Monday, January 6, 2014

28th P-Day the one and only Hermana Broccoli

28th P-Day 
the one and only Hermana Broccoli

Hey family and whoever else at this point is reading my blog!!

So I don't even honestly know what happend this week, but for some reason my planner is full of things to write to you all. So I am going to start writing and we'll see how long it takes me or what I come up with... Hopefully some funny things!!

We get called Elders on the streets. It's so funny. We just smile and wave back.

The air was NASTY this week because there was a fire. The sky was so tan. EWWW. I am surprised I didn't get more calls about missionaries not being able to work because they "couldn't breath"... maybe they knew better than to call me for that. HAHAHA.

Hermana Diaz loves my Spanish. Needless to say it is really funny sometimes because I have an American/Chilean accent. She told me this morning that I was special. Hahaha. =) Goal is when I get home to be fluent and to not have as much of an American accent. I CAN DO IT!

Oh ya Hermana Diaz laughed at me this week too because she says when I laugh really hard that my nostrils flare. How dumb is that? My nostrils flare! Hahaha. She was laughing so hard and trying to do it herself... Nope couldn't do it. I'm special! =)

We might have had a difficult week because no one was out in the streets due to it being vacation time and everyone leaves to go to the South of Chile... so we sat in a park for a few minutes as I was calling people back who were having medical issues... and Hermana Diaz, what was she doing? Bowling rocks at the pidgeons in the park. I had to tell her to stop because I starting into a giggling fit and couldn't talk on the phone. LOL.

I think it's times for me to cut my hair off again... I wasn't going to cut it here, but I am not sure if it's the heat, stress, or the weight of my hair, but I've had headaches the past 2 days. Not sure what to do yet..: maybe just a trim. From what I've seen here for haircuts they really like to give mohawks and mullets. Hahaha. Just wait for the photo.

I started to cry the other day in a lesson with a less active family as they were talking about going through a divorce and how painful it is... needless to say, that's not my point... my point is she gave me cold water with sugar in it and told me to drink it... and it will cure anything... I was like HUH? Hahaha.

Oh ya... so the other day we were walking into our apartment and there was this young guy that was walking with us and he started talking to me in this really awful American accent (in Spanish). I think I might have been cranky cause I totally looked at him and said "um, thanks, but I don't talk like that." Hermana Diaz just looked at me and started chuckling. I just walked away. Hahaha. Sometimes when people are making fun of our Spanish I just loook straight at them and say really fast in English "would you rather us talk in English?". They shut up then...

First for our New Year's goals... mine are written on my wall... I suggest you all do the same and put it somewhere in your house that you will see them everyday... if you do something 21 days in a row, it becomes a habit and is obviously much easier to achieve... YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!

"Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions. The desires we act on determine our changing, our achieving, and our becoming." - DESIRE. DALLIN H. OAKS -


The Apostle Paul defined faith as “the substance of things hoped for [and] the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). Alma declared that faith is not a perfect knowledge; rather, if we have faith, we “hope for things which are not seen [but] are true” (Alma 32:21). Additionally, we learn in the Lectures on Faith that faith is “the first principle in revealed religion, and the foundation of all righteousness” and that it is also “the principle of action in all intelligent beings.” 1

The other day we were talking to a receptionist (age 40 or so) about the love that God has for her and how there is ALWAYS hope! She is suffering from severe depression and as we were talking she just cried and cried and cried. Well she felt much better after we finished talking and we were about to leave and I said to her. You know what. I want a hug. =) So I gave her a hug and the poor thing just held on to me like she hadn't been hugged in 10 years. Well anyway, so we went back yesterday to go see her and ask how she was doing and she said this "you know what I don't know why but when you hugged me the other day I just felt something special... I can't explain what it was, but something that I haven't felt in years." My response was the first thing that came to my mind, which I have never said in my entire live "you know Susy, we are representatives of Jesus Christ... that hug was to show you how much He loves you... only He couldn't physically do it himself, so we did it for Him". It was a very special moment that I will always remember! The 10 minutes, maybe, just maybe, I was the arms of Christ.

I have been trying to teach Hermana Diaz what it means and what it's like to "walk in someone else's shoes"... She blames me now for everything when she's thinking about someone else before herself. Hahaha. I hope to make somewhat of a difference in her life as we have tried to walk in someone else's shoes... to see their viewpoint... to worry about them before ourselves.

Hermana Diaz and Talbot

Photos I'll send in another one. They're probably too big. (1) Brandon, I ate cereal on New Years Day for you. 

(2) Mom, my shoes are already falling apart and I switch out pairs everyday... I will go buy some inserts to put in the Danskos. =) 

(3) We ate alphabet soup the other day in a members house... totally had to spell my name!! 

(4) Here they have the best ideas at times... on this bike is a little seat for a child... how cool is that?

Okay. This is nearly a book. I am going to try to respond to as many emails as I can now. Keep sending them! I promise I read them during the week when I need a pick me up. Sorry I don't always have time to respond.

I love you all!!!!

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