Monday, October 21, 2013

17th B-Day Getting Ready to Start the Nursing assignment soon!

17th B-Day 
Getting Ready to Start the Nursing assignment soon!

Hi everyone!!

So I've got some news finally about the nursing responsibility that I've got. I will be starting this coming Saturday (19th October). What happens is if any of the missionaries in this mission (Santiago Este) have a health problem they call me. I have picked up the role earlier than expected due to Hermana Wright (Mission President's wife) needs my help. =) I do have hours that they call call me. Hermana Wright thought that would be best. So the next 2 or so weeks before the next change is an experiment as to what is working well and what is not working well.

I am so grateful to have Hermana Rivera as my companion right now. She has helped me out a ton the past few days to get me ready for the crazy calls I am going to receive. I will have some funny stories I am sure. =) I am going through the in-field 12 week training a little faster than 12 weeks, but all is well.

Hermana Rivera and I are getting along perfectly.

My boogers are black, just in case you wanted to know. The polution here is HORRIBLE. I am just thankful my nose hairs are doing their job and I am hoping that that crap isn't in my lungs. (We can hope right?)

MOM. FEED THE MISSIONARIES!! I don't know if it's a problem in Maine or not, but at times it is hard for us to get meals. Help em out!

I love you all! Say hi to all of my friends and co-workers for me. I miss you all!!

P.S. For the photos. Um, there's... 

us studying in the morning with the sunshine... trying to tan or legs....

 my eyeball so you all know that I am watching you!!!....

and the HUGE broccoli here!! Seriously, the veggies are HUGE.

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