Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18th "What a Day to Remember"

   June 18th, 2013                              
 "What a Day to Remember" 
   From Bangor Maine to Santiago, Chile

After putting mulch in the garden, and having breakfast with 3 sugared cereals, it was time to make the journey to Bangor International Airport with the "mother-load of luggage".
 Just before take off these were Hermana Talbot's final texts to her Maudre':

Hola. Mi nombres es Hermana Talbot. Yo soy missionaria de la inglesia de jusucristo de la santos de los ultimos dias.

"I can't believe this is actually happening" 

Upon arriving in LaGuardia Airport, she immediately began scanning for 3 possible traveling companions in dark suits and ties or modest dresses looking "lost". She located no such creature and after delays and having to change departure times she was on her way to Atlanta, Georgia.

However in Atlanta, it wasn't long until she spotted 
"the 3 lost boys in dark suits and ties".  The 3 "lost boys" took turns using her phone to call home, her next and final text was, "destroying phone". I felt every emotion possible- excitement, pride, love and pure joy. (ok and the reality I wouldn't hear my girl's voice until Christmas brought me to tears) 

I love you til Maine becomes a desert my daughter!!

Mulch in garden rows

I am gonna miss you my cereal friends

Bangor International Airport

a surprise visit from Liana Fellis <3

Just before boarding the plane

imagine a "line" at the Banggeer airport

Hope it doesn't BEEP

Behind glass walls :-(

Bangor to Laguardia  

LaGuardia to Atlanta

Atlanta to Santiago

waiting for me at my office...

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