Tuesday, November 4, 2014

71st Blog of the girl named Brooklyn

Happy Halloween
(we celebrate any holiday here, even if we think they're stupid in the USA)

Hhhheeeyyyy guys!!!

It was a good week. Quite an invigorating one, actually. Recently, my sprits have been down and my attitude a little "ah, oh who cares?". Not to the point that I wasn't working or didn't work as hard as I could; however, yes, to the point that I wasn't as excited as I should be to be a missionary and the mission nurse. I think the stress and tiredness started to cause an EMPTY in my spirits and body. However, I was able to get my spirits up on Thursday. I'm not sure what it was... maybe it was the divisions we had and talking with Hermana Berthelson about stress and unrealistic expectations of ourselves and those we're teaching... Anyways, I just came back to my sector and was so glad to be here. Since then, I am enjoying more fully the time I have here in Chile. People would die to have the same experiences I am having. Plus, the time is coming to a close... :(

Hermana Tingey time: we couldn't find mangos this past Monday at the grocery store and I was so upset. But Hermana Tingey says "it's okay we have apie". I have no idea what apie is; so I asked her what "apie" was and she says, "celery". It made me laugh so hard because she knew it was the wrong word, used it anyway, and was so calm about it. Hahahahaha. Celery = Apio.... I tell you what. I love knowing 2 languages. I need to find me some more Spanish speaking friends. :)

Fun Spanish/Chilean fact: potato bug = little dirt piggy (chanchito de tierra). Isn't that funny? :)

Terrifying fact: we got hit by a dust tornado here... we were sitting on a bench in a park and I could see this dust tornado coming towards us... so I warn Hermana Tingey and the inactive member that was sitting with us... they didn't move... neither did I, in fact. Haha. So we're sitting there and I'm thinking "ah no, it will go around us"... NOPE. It hit us straight in the faces. Hermana Tingey was laughing so hard that she had dirt all in her teeth after. HAHA. And we were pulling dirt, garbage, and weeds out of our hair for hours. =) I got hit by a tornado!!! Only in Chile.

Divisions with Hermana Todesco and Hermana Stokes

Convert moment: we had a lesson with Alejandro about the Priesthood this past week to prepare him to recieve the Priesthood yesterday. He made me so happy and yet so sad in that lesson. Happy because he stated that he is ready to become involved in the church and to serve the Lord in whatever capacity he can. Yes!! Sad because he told us that his family has started making fun of him and the church because he told them all he was baptized. Satan never rests and at times I get quite sick of it. He says that at times they will say things like, "so you got all your sins washed away huh?" and that even his mom (who he lives with) will yell at him through his door absurd comments about the church. Urgh! He is as firm as a rock, though. His faith and testimony will pull him through; however, all the same, it makes me want to chew some people up and spit them out due to their disrespect. Let us all be respectful and kind to one another. We are all God's children, brothers and sisters.

Happy Halloween! I feel like here in the mission I get more excited about stupid holidays because it means people are in their homes and it's a reason for us to celebrate. Anywho, for Halloween this year, I was Sleeping Beauty! Only thing was is that I had to change the story a little cause if I would have waited for my Prince to come to wake me up with a kiss, I would still be in my bed. :)

I have started reading once again a book called "Adjusting to Missionary Life". It's a book about preventing and coping with missionary life stress. I testify it is an inspired book! There's one part which hit me like a rock. It says, "You have a front row seat to the greatest miracle of all: the effect of Christ's Atonement on individuals and families. Practice focusing every day on blessings you are grateful for. Notice the Spirit's influence in your life....".


We had lunch with the Mamita and I got the world's best advice. She told us of her life, the struggles she faced, and the trials which were thrown at her. Her mother died when she was young; her Father was inattentive. She received no parental advice or love. Her bed was made of grain and they went hungry often. She and her sister used to chew and suck on reed like plants to kill the hunger. She left home at the age of 8 to go work with her young sister. She worked as servant in a house of a North American family. She was physically abused there. Eventually she moved to go work for another North American family and there she learned how to love and was treated kindly for the first time in her life. However, it didn't last long. He then married an alcoholic, unknowingly. She raised 6 kids alone. Then the missionaries came knocking on her door. They taught her the gospel; she accepted it to the wrath of her husband. She and her kids used to walk to the chapel on a rock filled road only to have to throw said rocks at her husband who was following behind in order to safely arrive at the chapel. Needless to say the story continues; however, I believe it is unnecessary to continue. Just this much makes me ponder my life and ask a few questions. Why have I never suffered like others have? Why was a born in the USA to a wonderful family who taught me correct life principles? Why do I think sometimes that my life is so difficult? I have learned so much here seeing the poverty that exists in Santiago (practically nonexistent). I decided this week: I have been given much, so I can learn to give more. Hermana Tingey and I have planned on going to poor places in the world to offer ourselves as helping hands and to give more Fast Offerings. I can live with so much less; there's proof of that all over the world. Hence, there's a lot more I can give.

Chilean money!
We just happened to have all of the bills and coins this week

Love you all! Take care. Mom has my return flight itinerary! Time's flying. January 19th is going to come so quickly.


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