Monday, September 8, 2014

63rd B-Day "Let's Go Fly a Kite"

63rd B-Day Blog 
Hermana Talbot RN Mission Nurse Specialist Santiago Este Mision.

Howdie y'all!

I found out this week that I'm pretty much famous and have my own language (Brooklynese) that's spoken in my borough. How lucky you all are to be my friends and family!! I hope you feel special. :) And as you can see, no I have not changed. Hahaha.

I heard a phrase this past week that I love. When someone thinks they're going to be bored we sometimes say "twitteling their thumbs". Well, here in Chile I heard, "cleaning off the fog". Isn't that funny!!? I like it a lot. Oh here's another one: "put on the fly" (ponte la mosca). It means to sign your name like on a document. How weird is that? Oh wait another one: "the pig left" (se fue el chancho). For us that's what we say when a joke has gone too far and could be offensive. And there's soooo many more! Chileans are terrible for making up idioms. I'm not sure why, but they rather like it because there's millions of them (or so I've heard).

We had a Zone Class this past week taught by Elder Mamani and Elder Vasquez. It was fantastic. I am so grateful for amazing leaders from President Wright down to our district and zone leaders. They really do work hard to fulfill their callings and to teach us how to become better missionaries and ultimately better people. We talked about the balance between fear and faith. How that the two don't go together. Sometimes as missionaries we fear people rejecting us. Sometimes we fear inviting them to do something because we fear they won't do it. Anyway, we talked about how that shouldn't be. We are representatives/disciples of Jesus Christ. We are inviting them to come unto Him. So where's the faith? This is His work, not ours. And I tell you what, after having this class, literally the next day our faith was tested multiple times. I'm not sure if we were just more aware or not; but there was more than one time that we felt we needed to do something (talk to someone or say something specifically audacious) and had to ask ourselves "do you have faith or are you fearing?". We then found the strength, power, and spirit of missionary work and did as we felt. No, they didn't commit for us to come visit them. No, they weren't all that receptive. But I tell you what, I left feeling better with myself as I had maybe planted a seed of leading someone to following the example of Jesus Christ.

Can I just tell you how wonderfully amazing Hermana Filomena (81 years old mind you) is? She is currently helping us with two investigators, to help them have a friend in the church and to hear her sweet 81 year old, new testimony. I have officially named her our mini missionary and she's so happy about it that she just giggles. :)

I went on splits/divisions with Hermana Taylor this week. She's a pretty cool girl. She's here in the mission as a 'mini-missionary' for 6 weeks as a trial period at her request. She and her family have lived in Santiago, Chile for 2 years, but comes from Texas. We had a great time together... It was a little taste for me as to what it will be like when the new, newbie nurse gets here and I'll have to train her. Plus, I never knew you could be a mini-missionary! How fun would that be?

Hermana Tingey. Quote of the month. "I'm gonna love the people so much, they're gonna think I'm creepy." You gotta show your love ya know. So we're gonna be creeps about it and see if we get some results.

WE FLEW KITES TODAY!!!! Hermana Allred, Hermana Aponte, Hermana Villalba, Hermana Berthelson, Hermana Tingey, and I all flew kites. It was the perfect day to do it. Seriously. The wind was amazing and it was overcast. Well feel like we got windburnt, but we are happy. =) I might have the Mary Poppins song "Let's go fly a kite" stuck in my head. Needless to say though, we didnt quite get it up to the "highest hight".

I am enjoying the mission a ton. I have never laughed so hard before. Hermana Tingey is amazing... crazy... but amazing. =) I laugh so much at her and she laughs so much at me. I think we honestly just bring the foolishness out of eachother. We're trying not to have too much fun because if word gets back to President Wright, he might change us. =)

Anyway, I love you all. Thanks for all of your support. Keep pressing forward in the great cause. I have been thinking a lot lately about the scripture, "if you love me, keep my commandments.". I have truly learned here that obedience is simple. That does not necessarily mean that it's easy, but it is simple. God tries to make it simple for us because He knows we like to complicate things. So we have the commandments to live by in order to ensure lasting and eternal happiness and if we love Him, we will obey for our own good. As we become more at one with God, we become as He is. Sacrifice and obedience are necessary in order for us to become consecrated. The consegration is the higher law of God which results in the greater happiness and demonstration of love towards Him. So let us be obedient and sacrifice all we are and have.... because when we are asked to live as consecrated Saints, it won't be such a sacrifice.



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