Monday, March 10, 2014

37th B-Day fine time to mention all the earthquakes BROOKLYN!!!

37th B-Day Never a dull moment with Brooklyn Talbot
fine time to mention all the earthquakes BROOKLYN!!!

Hey Everyone.

So guess what? I am not in El Golf right now hahaha. I got transferred to a new sector with a new companion. Meet my new companion Hermana Tax from Guatemala

I live with 3 other Latinas. No more Northa Americans! No more English! Ever. Hahaha.....After 6 1/2 months in El Golf, it was time for a change and the Lord knew it. So I a starting all over again with a new companion and a new area to learn. To meet lots of new people and to share my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am excited. Hermana Tax is absolutely a sweetheart. I cannot wait to get to know her. I am now in J.P. Alessandri which is A LOT more ghetto than El Golf was. =) So when I left El Golf and told people yesterday (at church) that I was leaving... guess what was the first thing they said to me..... "Now who's gonna play the piano?" Hahaha =) Poor things.

Okay so I have a story about Susy. I do not know if you all remember her or not, but here is her story. This is what I wrote you guys a while back about her: "The other day we were talking to a receptionist (age 40 or so) about the love that God has for her and how there is ALWAYS hope! She is suffering from severe depression and as we were talking she just cried and cried and cried. Well she felt much better after we finished talking and we were about to leave and I said to her. You know what. I want a hug. =) So I gave her a hug and the poor thing just held on to me like she hadn't been hugged in 10 years. Well anyway, so we went back yesterday to go see her and ask how she was doing and she said this "you know what I don't know why but when you hugged me the other day I just felt something special... I can't explain what it was, but something that I haven't felt in years." My response was the first thing that came to my mind, which I have never said in my entire live "you know Susy, we are representatives of Jesus Christ... that hug was to show you how much He loves you... only He couldn't physically do it himself, so we did it for Him". It was a very special moment that I will always remember! The 10 minutes, maybe, just maybe, I was the arms of Christ." Anyway, so we went to go see here again yesterday at her work and she is a completely different person. Literally. She smiles, laughes, makes jokes..... isn't crying..... has hope.... It's absolutely amazing to watch the change that has come over her. She has started organizing her house, is serving others, spending more time with her son, and is finding the enjoyment in life. She is waiting to find time to listen to the missionaries in her area. I continue to encourage her to take time because it will bless her life even more. She states we were her angels and I cannot even tell you how happy I am to know that. If she was the reason I came to Chile, I am content. =)

So we went and saw Violeta this week. She was talking about how that when she eats she forgets that she needs to pray over her food to ask God to bless it and to thank Him for it. Well anyway, she says she forgets to do it... but after she's all done eating... she remembers... and then prays to thank God for what she ate and to ask Him to bless it in her stomach. HAHAHA.

We've gotten some pretty good earthquakes here lately. Well they've been little ones (for Chileans)... On the 4th of March there were about 20 (temblores - little earthquakes) about the magnitude of 5.4. The Chileans just shake it off and say, "nah we'll worry about them when they get around 7.0". They're crazy!! It's a very odd feeling to feel the earth shaking under you, I tell you what. But I have my emergency bag prepared and ready to go... =)

I have some scriptures for you guys to look at. They're about the Light of Christ... what does the Light of Christ mean to you? John 8:12 then DandC 50:24 then DandC 115:5. =)

I am gonna go write some of you guys back.
Love you all!!! =) MWAH

P.S. This past week I realized for the first time in my prayers I thanked God for changing my mission from Santiago Sur to Santiago Este. I am thankful to be here. =) 

Do you see how big the locks are here??!!! HUGE. This is on the chapel gate. 

our district that never was a district... the assistants and secretaries of President Wright... with the nurse and her companion

Me with Susy   
Vice president Biden came to Chile last night. They had a show for him at the biggest miltary school here in Chile (in El Golf)

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