Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Last and final post of this old momma of Hermana Talbot

This is an insert from a letter written by Hermana Wright. President and Hermana Wright was lets just say Brooklyn's 2nd parents while she was in Chile. I am so grateful for them and their tender care of my daughter… <3 <3 

President and Hermana Wright and Brooklyn

"In our mission we have a wonderful full time sister missionary who is also our mission nurse, Hermana Talbot. I can’t begin to tell you what a blessing she has been here. In addition to all of the regular work a missionary does, she takes all of the initial health issue calls, finds local doctors and dentists, locates pharmacies and medications that are hard to find, and then checks up on missionaries with health problems to see how they are doing. She arrived here about a year into our mission and is now preparing to go home. I had no idea how much I needed her untilshe came and began to work her magic, and the whole mission is better for it. We have been assigned a new mission nurse whom she is now training. They recently came up to the house for a teleconference to receive training on a new insurance plan. (picture attached) Our new nurse worked with Nikita in Ecuador in the orphanages. It is such a privilege to work with these amazing young people! They make my health management responsibilities so much easier!"

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