Wednesday, May 28, 2014

48th B-Day I guess she was really listening all those years....

48th B-Day 
I guess she was really listening all those years....

Dearest Family and Friends. :)

I hope that you guys know I miss you all.... sometimes.... Haha. No. Know you are all missed. I woke up this morning and thought of you all first thing. I was so anxious and excited to come to the internet today. I am glad to hear you are all doing well. =).

I have decided that Chilean people are very stylish and generous. Oh but the only bad thing... when it comes to style... it is their culture for the men to wear man purses. How terrible is that. Hahaha.

I was sick this past week. Really sick. Cold that went to my chest. I thought I was going to have to go buy some antibiotics (like many of the missionaries are doing), but it went away... Thank goodness you can buy lots of medications here without a prescription. =)

I went to the CCM again this week to help another Hermana Nurse (Hermana Duffy) that is new and going to the North mission of Santiago. I am hoping that I helped her, not scared her. Hahaha. Poor thing. She's going to do great. I forgot to take a picture with her because it was a crazy, fast time with her being that I was translating a bit for Dr. Johnson with his patients. But anyway.... that was great to be able to help her out. But the bad part... for the past week, my Spanish has been terrible. Hermana Tax said it hasn't been awful, but that I have had more of a Gringo accent. Hahaha. One person commented about it in church on Sunday because I spoke. What a terrible person he is. hahaha.

VIOLETA (back in Las Condes) GOT BAPTIZED ON SUNDAY!!!! 4 months after I left, she finally felt ready. =) I AM SO HAPPY FOR HER. I was not able to go to her baptism you cannot return to your previous sectors... 
Me and Hermana Tibbits (our sister leader)

I have a few notes that I want for after the mission... Mom you can put them on the blog if you want. Maybe some Chilean people will read it. hahaha. It was from our Ward Conference.

Our stake president said: En mi vida, donde estas hoy dia? Estas progresando? Si no, donde paraste? Estas en la capilla, si, pero donde esta su corazón? Su alma? Su mente? Cual es son algunas razones de porque estas aquí? Pasando tiempo. Vas a darte cuenta que hay muy pocas personas que están en la iglesia de la verdad. Estas aquí de la verdad? Seamos de la verdad. Que significa a ser un miembro verdadero de la iglesia? Soy de verdad un discípulo de Cristo? (Juan 6:46). Como esta su lectura del libro de mormón y oraciones? No salimos en un viaje sin nuestros documentos. Tampoco no salimos en el mundo sin nuestra protección espiritualmente. Sean buenos vecinos. Ore para tener experiencias misionales diariamente. Hable con personas. Es tan fácil. Tenemos muchas oportunidades! Solo depende en nosotros a provechar estos momentos.

La capilla no es un lugar donde aprendemos cosas. No es un lugar donde buscamos un equilibrio de las cosas que ocurran durante la semana. No es para convencer nuestros hijos que no deben hacer drogas, tomar, fumar, etc. ..... Esta es la única organización en el mundo, en que protesta libro de mormón templos diezmo castidad sacerdocio por ordenanzas. Todo en la iglesia tiene que ver con ordenanzas. bautismo. Santa cena. Templo. Cuidado de orgullo porque con eso olvidamos de quien debemos hacer. Ser amigo con su obispo. El esta aquí para ayudar. Si tiene un desafío con algo en el evangelio. Hable con el.

El consuelo del espíritu santo es como gozo en su corazón. Sin importante sus circunstancia.

If you would like to all learn Spanish... you can understand that. Hahaha.

I am so happy to be here in Chile. To sacrifice all that I am to be here to serve these people. I have been blessed. I have seen the problems that people have here, especially in their families. I just want to help them realize that their arguments, their separation, disunity, etc... is rather stupid really. I know that through the example of Christ and his teachings we can be happy, loving, unified, kind, patient, diligent, obedient, and hopeful. I know we all need to change everyday... to be better people... to become more like Him. It's the only way... to sacrifice who we are and who we can become in the world... cause that stuff really doesn't matter. I know that the family unit, no matter what it may exist of, is where our happiness lies... for now and for the eternities. Make your homes a brighter place so that when people enter they know something is different about your family. Make it a little piece of heaven on earth. And if it's not that, stop pretending yourself that everything is alright and just continue on. Make sure your priorities are where they should be. Nothing in the world is more important than your own home and family. Lasting happiness never comes from money, fame, or having fun/enjoying youself, if your home is not in order... it's only fake/pretend happiness for a short period of time. Rather, this happiness is through Christ our Savior, being obedient and willing to accept His will for us, and unity in our own homes. Get's your houses in order. That is where the adversary will attack first. Contention and pride is of him and in the end, we will suffer in misery if we do not remember what matters most in life. Please forget yourselves and get to work... serve others... because someone once told me (Mother...) ... when you are in the service of others, in that moment you forget yourself... but in the end... you truly find out who you are.
Helping a couple in the ward with wedding favors
Wedding favors
Hermana Talbot & Hermana Tax


Hermana Talbot

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