Monday, October 21, 2013

18th B-Day Starting of Mission Nurse Specialist Role

B-Day 18 
Starting of Mission Nurse Specialist Role

Hey Family,

So I have a mountain of things to say this week, so I am going to write first before responding specifically to emails. =)

First of all, we went to Applebees this week. It was like going back to Heaven for an hour or so. I was uterally shocked that Hermana Rivera had never been to a restaurant like that before. When you have a menu and need to order from it. I am so blessed for growing up in the States and having the wonderful family that I have been blessed with. I love you guys.
We have a baptism this next week. Her name is Elvira. She is absolutely amazing and I am so excited to see the joy in her face as we get closer to this Sunday (the day of her baptism). I do have to say, though, that Satan is working hard in her life right now. With complications with her living situations and her family, as well. HE WILL NOT WIN. =) 

Also this next Sunday is the Primary Presentation. I am playing the piano for it being that there is no one else who plays the piano in this ward. I am so grateful for this talent I have been given!

Yesterday was my birthday in the mission! 4 months!! It's starting to go by quickly. The weeks seem like days. The changes (every 6 wks) seem like weeks. 

We are off to the temple in the morning... Hermana Rivera, Hermana Jennings, and me. We are so excited! I am going to try to listen in Spanish this time. Crossing my fingers that my Spanish isn't quite as bad as I think it is. =)

So random thought. We were walking down the street the other day and a Chinese guy walks past us and Hermana Rivera turns to me and says "Jackie Chan!!!!!" I about lost it in the middle of the street as I almost peed my pants. Sometimes I just have to shake my head and keep on walkin'. Hahaha.

OH I GOT THE BOX OF CHOCOLATE!!! We were so excited to get it! Can I just tell you how excited the other Sisters were too? It was like Christmas in October. Thank you Momma. We are enjoying every single bag of chocolatey goodness. MMMMMM.

I have started the nursing part of my mission. The day I started the calls came in at 8am. My hours are from 11-3 hahaha. But all is well. I've only gotten calls about things I can't do anything for. Mostly rashes. I just shake my head and say "well I can't really do anything for that... you're just going to have to wait a few days and see if it goes away". HAHAHA. It's quite interesting to try to understand everything in Spanish, but thank goodness for Hermana Rivera. She really is my assistant. We just put the people on speaker phone and she helps me understand by pointing or acting out what they're saying. Nothing like cherades (I honestly don't know how to spell this) when it comes to the health of the missionaries in our mission.

Hermana Runnells and me were talking about how when we were younger how we thought missionaries were like perfect and they had so much power! Well we know that's not true now.... and we were talking about how the members of the church have the same power. The power that we have is the Spirit and every member has the same right and ability to feel that Spirit, just like us. We talked about the importance of Home and Visiting Teaching and how it's such a simple but crucial thing in the church. All that is asked is to be a missionary to those families or people. So simple! So for all of those Moms or Dads who never had the opportunity to serve a mission... DO YOUR HOME AND VISITING TEACHING. It's just like missionary work! And to all those who did serve, remember the importance of your members while you were on your mission and how you now are that member... We talked about the things we need to change when we get home. Like for me, I need to stop wasting time on FaceBook and the internet... to get my butt out of my bed and go with the missionaries to lessons. I need to be more grateful. Because with more gratitude is less pride. I am ready to change my life... this mission has changed my life... and those changes are for a life time, not just for now. I am ready to leave people, things, and lives better than the way I found them. It's time. Time to be better.

Missionary Mama B Talbot =)

P.S. I don't have time to read this through to check for spelling and stuff, soooo hope it's readable. LOL.

P.P.S. The picture of the 3 hermanas. Me, Hermana Palacios in the wheelchair due to a sprained ankle (it was fun pushing her around the sector when I was on divisiones haha), and Hermana Urzagaste.

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