Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brooklyn wants to clarify a comment from her last blog

About the cross that I mentioned last week. I feel the need to clarify (for the blog too Mom if you put it on there).

From a friend:
What you shared about the cross, made me go wow. I think that the cross is the most important part of our lives as Christians. If he didn't go to the cross then all of us would still be living in sin. I rejoice that he is alive, that the grave could not hold him. The cross is reminder that we no longer are headed for eternal damnation after this life. If the cross isn't important why do you have sacrament every week? Communion is there to remind us that his body was broken for us on the cross. The cross matters.

My Response:
I hope it wasn't in bad taste that I told you all that (about the electric chair). But for us, the cross isn't our focus. Yes, it was crucial. Without the cross he would have never died and hence never been resurrected. But, our focus is one that he lives... that he can perform miracles and that we can be resurrected because he was after 3 days... and two that his suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane was his sacrifice for us. that is why we take the sacrament weekly... it was in the garden that he atoned for my sins, sicknesses, weaknesses, etc. I was not saying the cross wasn't necessary, because it was. I was saying that our focus isn't on the cross because there he released his body to Heavenly Father not atoned for our sins. 

Sorry if that wasn't clear or insensitive.

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