Monday, October 28, 2013

19th B-Day Special Day for 2 Hermanas and Elvira

19th B-Day
Special Day for Hermana Talbot and Rivera and Elvira

Family, Friends, and The Blog. =)

So I am running out of time this week. I am not sure why. Oh never mind, I know why. Because I am getting nursing calls while I am trying to use my internet time here in the mall. Hahaha. Nah. It's okay. So first, I guess the nursing stuff. So at whatever time in the day or night that someone has a problem medically, they call me. That's it. I have had anything from rashes, to throwing up, to "I can't walk", to "I fell today, but I think I'm okay" to "I have a fever of 102"... to all sorts of other stuff. I thought I was going to have to send one of the Elders to have his tonsils out this past week, but we are going to wait until he gets home. I did send him to the hospital though and thank goodness I did. It's so hard here because I can't see them or assess them. Sooo difficult. And the companions try their hardest, but they just aren't nurses. Sometimes I think they think I am absolutely crazy when I tell them to do something for me like look down someones throat or take their temperature or such. It's quite hilarious sometimes. The Spanish is a struggle at times, but it's coming and thank goodness I have Hermana Rivera. She is absolutely wonderful.

So people here have started asking what my first name is so they can add me on facebook. When I tell them Brooklyn they ask me if it's like Broccoli. I just start busying out laughing, Mom. HAHAHAHA. Rose, like Dante calls me... Do you remember that day?
Mom, there's an hermana in our sector who added me on facebook and sent you a message in English. She wants you to respond back in English and her grandson who speaks English can help her translate. Hahaha. These people are so funny.

We had a baptism yesterday. Elvira. It was absolutely the craziest day. If anything else could have gone wrong, it would have been that she "changed her mind". So the dress that we had for her didn't fit, we couldn't find white pants big enough for her son to wear as he baptized her... but for these, she just moved all of the buttons over and took out the pleats. Hahaha. Then we get to the baptismal service and the first speaker isn't there.... then we get ready for her to go to the font and her son steps in the water and he jumps back out and says "we can't get in there. that water is boiling!". His foot was bright red after he was in it for like 10 seconds. Sooo they ended up having to empty out some of the water and put a hose from an outside faucet, through a window, to put cold water in the font. I just couldn't believe it. Elvira and her son Jorge just started laughing hysterically as they talked about being "cooked" alive at a baptism. She was like "I'm gonna come out like a boiled chicken". BAHAHAA.  Oh ya and the video that we were supposed to watch didn't work either because we couldn't find the remote for the DVD player to change the language from English to Spanish. Ya needless to say it was probably the most stressful baptism ever, but she got baptized!!! So is so happy and we are too. We also gave her a pair of her own scriptures and we wrote our testimonies in the Book of Mormon and Jorge wrote his in the Bible. She said it was the best gift she had gotten that day. So worth the money!!!

We went to the temple this week too. It was absolutely wonderful. I did the whole time in Spanish and was surprised how much I understood. Pretty much everything. Wow. =) Oh ya.
I made pancakes this week. Thanks Mom for teaching me how to flip em.

Go read Mosiah 27:14. Pray for your families... Prayer works!

I love you all. Thanks for all your prayers and emails.


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