Friday, December 12, 2014

76th Pearls of Wisdom from MY Brooklyn… Don't forget about =)

En la Plaza de Armas... again... for my carnet... They are restoring a building there and have this amazing tarp over it. Isn't that cool!?
Hey y'all,

We were talking about service today and I found this amazing quote. It made me think a ton and want to work harder at being a more serving person. "Throughout our lives all of us depend on others for help. When we were infants, our parents fed, clothed, and cared for us. Without this care we would have died. When we grew up, other people taught us skills and attitudes. Many of us have needed nursing care during illness or money in a financial crisis. Some of us ask God to bless suffering people and then do nothing for them. We must remember that God works through us." May we all look around us, focus on someone else, and be the hands God needs us to be.

Don't forget about =)

Martin is amazing. He legit is a 25 year old in a 14 year old body. We saw him twice this week. He started reading The Book of Mormon and has already gone to church. I'm not sure why he likes to learn from us. He does get a kick out of Hermana Tingey and Hermana Cook, though. Anyway, he's progressing well and I'm excited to see where we end up with him next week. I am trying to think up some good ideas for how to get his Dad involved in our lessons. :) In one of our lessons, he was getting ready to head out with one of his 18 year old friends. We showed up and he told his friend that they were both going to listen to us first. How amazing is that? As a 14 year old, I definitely would have had fear or felt embarrassed to say to my friend "hey, we're gonna listen to 3 crazy Gringas talk about God for 40 minutes and then we can go celebrate your birthday." Especially because his friend doesn't even believe in God. WOW. Also, he said something super cute this past week. I asked him, "Martin, why do you listen to our message?" and he said, "Because I want to know the truth.". I then responded, "And have you found it?" and he stated with a smile, "I believe I have.". He has sent a baptismal date for 21 December 2014 and is very excited. Now we just have to make sure he's ready. Pray hard!!

 Marcela!!! She has a baptismal date and she's a drinker, smoker, etc... She's going to do all she can to stop doing those things to her body. She knows it's bad, but is hard core addicted. For the 3rd time here in the mission, I carried cigarettes in my bag for the day.

Marcela. Dunno if Ive told you guys about her. She's an investigator that I've been trying to find for months. I met her with Hermana Tax and she just had this feeling about her that she'd be open to our message. But then she was never at her brother's house and we didn't know where he lived. Well a few weeks ago she was sitting outside of her house and we walked by. It was really funny to pass her and think 'hey I know her' and to finally realize who she was and be so happy to have found her again. Anyway, so we've been teaching her now and we invited her to be baptized after I shared my testimony and experience at my baptism as an 8 year old. She also accepted the date of the 21 December 2014 and stated she wanted to feel the same way I felt when I was baptized. I am soooo excited for her. We've got a lot to teach her still, but she's excited, scared, dedicated to learn, and wants to receive her answer from Heavenly Father about or message. Pray for her please. What an amazing CHRISTmas present that would be!!

Coolest Contact Ever: Anthony, the Peruvian. Where: In the Immigration office of Chile with 200 other people. Okay. So Anthony is sitting on the floor reading a book. I think in my head 'hey I've got a better book for you to read (the Book of Mormon of course)'. But didnt say anything because he was 4 people down. Then, lo and behold, Hermana Tingey starts talking to him. Literally we didn't stop talking until we left the immigration office... about 4 hours later. He's just a cool guy, what else is there to say. :) Wish you all could meet him. Mom, you're gonna get a FaceBook request from him. Haha. The one and only contact I've ever had that I've added on FaceBook during the contact. He is Mormon material and extremely nice. He's got family who are members of the Church and has read the Book of Mormon. Don't you worry. We sent his contact information on and I'm excited to see what becomes of him. :)

Crazy Chilean Weather. Ugh! One day: 95 degrees ... we walk around all day and are sweating to death ... we teach 6 lessons (booya!). Next day: Sunny and hot in the immigration office and the PDI (police peeps) ... we sweat and stand all day waiting. Next day: Colder than cold ... we're back to wearing tights and thermal shirts. WHAT KIND OF WEATHER IS THIS?!?!? (The more and more time I think about coming to the bitterness of Maine, the more I realize... I am going to freeze to death!)

I've got a new goal until the end of the mission. Well I've got lots of goals, but one that I want to complete. Everyday I'm going to find the weirdest word to use in our contacts. Fork. Toaster. Snail. Dirt. Etc. Give me some ideas!!

We all have insecure moments right? Personality, outside appearance, embarrassing moments, etc... Ya well, I think we all forget how grateful we should be of who we are AND stop comparing ourselves to others. We had to go 2 days in a row to finish my carnet and on the way home there was a man in the metro rapping for money. He was a severe burn victim with thick scar tissue on his entire face. He lacked eyebrows, had sunken eyes, thickly scared lips, etc. I learned something only by looking at him and imagining his pain. All of us have a lack of confidence and love for ourselves and it's completely uncalled for. We are God's children; we have a divine potential. What are we doing beating up on ourselves?

Let's all realize our potential this week! Posi+ivity goes a long ways.

Love you all.


P.S. Hermana Berthelson says hi to everyone... little did she know it was going to go on the blog. Haha.

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