Tuesday, May 13, 2014


46th B-Day
What will she do next???

Hey family!!

I hope all is well with you guys. It was so nice to talk to Mom and Brandon for Mother's Day. :) So sorry I missed you Joy, Brett, Bryan and Dad. Mom and Brandon can tell you all about it, but my companion was having problems connecting with her family so it was quite a mess. Guess what? The next time we talk it will be Christmas and then I'll be home shortly after.

Speaking of home. So I got thinking. Just so you all know December 29th isn't 100% sure. It is the date that missionaries will be leaving and coming (changes). However, keep in mind that if there is not a nurse to take my spot or I need to train a new nurse or if I am asked to stay longer... that date might change. :) Point is: I might extend if the opportunity is given to me. Changes are every 6 weeks.

Mommy. Please send me a banana bread recipe. :) Thanks.

I learned something funny this week. So there are many superstitions and things that people believe because "someone once said" down here or hey have a little problem and they're pretty much gonna die. Anyway, Hermana Tax had a headache the other day and I told her to take Ibuprofen, but she was drinking a Coca-cola. She says to me: "No, I can't do that!". I was like what in the world is she talking about and she says to me, "The doctors say that you can't drink Coke and take pills because of the caffeine." I might have laughed. I said well in the U.S. they tell us to drink caffeine and take pills together especially for a headache. Oh it was quite a conversation. She says, "I will never trust them again!" hahahaha.

Mom, I have told one of our investigators, Maria Ortega, to make herself an appointment for an eye exam and I will pay for the exam and the glasses. She literally cannot read because she can't see. She holds books like 2 inches from her face. Soooo once she does it, I will be pulling money out of my card. I'm not sure how much it will be, but she is going to find out. Just a bankrupt warning.

I cut my hair this week! I finally found someone who I trust and she cut off about 4 inches. :) I figured 11 months of growing it out was long enough. It was wayyy past time.

Hermana Tax hit her ONE YEAR MARK this week. Ahhhhh. She's an old lady in the mission. I sent some pictures of our celebration. The food was sooo good. =)
Hermana Veron and Hermana Tax completed 1 year this past week.

Nursing story.... but that has nothing to do with missionaries. We were walking in the street and saw a man running towards the hospital that's in our sector. I was thinking "oh that's weird, I wonder what happened". So we round the corner and there's a guy laying on the ground with 2 people standing over him at a Evangelical Church. He's flat on his back, but awake and appears to be alright..... There's a painters scaffolding next to him so Hermana Tax says to me "are you going to help them?"... So I asked them if he was okay and told them I was a nurse. They just kind of looked at me hahaha. I was like "seriously, I am a nurse. Is there something I can do to help you?" They told me to come inside of the gate..... So I come inside the gate and start talking to him.... then his eyes roll back inside of his head, he starts seizing... and then stops breathing... I freaked out inside.... So I start doing CPR and am thinking I am going to die of some disease from the blood on the back of his head and the foam coming out of his mouth.... But I just go for it. What else was I to do? ..... JUST KIDDING.... Hahahaha. No he was find. He had a huge egg on the back of his head and was bleeding a little (I did have blood on my hands... that is the truth). He was able to talk and move his arms and legs and all that jazz. Anyway, the ambulance comes... they sit him up... and we left. =) End of story.

Mom. The calamine lotion that I brought with me. Live saver. We have a family who has chicken pox right now. Two of her kids. They have huge boils. So I told her about calamine lotion... life saver. =) 
Me with Mariana.... I am teaching her English right now. She and her family are members and are absolutely wonderful.

We have one of the coolest investigators ever. His name is Ignacio. He is 14 years old. His mom and dad are members of the church, but do not go to church and have not for the past 15 years or so. So I am not sure how the missionaries met him, but we have been trying to find time to teach him in between all of his school and family activities. His parents are behind us and want him to make his own decision about religion and such. So we have invited him more and more to the church hoping that the youth can help us out. AND THEY HAVE! He is going to start going to early morning seminary. He has been coming to church. We gave him his own pair of scriptures this past week. He went to the camping activity with the youth and the bishop this past weekend... etc... I am inspired by his desire to know what we believe. I am not really sure why he wants to come to church being that his parents do not come with him. But he is 100% dedicated to find his own answer. I realized more and more this week that our own diligence is what matters. Our choices are ours to take. This kid has A LOT of faith and he doesn't even know what that means. He acts on what he knows is right... he just does it. No questions asked even if that means getting up at 530am to go to seminary... what kid does that if his parents are making him do it? I have learned from him to just act on what I feel is right... to not question my faith and trust in my Heavenly Father.... but to just do what He has asked of me. 
CANADA STREET What's next Tim Horton's??
Me in Canada in Chile!! =)

I have been studying something that President Wright told me to study in my interview with him this past week. #1 about the doctrine of desire or of the heart. #2 how this is related or carries us to do good works. #3 how those two things produce good fruit. I will tell you all about it next week. Study it too and let me know what you've come up with! 
With Hermana Palacios and Hermana Guevara

Love you all. Take care of each other. Be obedient. Be diligent. Be loving. Be grateful.


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