Tuesday, January 28, 2014

31st B-Day SMILE! Positivity goes a long ways!!

31st B-Day... I tell people here: 
"SMILE! Positivity goes a long ways!!". =) 

I figured out this week that I would never want to work in an ambulance here... especially not as the driver... the people of Chile do not get out of the way!! And there's A LOT of traffic here. So the ambulance just sits with it's sirens on, honking the horn, waiting for people to get out of the way. I would be the first person to get in trouble here in Chile because I run red lights and speed all of the time for the ambulances! =) hahaha. Oh ya and because of the traffic they also have paramedics on motorcycles. How amazing is that? Haha. Can you just see me on a motorcycle as a paramedic? Ya let's not think about that. =)

So Mom, we have had serious discussions this week... me, Hermana Diaz, members, investigators, etc.... Which is worse? Olga or Martha.... we're at a tie right now... we're asking people because I think Olga is hilarious, but it's Hermana Diaz's sister's name. Ooopps. I might have laughed out loud the first time before knowing it was her sister's name. 0_0 So Hermana Diaz is trying to get revenge because some people here thing "Marta" is an ugly name. Hahaha.
I guess right now there is a "war" going on between Chile and Peru over the ocean. I think it's kinda funny that they are fighting over ocean, but I guess we'll hear what happens soon. I wonder if they're all out in the ocean having a water fight? ;)

A beautiful sunset with the temple

At the Feria... a farmers market

Our zone of Las Condes. A lot of us... that's for sure

Okay something really interesting happend this week. The first time, I think. Or maybe the first time I noticed it. So I know that the power of the Holy Ghost is real. I know that God has been helping me 100%, all of the time while I have been here. In my Spanish, teaching skills, with companions, everything... I know that the Holy Ghost can enlighten our minds and give us the words we need to speak. So everyday I can tell this is happening with the lessons that we are teaching. Scriptures or words come into my mind that I never knew before. But especially the other day we were talking with a lady (a bit crazy and strong in her medical/spiritual/energy thoughts) and she got talking about how she believes in every religion and attends every one of them... except for one... "those Mormons"... I think my eyes were probably the size of a dinner plate... We told her who we were again, explained we are called Mormons, and got talking with her. She called us a cult and said we were terrible people and so forth. Then she brought up every subject that she knew we didn't believe. One being reincarnation. So as she was talking, I was thinking, "you know I have never studied reincarnation before, but I am just going to listen to her and try to respond the best I can"..... My response and explanation of what we believe about reincarnation was the most inspíred respónse I have ever given. I still cannot believe it. I explained to her what I believed about living with God before and how our spirits have one chance on earth life to prove ourselves worthy to go back to live with God. I talked to her about "old and new spirits" (as she called them) and explained to her that before we came to earth we had the chance to learn from God, to listen to Him, to ask Him questions, to counsel with Him. And maybe those old spirits received more knowledge and maturity from God before coming to earth.... I HAD NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE THOUGHT OF THIS BEFORE. And as it was leaving my mouth, it felt as natural as 2+2=4. I know this church is true without a doubt in my mind. I couldn't feel and say the things I am feeling and saying without it being of God. I know my happiness, joy, and hope is only because I know the plan that God has for us which provides me a goal for after this life and purpose for right now. It's so hard to explain what is in my heart over email, but this week, I am full of gratitude for the help that He has provided me during the hardest time of my life, here in Chile serving an 18 month mission. 

I love you all. Be strictly obedient to what God has commanded us. He can see a lot more than we can. We need to trust Him and do our part, then He will provide the blessings. 
A group of us today who played games and basketball in the chapel.
Look at that cereal. Pittiful.


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