Monday, September 23, 2013

14th B-Day September 23, 2013 Fiestas Patrias

14th B-Day September 23, 2013 Fiestas Patrias
The Holiday Santiago, Chile closes down

For the next 6 weeks there is Hermana's new address:

Karen Parker
Unit 3460 Box 6
DPO, AA 34033

It is the address of a member of the church who works at the Embassy. IF you want to send something do it quickly!!! IN THE MISSION FIELD THEY CAN BE TRANSFERRED EVERY 6 WEEKS.

There's a city here called Maipu... it's pronounced... my poo.... HAHAHAHAHA. It's the little things in life that make you laugh when you're on a mission.

We have two more hermanas in our apartment. They came today. Hermana Diaz and Hermana Runnells. Hermana Diaz is from Argentina and Hermana Runnells is from Utah. They are wonderful!! We are a little bit cramped in our apartment with 6 of us in there, but in reality we have the best apartment in the mission. We do live in the richest area here, I think. I will send a picture of all if us this next week. =)

Fiestas Patrias. 

The biggest holiday in Chile, I believe... it has to be. Everyone shuts EVERYTHING down for 3 days. 18th 19th 20th. You can't even find a store open for groceries. It's so hard to buy anything... oh and not just buy things but the streets are EMPTY. I have no idea where everyone goes, but it's like they disappear. We were walking down the middle of the streets in the city... no cars in site. It was unbelievable. We ate with a family here... empanadas and hot dogs and hamburgers. YUM.  It was wonderful.

playin' with fire!

hamburgers, hot dogs, empanadas

Fiestas Patrias
We found one member who is inactive who lives there. It was so sad... they told me that they don't go to church because they can't understand Spanish. They know nothing in Spanish. So what do we missionaries do... we started teaching Sunday School Class separate from the ward in English. The three of us Gringas (now 4) will take turns teaching in English and Spanish (the other class). How wonderful is that?!


You tell those friends of mine that I'm waiting for letters!! It's like Christmas here when you get a letter. I want more! =) Plus, I promise if they write me then I will write them back. YAY. =)

So my mind no longer can speak in English at times. It's absolutely wonderful. Hermana Diaz (the new missionary) was astounded that I only have 6 weeks in the field on my mission. I am so grateful for the blessings I have been given with Spanish and also to have a Latina companion who doesn't know English. I don't think I quite realize how well I can speak until I find another Gringo who's been out longer than I have, but can't speak well. I thank God everyday for so many blessings while I have been here. Especially with Spanish. Oh do I make mistakes... definitely yes... but it's coming and I have NOTHING to complain about!!!

We had a rough week companionship wise. This isn't an easy transition for anyone. Especially when companions change. With Hermana Rivera there's a different culture, language, personality, everything. We are, actually, completely opposite. But we had a good talk this past week and things are looking up!! We both have been much happier these past few days and are growing together during this process. Everyday, I learn more about myself and the changes I need to make in my life. I can't believe I am here in Chile!!

I miss you all A LOT. I think about you often. Send more letters and emails. I can take pictures of the emails to read throughout the week.


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