March 18, 2014

38th B-Day This week is Hermana Talbot's 1/2 way mark....

38th B-Day This week is Hermana Talbot's 1/2 way mark....

Hey everyone.

I am still alive. No worries. I might be in the ghetto, but it's not THAT bad. Everyone keeps worrying and sending emails, but I am and will be fine. =) I will tell you though, I have seen enough alcoholics and drug addicts this past weekend for a life time. They break my hearts. Especially when we see them sober and they beg us to help them change. However, it's difficult. VERY difficult because everyone in their house is high or drunk. I met a girl this week. 11 years old. Her mother is an alcoholic and drug addict. When we saw her this past week her hair was freshly burnt... It broke my heart to talk with her. To listen to her mother try to talk to us about how she's a sinner and can't listen to our message because she feels ashamed. Anyway. We have made plans with the ward to try to invite this little girl to the activities in Primary... as her Mother is completely fine with her leaving the house at any time as long as she's with us.... to at least try to get her out of the house. I cried when I met her. I just couldn't hold back the tears as I tried to tell her that there is always hope in life for something better!

Oh ya and there's this woman that the other Hermanas have in their sector... her husband is an alcoholic... and to make sure that he doesn't get drunk... she puts some kind of powder in his alcohol to make him vomit... that's the kind of world these people live in! I am still amazed that I am here. Finally in the ghetto... to see how people live with nothing and realize how blessed I am.

We have been working sooo hard... as they say here.... working a fool (but they spell it "a ful" like full....) We taught over 50 lessons this past week. It was wonderful. I have never worked so hard before. When it comes to calls nursing wise, I have to wait until the night time to talk to people because I do not want people to see my ipod and try to steal it. So usually I am calling people in the night up until 1130 at night. I am never bored. I tell you what. =)

So when we are at a house... we yell... all of the houses are surrounded by fences and gates... they do not have doorbells (too poor).... so we yell... "HALO!" and then they answer the door... I love yelling at people's houses. Hahaha.

Something fun this week happened... well lots did, but this was missionary fun... we were walking in the street and this guy comes up to us and says "hey so I found this book on the street the other day... it's one of those books that you guys carry around all day in your hands. I'm wondering if you can tell me more about it." I think my mouth could have caught 30 flies... =) We are waiting to hear back from the missionaries who are going to teach him of how it's going.

Oh ya. The moon here. You can watch it rise... like a moon rise?!?! It comes over the mountains like the sun does (imagine that hahahaha)... it's so beautiful. I do think however, that the moon in Maine is a lot bigger, but equally, it's fun to watch it, LITERALLY watch it, rise.

I am so thankful for all I have and will have. To have grown up in the United States... in the home I did... with the parents and brothers I have. I am grateful for all of the efforts of those around me to provide and be an example for me. I am thankful for the gospel in my life and the hope and love and joy it brings to me. I am thankful for the scriptures and the time I have been given to study them.... to find out what they really mean to me. I am thankful for my friends and the respect they give me, even if they are not of the same religion. I am thankful for Chile and my calling as a nurse and a missionary. I am thankful for the opportunity I have to be here to grow and to see how I need to change my life. I am thankful for my mission president and his wife and all they have taught me. I am thankful for my companions (past, current, and future) and all they have and will do for me. I am thankful for food, health, home, etc. The gratitude I have in my heart this week has grown everyday as I have seen the suffering here in the ghetto. Not just suffering physically, but mentally and spiritually.

I love you all. Be generous. Remember to be positive. We have so much. We just don't even understand all that we have until we can see the suffering of those who have nothing. Search for the miracles and blessings you are given, daily. 

Brooklyn (aka Hermana Talbot)

P.S. Someone called me Sister Talbot the other day... I just looked at them with a strange look on my face... and they go "what?" and I said... "I am Hermana Talbot... Sister Talbot is my mother." Hahahaha. Love you Mom.

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