Tuesday, June 10, 2014

50th B-Day ... fungus,abcesses,and liver attacks???

50th B-Day ...
fungus, abscesses, and liver attacks...

Looks like Brooklyn's little Gabbee aweee
Hey Everyone,

There have been some crazy nursing calls lately. Yellow nails. Funguses. Butt abscesses. Hahaha. No seriously. One who called me to tell me he ate expired brownies with white chunks inside and wanted to know if he was going to be okay. Hahah. One who called because he was convinced that he has a blood clot in his lung. Another who said he had a liver attack (what is that?). And so much more... It's getting to be more and more interesting as time goes on. I have no idea how Hermana Wright did it before. I seriously think that now that I'm here that the missionaries are sicker (seriously weird stuff) or good fakers. Or just more trusting and tell me really how they feel. Or expecting a quick fix and don't want to wait a little while to see if the problem resolves. I dunno. But, I love what I do. :)

In fact, Doctor Johnson called me this past week to tell me that there's going to be a health conference soon and he would like me to speak. I was like "what!?". :) He wants me to speak about my relationship with Hermana and President Wright. Okay. I can do that. So I told Hermana Wright and she started laughing and said 'no! Don't tell them all of our secrets or all of the bad stories'. Hahaha. We'll see what I say being that they will be in the room. :) I may just ask them to leave so I can tell everyone at the conference the truth. Hahahaha. Just kidding. I love my mission parents and they really have become just that... loving parents.

I made brownies again this week (it's a frequent request), but this time I decided to experiment. Sooo they were peanut butter, chocolate brownies with layers and swirls of sweet and condensed milk. They were yyuuummmmmyyyyy. :)

Mom got a card from you. You're so great. I love getting mail. :) Also Sister Melanson (the mom) sent me a card for my birthday. Dated August 28th. I receive it June 6th. Hahaha.

I'm sick again, but stronger than last time. I know it's the combination of the changing of the seasons and the pollution. Like when I was a kid in Utah and sick all of the time. But this time I started taking antibiotics. Yay Chile!!!

We've hit the rainy season! Almost daily it downpours. But... the worst part are in the streets. They flooood. Water + Desert = Flood. They just look like someone came with a fire-hose and put it in the street to just see how much water it can hold. Thank goodness my boots are holding up well. :)

People... are you feeding the missionaries?!? We have investigators. 2 of them this past week that gave us lunch. Investigators. Take time to feed them. Give them something good to eat (homemade), even if you can't have them in your home. Their Moms depend on you.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL!!! (well, to the fathers...) Especially my Dad (just sayin). =)

LOVE YOU ALL. Take care of each other. Make good choices. Remember that the choices you make today, affect your future.

Hermana Talbot

Below is the other part of the book I told you all about last week. If nothing more, it's a good read. When I read it, I found inspiration and a desire to do better to become better....

Happiness Is The Greatest of All Riches

"Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thrives do not break through nor steal: for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. (Matthew 6:19-21).

The treasure we're talking about is a feeling of comfort, peace, and eternal security. Because I know that I'm part of a holy plan designed by a Heavenly Father who loves all of His children equally and who wants them all to achieve eternal success... (taking away the importance of all worldly acclaim or accomplishment). It's that perspective and the attendant spiritual and emotional tranquility that are Among the positive fruits of knowing - really knowing and living the gospel of Jesus Christ. It clarifies the relationship between people and their God and gives meaning and purpose to every individual life. Far more than being just another way of worshiping, it's a way of life. It guides every decision and underscores every relationship, including one's relationship with oneself. You see, you can never look at yourself in the same way if you know that you are a child of God and that He knows you, loves you, and cares about you....

What comfort and security comes from knowing that we have a purpose for being! What a blessing to have the solid anchor of specific values by which to live! How exciting to understand our ultimate, divine potential! How reassuring to realize there is a source of power much greater than our own, which can be accessed through personal faith and prayer and through the righteous exercise of God's priesthood authority! And how encouraging to know that there is a source of strength that can help us cope with daily trials and find peace in a troubled, turbulent world!"

"You can't control all the circumstances of your life, but you have control of your happiness. You are the architect of it."

The Anchor of Faith

"The Restoration of the fullness onthe gospel of Jesus Christ through a series of miraculous occurrences... is a lot to digest. Especially in an era when so many people are uncomfortable with the notion of miracles and are suspicious of religious faiths in general. While I understand where those suspicions come from (we've all seen news reports of religionists from across the entire theological spectrum who don't practice what preach), I continue to believe that with - real faith, whole-souled and unshakeable - can be as important to a healthy, balanced life as a sturdy anchor is to a ship bound for the open seas. If you've ever Seen the anchor on a large ship, you know how massive it is and how sturdy and strong the metal links of the anchor chain are. But when compared to the total size and weight of the entire shop, the anchor and it's chain seem small indeed. Still, if properly placed on the bottom of the sea, a sturdy anchor can hold a giant ship fast, even in troubled waters.

That's the same function faith in God serves in the lives of believing Latter-day Saints. Well-founded and carefully maintained, it holds them steady and calm despite the social turbulence and wickedness that swirl around them. Of course, this faith must be more than just lip service, or it won't be strong enough to withstand the stresses placed upon it by contemporary living. In order for our faith to be meaningful and effective as an anchor to our souls, it must be centered on Jesus Christ, His life and His Atonement, and in the Restoration of His gospel to the earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith. These eternal truths can be likened to the links of the chain that help us to be anchored. "

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