Monday, August 26, 2013

10th B-Day August 26, 2013

10th B-Day August 26, 2013 
Two B-Day's in a row...


Today's e-mail started at 5:44 p.m. with the words, "I'm here--gonna start reading"

That is my cue to pony up to a computer to start our conversation via e-mailing...

Brooklyn starts with, "I actually just heard about the mail strike this past week. I guess I'll just have to wait for my mail. I'm gonna cry when I get it."
(there is a mail strike in Chile, thus Brooklyn has not received one letter or package I have sent)

Tomorrow is my birthday. This is true!! Yay!!! Big ole 22. =)


Oh how I love you all so much. Home is sounding better and better every week. Especially because tomorrow is a little bit of a special day. I celebrated with a few of the ladies in the ward (picture) because it was her birthday. It was wonderful. I love the people here. And tomorrow we are going to make mint brownies and eat them with ice cream. YAY =) 

I am doing well. Very well. No complaints there at all.

Everyday has it's wonderful moments and everyday has it's very frustrating moments. I have learned to be patient with my Spanish, not I just need to learn to be patient with others. 

I am forever grateful for the teachings of my childhood as I was always taught to think of others first before myself. 

I hope you all are doing well. Staying busy. Being good. I miss you all tons. 

My camera card is almost full. When the mail strike is officially over, I will definitely send it. I made a video today for you all. I doubt it will send email due to the size.

I love you, 


I also received this e-mail from another sister missionary:

So i just wanted to send a picture to you of how cute your daughter is. and she is so great i love living with her she is always making us smile and we are all just goofs together! love her and she is such a little nurse and has already helped me feel better! you have a wonderful daughter that is a great missionary!
Hermana Jennings

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  1. I am so impressed with what a wonderful person you are and so excited about your experiences. Be safe, soak up everything! Love, Nikki