Monday, January 20, 2014

30th B-Day Sweatin' Buckets in Santiago, Chile

30th B-Day and Sweatin' Buckets in Santiago, Chile
Imagine... meanwhile in Mariaville, Maine it's 19 degrees
 Hey family!!!

My phrase for this week.... and hopefully for the rest of my life... "Be obedient. Not just when you want to be! Remember, it counts the most when it's difficult." =)

So it was an interesting week this week with the death of Hermana Diaz's dad last Monday, but you know what... we made it through... not without tears and emotional high and lows... but we made it through... Hermana Diaz told me that she will be forever grateful that I was her companion during this time...

Another good quote: "To realize the worth of an anchor, there needs to be a storm"... I tell you what I realize now the blessing of having prayer, the scriptures, a wonderful mission president and his wife, and this gospel. It really has been my anchor this week.

Oh ya. Brothers. The green apples here are the best in the world. They are not sour like the ones there, but are sweeter and absolutely huge!!! Wish I could send you some. (how ya feelin'? Jealous? good).

Oh ya. Funny story. We ran into this older guy yesterday in the street and started talking to him. The first thing he told me was to speak louder because he left his hearing aids at home while he went on his little walk. So I gave him a little card with Christ on it and he gave me 2 mil pesos for it. That's about 4 dollars. I swear my eyes were as big as that watermelon I carried... He just wouldn't take NO for an answer when Hermana Diaz explained it was free!!! So I took it out of her hand and put it in his hand and said "it's free!" very loudy. Then he asked my name. Well I say Talbot with a Spanish accent here, because if I say it right people don't understand me... well they don't understand me anyway, but usually if they see my plaque and I say it the way it's spelt, then they understand faster... not like they can say it or anything, but anyway.... so he says... Hermana what?!?!! So I say Talbot... and he says to me: "salvo? a quien salvo?" .... save? who did you save?.... because apparently he heard salvo instead of Talbot.... crazy old men.... =)

DOMINGO!!! It was a miracle day... I didn't get one nursing call all day long. 24 hours without a call. It literally was a miracle. From the normal 20 to 30 calls a week, to nothing for one day. I thought I was going to have to have a party. I did. Ate some American chocolate. =)

So I have sent some pictures to you guys already. I hope you get them.
I might have pulled all of the hair out of our sinks and bathtubs this week. Hermana Diaz was coming to me saying they couldn't use their sink because it wasn't draining. Thanks mom for teaching me how to be a handyman. =)

I am now sleeping with a fan... the other day, I had a revelation... seriously... revelation... finally realized after how many months of not sleeping that if I put a fan in my face (like when I was a child) that I would sleep. WALLAAA I am sleeping like a rock now... =) Hermana Diaz thinks I am crazy. Oh well.

The fry sauce is still going. All of us gringas are eating it!!! =)

Hermana Diaz' new shoes

Hello to all those friends out there who are still reading my blog. =)

I think that is all this week. I love you guys so much. I tried to respond to as many emails as I can this week.


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