Monday, October 20, 2014

69th B-Day and never a dull moment with this girl

69th B-Day and never a dull moment with this girl

Helllooooooo (said with a British accent as the Chileans do).

Story time: This past week, on Tuesday, I had my first frightening gangster moment. In El Golf and as of yet during my time here in JP Alessandri, I have never felt my safety was threatened. Yes, I had some moments of being scared, but legit moments... never. Until this past week. As we were walking down the street we see 10 adult people, guys and girls. They were big people too, some of them taller than us. Anyway. They were ugly people (I know that's not nice, but it's the truth.)... black clothes, piercings everywhere, pink and white mohawks, tattoos, etc. So we're walking towards them and their crossing in front of us (like a T crossing)... I noticed them a while down the road and saw that they were carrying lots of alcohol and big trunks of wood... but just kept on walking as fast as I could, to try to beat them to the T so we could pass. However, we met them exactly at the crossroad. The only option I could see was to cross where there was a little gap between them... bad idea... but I did it anyway. Walking as fast as I could with Hermana Tingey behind me; however, they closed in and surrounded us. And then stared with their obscene and gross comments about having Gringo children and such; in fact, one nasty guy stroked Hermana Tingey's hair. Although I was calm, I was ready with fists up, looking behind me to make sure Hermana Tingey was okay. Luckily they did nothing else other than yell at us as we quickly walked away feeling grossed out; however, they were some SCARY people, I tell you. I was just glad nothing happened to us.

Happier summer note: We ate fresh Chirimoya! It's so good! It's a sweet fruit that has the consistency of a mango and tastes like... um chirimoya? I dunno it's like trying to describe the flavor of an apple...but it was really good. :) Speaking of mangos... I ate my first fresh Brazilian mango today... YUMMMMY. I am going to miss Chilean fruit. 
Eatin' mango

This past week I had divisions with Hermana Fillerup. She came with me to the mission and we had my last 2 weeks at the CCM together. We roomed together for those two weeks. Anyway, she asked me what I've learned here in the mission and commented about some of the changes she can see in me since the CCM. It was interesting to think about myself and my transformation as a person and as a member of the church. I really hadn't thought of it that much. I currently have been making a list of the changes I have seen, as well as others. Well, according to her I am all for the better... and I hope it's true. :)

Me and Hermana Fillerup... our hermana lider right now. We came at the same time and spent 2 weeks in the CCM together.
Sunday was a day of riot here in our sector. The two most hated soccer teams, La U and Colo-Colo, played. The stadium is right next to the chapel and we heard cherry bombs and yelling/cheering the entire time. The police were everywhere with their smoke bombs and high pressured water tanks to keep the crowds down. Drunks were everywhere. There were tons of people, everywhere. Every year someone dies; I guess we'll see about this year. Isn't that terrible! All for the love of soccer.

Funny Chilean thing: the house flies are really STUPID. At least in Maine, they have a free life of flying around inside of a house and enjoying everything from the cough to the kitchen to a window... but here in Chile, they just fly in the most open room in circles. Literally they never move from one spot of a circle. I figured out a few weeks ago that if you just go next to them and shew them to the door or a window... they fly right out. I guess that's better than nothing and it's better than chasing them around to kill them. But still... never in my life have I see such dumb house flies. I don't understand their purpose of "house" life. 

Ducks in the ghetto!!!

Pray for Alejandro. He has a baptismal date this week!!! We are all very excited... nervous as well... but excited. 

Us with Juan... he's the one that gave us the nicknames of Solange and Katherine... we took a picture with him and our zone t-shirts... for a memory.

Love you all,


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