Tuesday, April 22, 2014

43rd B-Day What's with these late night in the dark experiences, Brooklyn??

43rd B-Day Christmas in Chile more packages arrive...
THANKS to Lisa and Stormi (you too Garrett)

Hey everyone!

So this week.... was.... great! =) Yesterday, I was sick. I might have eaten fried chicken twice in one day and I also at french fries that weren't cooked all that well at like 9:30 at night (they were from an investigator and I couldn't say no!). Sooo anyway, Sunday, I suffered. BUT ALL IS WELL NOW. =) 

Thank you thank you thank you to Stormi, Garrett, and Lisa Swasey for the packages. It's just like Christmas.

I have been teaching English to one of the little girls in our ward. Her Mom asked me if I would help her as she is struggling in school. We had a lesson this past week and it was so fun to watch her face when the light bulb went on. People have a hard time teaching English here. All I hear from parents are complaints. However, after a little explaining to the parent and the child of what they're trying to teach... they get it. =) 

Silly Wrabbits

I found out today that my dear companion did something very bad. So I bought GREAT VALUE (U.S.A. baby) breaded chicken last week. I went on divisions to another sector and left her and the other hermana to cook themselves lunch (baaaddd idea). So anyway, I came back and found out a few days later that they had put the entire bag of chicken in the microwave to warm them up.... thinking if they put all of them in the bad in the microwave that they would be crispier. I almost died. I'm pretty sure they both have some plastic toxins in their bodies.
Easter Brownies

We contacted a guy in the street this week... Carlos... it was almost 10pm and we were walking down a dark alley and saw him. I was on the phone talking with a sick missionary and Hermana Tax started talking with him. Come to find out he does not live in our sector, but was willing to listen to our message and have missionaries come visit him. Anyway, the interesting part of the story is this... We were walking down the street together and I asked him what he did for work. And he said to me "Hermana, I can't tell you". I was like huh? A little further down the road he said to us that he is out of work right now and was out that night to find himself and his family "easy money"; however, felt it was a sign from God that we talked to him that he should return to his house and his family. I have no idea what he was going to do. We came to 2 conclusions... robber or prostitute. But either way, I was happy to walk away knowing we maybe had stopped him from doing something he shouldn't have.
Wall of FAME

I was caught a little of guard yesterday (Easter Sunday). We were teaching some people in their houses and all of the sudden we hear men singing and yelling. I was thinking "what in the world... it's the end of the world..."... Come to find out it was a group of Evangelists who were uniting together to sing and then go preach in the streets. It was quite an experience for me to hear them yelling in the streets about the damnation of God and to be teaching the hope that our Heavenly Father has for us at the same time. I am greatful for the hope and the direction that this gospel gives me in my life. To know that, hope and charity never faileth.

Being this past week was the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ. I thought I would pass on part of my studies of Easter Day..... Enjoy. 

Elder James E. Talmage has written:

“This is indeed a day of days to all Christians. … It is the anniversary of the greatest event in all history, the most effective miracle known to man—a miracle surpassing all that the mind of man could of itself conceive. …
“The Latter-day Saints believe in a literal resurrection of the body. They accept the biblical doctrine in all its beauty and simplicity; and be it remembered, the resurrection of the body is the controlling thought and the central idea of Easter service. …
Jesus died upon the cross. His spirit was literally and actually separated from His body; … and it was only by the power of God that it could be again brought to life. We believe that we shall in very truth die, and that the spirit—that immortal part of man, which existed before the body was framed, and which shall exist and continue to live after that body has gone to decay, that spirit shall take upon itself again this tabernacle of earthly element, immortalized, however, and destined to serve it as a fit garment through all eternity.”

“After we have passed through this life, we will … have our bodies glorified, made free from every sickness and distress, and rendered most beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful to look upon than a resurrected man or woman. There is nothing grander that I can imagine that a man [or woman] can possess than a resurrected body. There is no Latter-day Saint … but that certainly has this prospect of coming forth in the morning of the first resurrection and being glorified, exalted in the presence of God.”


Love you all. Thanks for all you do for me.

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