Thursday, January 8, 2015

80th Blog and only 2 more….


Here's a funny, inside Mormon missionary joke. I hope you get it. =)

The Black Name Tag

A black name tag upon my chest; we are the men, the church's best.
Some may boast and some may brag, but only a few wear the black name tag.

Twenty-four months without a date; but we are tough, we can wait.
Our girls at home they never brag, their brave men wear the black name tag.

Bak at home our girlfriends wait; but not for long, she starts to date.
Her interest soon begins to lag, she soon "dear John's" the black name tag.

On our return we resume life, start our search to find a wife.
But finds are few and efforts lag, but such is life for the black name tag.

You find a fox, she has a man.
You find a chick, she has a plan.
You find the ONE, but what a DRAG.
'Cause she wants to wear the BLACK NAME TAG.

We had an interesting experience in the metro this past Monday. We were just standing there and this man gets on the packed train. He's about a foot from my face; He talks to his friend and immediately you can feel his gruff and bold personality. He keeps looking at me and then at my name tag. So the next time he looked at me, I looked straight at him and said, "Hola." He responded and then started asking questions of how long I'd been in Chile. I told him 18 months. Then he asked how long we are supposed to be in Chile. I told him 18 months. He then asked again thinking I did not understand him. I continued to just say 18 months. (It was quite fun even though he was getting frustrated.) He finally understood and then the bomb exploded... He started quoting I don't even know what scriptures, telling us a story about Elijah, making sure we knew the Bible was the only word of God, etc. While he was quoting the Bible story, I didn't say anything to his 500 'Amens?' because he was very abrupt and harsh in his mannerisms. Sooo, he totally looked at us three and said, "You don't know that story? You guys have got to read the Bible more." Right then my patience ran thin. I said, "Be careful sir. I know the Bible story. Don't judge so quickly about someone you don't know. Please show respect." He looked flabbergasted, made excuses for his actions, and continued his rant saying we needed to read in 2 Corinthians something.... Until... a dear kind lady jumped into the conversation and said to him very strongly, "Read Matthew 18:19." He said, "What's it about?" and she responded, "Just go read it." Thanks to the metro, it was his stop and he got off... yelling at us, as he got off and 10 other people were pushing to get on, to read another scripture (of the which I did not hear because the metro was so loud). After he got off, there was peace in the air. I took out my iPod and looked up Matthew 18:19. It has nothing to do with anything that we were talking about. Hahaha. So I asked the cute lady what it was about and she said, "It's about love and respect for everyone." I just let her think it was. Hahahaha. Okay, maybe you had to be there, but it was a typical missionary moment with the little grandma who came to the save us from the rude Evangelico. :)

VANIA GOT HER MISSION CALL! We were invited to the house for when she opened it, in fact she called us early to make sure we were coming over; however, we decided to continue working and hear over the phone because it was late at night and we felt we needed to visit Juan and Flor. So Vania called us right after she opened it... She was so happy and all emotional. Ahhh. She is going to la mision: LIMA OESTE, PERU!!!! Lucky dog. I love Peruvians.

Hermana Cook shocked the pants off of me this week. It was impressive! We were contacting someone at the door of their home and I had talked for a while about the restoration. So we were getting ready to say the prayer and leave; I was expecting Hermana Cook to ask the contact if we could say a prayer with her... when all the sudden I hear, "Can I sing a hymn for you?" Say what?! It was absolutely beautiful. I did not sing due the lack of voice, but Hermana Tingey and Hermana Cook yes. It was a tender moment for this contact. She said it was the first time in her life that someone had sung a hymn for her. Aaaahhhh. We left her with eyes full of tears and a heart full of joy, she said.

Hermana Tingey moment. We're walking down the street after a really bad contact. As in the contact looked at us, told us he had a bad day and to come back another time, started bawling and walked away. 0_0. We're walking in the street and Hermana Tingey says, "I feel like missionary life is just like survival mode. You sometimes just keep walking and talking." Bahahahahaha. True dat.

I am very grateful to have two amazing companions. Hermana Cookins and Hermana Tingey-Wingey are the best. I can't imagine finishing out this 19 month adventure without them. It just wouldn't be the same... at all. They truly are amazing missionaries and ladies. Who could ask for better comps?

Everyone in their emails are saying, "Well, if I don't email you again before you come home..." and everyone at church who are leaving for vacation are saying, "Well, I probably won't ever see you again...". SAY WHAT?!? It's becoming more real. Well, I haven't quite accepted that it's so close because it doesn't feel like my time will ever come; however, with those kinds of comments, how can you not accept it? 2 WEEKS GUYS. That's like nothing. *freaking out*

We ran into a lovely lady, Narda, 2 weeks ago in the street. She was so kind and had a big smile. She told us that we're invite to her home for lunch one day, but that we were not going to be able to convince her of our religious beliefs. That didn't matter to us! It was quite a special moment for someone in the street to just invite 3 crazy Gringas to enter into their home to eat. So I called her up this past Sunday and asked if we could come to lunch. She laughed and said, YES! She was so excited to have us in her home. I immediately felt a peace and love in her home that I have yet to find elsewhere in this area. I felt like she had just become an aunt who I'd never met before. It was a wonderful lunch with her and her daughter, Natalia. I enjoyed it tremendously... and... we have another appointment with her. :)

I got a Christmas card this week from Aaron and Tasha. THANK-YOU!! Late is better than never. :)

One in a lifetime story: an ATM ate my missionary credit card. Yup. That's right. Put the card in, typed in my pin, and poof the ATM died. Shut right off and ate my card. Chau. Hahahaha. I think it's a sign... I'm coming home! :)

Hermana Palmer came to us this week from the CCM. Hermana Villalba who has 4 months in the mission is training! Hermana Palmer is hilarious; especially with her emergency bag which holds a tent, a man, fishing gear, birds, and bullets (inside joke). We are so happy to have her and even guessed the night before she came of what she looked like, where she studied, how many are in her family, etc. It was quite funny to find out the truth after guessing for 20 minutes. =) Welcome to the mission Hermana Palmer!

Mom, THANKS for always keeping my blog and FaceBook up-to-date. You have been a trooper for 19 months! Love you.

What is your best memory or most life changing moment in 2014? Think about it. Answer it. Our District Leader, Elder Silva, asked us this question this past week and it took me a few minutes to think back on the year. 2014 ... a whole year in Chile as a Mormon missionary and mission nurse. What a fantastic year! There were many memories that flooded into my head; however, the most important and life changing was a special conference we had with President and Hermana Wright. We spent hours listening and talking about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. What I learned that day has changed who I am and who I will be. I wish I could write down everything I learned and all of the feelings of my heart; however, it just won't do. Study the Atonement and the powers we can access therein. It's made a difference in my life and it can in yours.

Love you all! Have a wonderful week. I'm not sure if I have 1 or 2 B-days left. It just depends if we go to the Internet the 19th or not. But see ya all till next week!!


P.S. I got an email from Hermana Berthelson and her "adjusting to ex-missionary life". HILARIOUS! I will be stealing some of it for next week's email just so you all know what my future struggles will be and you will be patient with me. Haha.

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