Monday, August 11, 2014

59th B-Day Blog as she drops a BOMB SHELL on her family She won't be home in December

59th B-Day 
                           NOTHING I mean NOTHING is status quo with Brooklyn Talbot

Hey family! :)

Exciting happenings this week! We spent 3 hours with Hermana Rhoades from the CCM this week. It was wonderful to be in a trio with her. She's getting ready to leave the MTC and head to Santiago North Mission. Her Spanish is really good and she's just a sweetheart. Everyone kept telling us that we look like sisters. Haha. There's a picture attached of us 3. You can judge for yourself. :)


Okay, so I don't really understand what is happening in this companionship, but we are enjoying more and more our time together and our lessons are becoming much better and more spiritual. I love this Hermana Tax girl. We've become friends for life and I think you can see it in our teachings.

We are teaching a 10 year old, but not just an ordinary 10 year old. The family was a reference from a member who is a neighbor (member references literally are the only way to do missionary work). The 10 year old (Sebastian) lives with his mom (Jackeline), Dad (Daniel), younger brother (Martin) and Grandfather. Jackeline wants Sebastian to learn about God and Jesus Christ. She does too; however, finds it difficult to take time to listen to us. The father and grandfather listen when asked but haven't shown great interest. Anyway, so we focus in Jackeline and Sebastian, hoping to plant a seed that can grow to the whole family. This past week we had a lesson just with Sebastian; and I learned that he doesn't need knowledge but that he came with knowledge. This 10 year old has a spiritual hunger that have never see before, especially in a child. Jackeline states that he teaches her the Bible. Example: we taught about prophets, why they're important, that they hold the priesthood, that God and God alone can call a prophet, etc. When we reached the point to talk about the priesthood, we explained its a power or authority from God to act in his name. Sebastian immediately says: "And there are two types, an older and a younger. The younger job is to help the older. Right?". We're talking about a 10 year old here that's never been to church. I'm not even sure were he learned this, but we testified that yes it is true and that this priesthood exists on the earth today. He was so happy and content to know and pray about it. I felt shocked and content to know that there's a 10 year old boy searching for answers... and we can help him find them. Welcome to being a missionary. :) And they came to a ward activity Saturday night to learn to make cupcakes. Jackeline after told us she already knew how, but wanted to see how weird Mormons were. LoL. She left the activity quite shocked and stated we were rather white normal. Hahaha.

I had another health conference this past week with Hermana Wright and the mission health personnel in Chile. Dr. Johnson tries to get all of us together to talk and receive some tips. It's the 3rd one I've been to since I've been here... and this conference was a bit special. I had an assignment to talk about my relationship with Hermana Wright (haha, I thought 'okay, how interesting'). Well, I decided it would be better if we both talked from the two perspectives rather than just me talking and she agreed. We stood together and talked about how we are able to work together for the benefit of the missionaries here in the mission. It was wonderful to stand in the conference beside her and to feel proud to be the nurse of this mission... to be proud to be the mission nurse of President and Hermana Wright. They have become much more than an authority in the mission to have interviews with and set rules. Today, I saw them truly as friends, which made me content and more committed to give them all I am in service of this mission. Time. Love. Hard work. Brain power. Sacrifice. Etc. I couldn't ask for better mission parents, so I will serve with all I am and have, until I become the best mission nurse I can be. Even if that means I will be staying longer than December 29, 2014 to train the new nurse or spending more than 2-3 hours a day in phone calls. I'm here and all I can give is 150% right? :)

I am so grateful for all I have. Wonderful parents. Amazing brothers. Marvelous friends. Shoes on my feet. The gospel and church principles. A phone. A healthy body. A camera. Chocolate. The sacrifice for others on my behalf. 2 hands with 10 fingers each. Good hearing. Straight teeth. My scriptures. Prayer. Missionary work. Music. Love. My Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. Soap and a shower. A washer and dryer. Clothes. Feet (even though they're pretty stinky). My companion. A bed and pillow. Ibuprofen. Hot water. My education. A bathroom. AND SO MUCH MORE. I truly am blessed and should be more grateful for all that's been handed to me.

Love you all tons. Thanks for all of the support, emails, packages, letter, etc. You don't know what it means to me. Have a great week!!!

P.S. Got a call at 1:30am this week. It was the companion of an Hermana who was complaining of numbness in her face (by the end, it wasn't true). I told her to take some pills and go to bed. As far as I know, she didn't die. :) It was quite an adrenaline pumping experience to wake out of my sleep to my phone ringing across the room... and then to try to sleep after.... Hahaha. Yay 150%. LoL.

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