Monday, August 19, 2013

9th B-Day Monday August 19, 2013

9th B-Day August 19, 2013
Changes Changes Changes
Mommy's Monday E-mail

Brooklyn's B-Day has been changed to Monday. So I had a pleasant surprise about 2:30 p.m. today!

In the field we have an hour and a half for writing our family and friends. 
(Therefore, Brooklyn had a wonderful idea to write her Maudre' first and see if she could catch me and we could "kinda chat via e-mail" IT WORKED!! It was great fun... for the next 30 or so  minutes she and I went back and forth) I told her next week how about I CALL?? 

Brooklyn reminded me about the church's letter writing program called You write the letter send it via e-mail and they print it off for her at the mission office. Any one wanting to try it out feel free! One of the benefits of using it is the "snail mail" as Brooklyn calls it is s-l-o-w.... I mailed her a card over 4 weeks ago She still doesn't have it.

NOW Brooklyn's words:

Hola familia!

Primera Semana en el campo translated is: First week in the field (thanks babbel)

I am doing well. Trying to remember to live everyday to it's fullest. Reminding myself before I know it I will be home with all of the comforts of "normal" life, but for now, I am here. All in. Heart, mind, might, soul.
Okay, so funny stuff. Um, you have to pay to use the bathroom in public places. We use the internet in the middle of a mall. Ghetto, but honestly is one of the richest areas and nicest in Chile. There are stray dogs everywhere. And some of them even have coats on. No idea how they don't starve or how they got the coats on. One of our investigators flashed us this week. Once people know I am a nurse, they are just open to talk and share about anything. So she just showed me everything.

Our apartment is very nice. There are 4 of us girls in it. 3 Gringas. 1 Latina. My companion is Latina, Hermana Rivera. My Spanish is coming. In fact, everyone is shocked when I tell them I have been in the field for 6 days. So I need to just stop thinking it's so terrible. Hna Rivera has told me that my Spanish is better than some of the others who have been here for months.

The field is a lot of walking. To get to any of our lessons we walk at least 40 minutes one way. You should see the blisters I have on my feet. (ok my feet are gross here). I am learning patience, charity, diligence, and so much more. By the end of this mission I am going to realize that with God nothing is impossible. I have my days of frustration with anyone and everything, but I work through them as they come. I have my days when I am extremely happy and excited to start working. I am hoping that every day will become like the later, because those days are so much better.

I love you all so much. More than you know. I miss you everyday. Think of you everyday and then have to move on with my thought process before I start to get overwhelmed with thoughts of home.


Eating pizza today (bday!) Me, Hna Rivera, Hna Leishman, Hna Jennings
Me and my new companion Hermana Rivera
With President and Hna Cook
Washing the dishes at Alcantara. What I did every morning that I was frustrated. 
Got to work. =)

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