Monday, April 7, 2014

41st B-Day "Earthquake update" I am fine everyone!!!

41st B-Day "Earthquake update" 
I am fine everyone!!!

Hello Family.

So I have officially heard from all of you to ask if I am doing okay. We are all well and safe here in Santiago. The earthquakes were in the North of Chile (8.2 on the scale) and the tsunami warnings were for the coast. On Friday (4 April 14) around 11:25pm we experienced an earthquake of 5.8 (for quite a while... 30 seconds maybe?). We were in our apartment and we sure did feel it. We are on the 14th floor of our apartment building... the higher you are the more you feel it... so yes the floor was a shaking. I have a video of one of our light fixtures moving for a memory. They say it was the biggest earthquake that we have felt yet here and I believe it. It was quite an odd feeling and adrenaline rush as we headed to the door ready to change our clothes and run down the 14 flights of stairs with our emergency backpacks. Needless to say, it stopped. All is well. =)

We have been working with a new program in the church called Rescate. It is a program to help us find all of the less active members in Chile as many of the records have been lost due to people moving around a lot. It is only for missionaries and has been a wonderful blessing for us to stay organized while we go through every ward's member list and to find other possible addresses from voting records and such. We are in the works of trying to find the thousands of members who are inactive and do not have their records in the correct ward boundaries.

I have an invite for everyone.... all of those who did or did not listen to the message from Elder Ballard... he has an invitation for all members to write and talk to their missionaries about what they are learning from Preach My Gospel. If you're not studying it, do it and go report to your missionaries. 

We were so excited last week when one of our investigators, Boris, came to the Capilla Abierta. He is an alcoholic, but wants to change his life and told us he knew we were the ones to help him through this process. His wife is bipolar and they are living apart (him in his Mom's house) due to the difficulties as you can imagine that they are facing as a couple. Anyway, we have been teaching him and has been progressing. It was quite a shock when he came to the chapel... sober... and I cannot even tell you what joy came to my heart. Ever since that day, I have yet to see him with any influence of alcohol in his system. I asked him the other day, what was going on in his life because he was a different person, and he just laughed and said "I know I need to change and if I don't do it now, I never will." WOW. How amazing is the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Funny story... I was on divisions with Hermana Alvarez (photo attached with her) and we were going to contact 2 references that we got from a member. The member lives in the same apartment building as these 2 references, so we knocked on her door for her to go with us to meet them... she comes out... with gloves on her hands... coloring her hair... IT WAS SOOO FUNNY. She goes... nope, I am not going like this to tell them about the gospel. Hahahaha. I told her: Hermana, people don't think that we are real people... you can't get much more real than this. BAHAHAHA. She went with us and we contacted both of them. =) 

WASNT GENERAL CONFERENCE AMAZING?!! I hope we can all take a resolve to be a little better everyday.

Hermana Wright called me last night and said she wanted to have a special day with me to thank me for all I have been doing as the nurse and the load I carry. So she invited us to come to the "mission mansion" or President's house... to have lunch and to have a day with her. So I said of course! Hahaha. So we came the four of us. I told her we wanted to make cinnamon and orange rolls. YUM. So we are in President's house with her today having fun. =) Thanks Hermana Wright... I love you Mission Mom. 

I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH. I am going to go frost my beautiful cinnamon rolls. =) Till next week.

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