Monday, September 16, 2013

13th B-Day September 16, 2013

13th B-Day for Hermana Talbot
September 11th a weird day in Chile


I miss you guys. A ton. Life is crazy busy here. All the time. We walk a ton, have a few investigators, and lots of less active families that we visit. I FINALLY GOT 2 LETTERS THIS WEEK!!! Yayayyy. They might have been dated July 16th... but you know... I got them... 2 months later. I got 1 card from you and one from Kassy. I am hoping this week there will be more. I get mail from the office every Wednesday when we have district meetings.
 I am hoping there will be more this week from the office. I get mail every Wednesday from them. I sent off letters to you all today. =) 

KEEP THEM COMING! I love reading them.

I learned that the underground metro here goes max 100km per hour. It goes about that in between stops too. It's quite an interesting concept to have to ride in a train, but not really a train... I dunno how to describe it. You guys have internet... google it. Haha.

So I haven't started the nursing stuff yet, but that doesn't stop people from knowing who I am and ask me questions. It's funny sometimes the questions I get. I called one Elder to pass on a name and number of someone we contacted in the streets who wanted to listen more to the missionaries... so anyway, I call him and he says, "Doctora Hermana Talbot. I am really sick. What should I do?".... hahahahaha. I was like whoooaaa, wait... I am not a doctor. And he goes "what's the difference?"... Oh man have I got it coming to me. It's gonna be interesting everyday, but I can't wait to take on the role full time. CANNOT WAIT.

So the title of this week... September 11th. It's quite a weird day in Chile. This past week was the 40th anniversary of some.... I dunno what to call it... an uprising between the people and the government. Usually on 9/11 things happen in Chile like in the streets and stuff. So we all came home early in the afternoon. Nothing happened that I heard of. Other than on 9/10 there was a shooting in our sector? Anyway. We were all fine. We studied in our apartment and had a great night together (the 4 of us).

We have lots of work still to do. I love this mission. I love this gospel. It has blessed my life far beyond anything I will ever be able to see. Even through the stress, I have never been so happy in my soul. I am trying to enjoy every day and every moment. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with what needs to be done and how much I still need to learn and grow, but one day at a time it happens.
I love you all!!! Sooo much.

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