Monday, September 2, 2013

11th B-Day September 02, 2013

11th B-Day September 02, 2013
What a gift on Labor Day

I miss you guys tons. I am really happy today!! =)

Mom wanted to know this:
--- what is your daily schedule?--- Up at 7:30am. (which is like death every morning). Exercise, breakfast, get ready for the day. Personal study from 9-10am. Companion study from 10-12pm (for the first 12 weeks it's 2 hours then after that it's one hour). Language study for one hour. Lunch. From there out it depends on what we have for appointments with families or investigators. If we don't have any then we are in the streets contacting people or trying to find less active members.

Brandon wanted to know this:
--- the #1 thing I miss that isn't family, friends, house, or bed? ---- A car. (opsie says her Maudre'--no car to come home to)
--- will I teach him all of the bad swear words that I know in Spanish? ---- of course. ;)
--- what's the greatest thing medically that I've learned so far? ---- greatest thing or the craziest thing? Greatest most useful thing... probably stress management strategies. Craziest... well we have a lot of problems with foot fungus because the Elders don't wash their socks with hot water, so they have to boil their socks before they wash them... ewwww. wouldn't want to eat from their pots. hahaha. Other crazy medical stuff there's this one Elder who was hit in the head 5 years ago with a tree trunk. He works in the jungle in the middle of Peru. Was unconscious for a day in the hospital, but the hospital didn't have a neurologist so they just did scans and sent him home. Well now he is showing signs of memory loss, mini seizures.

It has been a week of fun. Celebrating my birthday with the 3 Hermanas that are in the same apartment. They definitely made the day special. I loved reading your guys' emails wishing me a happy birthday. Thanks. We might have made homemade mint brownies, pizza, and mac-n-cheese. Healthy I know. But sometimes you just need a little bit of home. Oh ya and it took us 3 stores to find baking cocoa. Wonderful afternoon with them as we ate lunch together.

We were walking past a guy yesterday who was either drunk, just plain crazy, or high. I dunno which... anyway... he started talking to us and my SPANISH SPEAKING companion looks at me, "Did you just understand that?" .... um noooo. So she starts walking down the road saying to herself "oh I speak Spanish... she speaks English... and what language do you speak? .... Loco (crazy)." BAHAHHAAHA. She really is hilarious. 

Love you all A LOT (caleta). MWAAAHHHHH

 Hermana Talbot's Birthday Dinner with Hermana Jennings

Yummy Birthday Mint Brownies

My girl is 22 where has the time gone??

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