Tuesday, February 18, 2014

34th B-Day RATS in the street... GROSS

34th B-Day RATS in the street... GROSS
Hey Family.

It's amazing to me how time flies and yet it's so so so slow sometimes. However, I know it is going by fast as I think of my happy month birthday is in 2 days and I will have 8 months in the mission. Almost half way through. Isn't that insane?!?!?

So this week. I don't even know. Good thing I make a list every week of what to write. I tell you what, I am getting old. I just know it. I have no brain capacity at all.

Soooooo... had an interesting experience this week... on the bus.... well you have to pay to get on the bus right? you do it with a card that you pre-pay and when you pass it by this box it takes money off and you've paid to ride the bus... well I did not have any $ (bip) to get on the bus and it was almost past our curfew so we didn't have any other option. So I get on the bus and ask "permiso" or permission to get on the bus... the bus driver just glares me down... I was like "sorry dude". Anyway... so we get walking further onto the bus and I realize there are two police officers standing right next to the door. Needless to say, I was praying as hard as I could and trying not to act like I was a criminal. Oooppss. I felt so terrible and frightened and everything. But all is well. I am not in jail. That's all that matters.

Mom, Hermana Diaz says she is sick and tired of hearing "well, my Mom taught me" or "my Mom says"... hahaha. Too bad so sad. I am my Mother (scary thought).

IT RAINED THIS WEEK!! MIRACLE. LITERALLY A MIRACLE!! I miss the rain so much. It's just dry, hot, sweating, and sticky here. I can't wait for it to change. But then once it changes I am sure I will want the heat back. =)

One is with... Sebastian... our missionary leader left for his mission this week. We will miss him so much. He literally was the best mission leader in the world. No doubts about it.
So there is a picture of us 4 with him at his setting apart to be a missionary. It was wonderful to see his face after and to know he was legit.... a missionary.
Another picture is with the cups. This is because his mother calls him "pollito" and us "chanchitas"... pollito is a chicken and chanchita is a pig. So she bought us these here cups. Hilarious. Apparently when we leave this sector we are taking them home with us. 
Oh ya!! The last picture is for Brandon. A dead rat inthe street. Gross huh? I started the extermination process. Just for you. Hahahaha. Oh ya and another one from Hermana Jennings. We ran into her in the bookstore this week. =) 

There was a guy who was laying in the street the other day. With a bike next to him and two motorcycles a little bit down further. I have no idea what happened, but he was laying flat out in the street with his helmet on. Well his knees were bent. We were on divisions for 24 hours so I wasn't with Hermana Diaz. I was with Hermana Maciel... and I said to her, "should I stop and help him? what should I do". We just decided to keep walking. Not long after we heard the ambulance and police sirens. Needless to say, this was a total nursing moment, but I did not know what to do. I am going to talk with President about this coming week. I need to know what he would like me to do. I do not have a license in Chile. I am not protected by the Good Samaritan Law like I am in the States. Etc. I will let you know what he says, but man I missed out!!!

We had Stake Conference this past week. Man is our Stake President powerful... or rather, isn't the Spirit of God powerful! Saturday night the message was entirely about missionary work and how the members need to assist us in this work because we cannot do it alone. He had all of us missionaries (26 of us in the stake) stand up on the stand with him and he said to the members "look at them! they are sacrificing their lives to make Chile a better place... how dare we not help them?" I cried. Literally cried. By the end of the conference the Elders had brought a box of Books of Mormon to give to all of them. 36 copies. They were gone in 5 minutes as the members took a copy to write their testimonies inside and give to someone. Then Sunday we had a conference from Utah. It was a closed circut broadcast only for Chile. Wow. There were two 70s who spoke, the second couselor in the general primary, and Elder Cook. It was also about missionary work and to get our butts moving. They talked about so many wonderful things like picking our friends wisely to the family to marriage... etc... But one of the things that stuck with me was the invitation to "go find the lost".... less actives... nonmembers... etc. Go share with them what you know. Go give them the hope that we have. They said there is no time to wait... our time will be up before we know it.. and we will have regrets for not sharing what we know to be true. I challenge each one of you members who read my blog to go ask the missionaries in your ward or branch for a Book of Mormon. Write your testimony inside. Then pray and fast for who you need to give it to. Then listen and act. Simple as that. We contact people in the street all day. I know you can do it! Go take a look at this website. Maybe it will give you some motivation! =)

Alright I have written a book. I will try to send some personal emails.

I love you all!! MWAH.

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