Tuesday, February 18, 2014


We have me after popping popcorn in a pan for the first time. Didn't burn it Mom. You better be proud.

 Also on Valentines Day... Graciella (investigator from Spain) who gave us apples with hearts on them.
Anndddd... my agenda from this past week... completely blank (as it should not be) however this is the life of the nurse!!! not knowing when she's going to the office to chart.... =)
We have us eating heart shaped crepes for Valentines Day.
  We have Hermana Tingey being funny. Hahaha. (this is for her future days in the internet reading my blog... cause she's says she's going to... and she's going to run into her face... GOT CHA GIRL!)
 We have a banner that's hangin above my bed from Patti Riggs. "Pattern your life after Christ."

We have the moon with Costanera Center (big mall). Beautiful.
My new bag that I bought being that we cannot use backpacks anymore. I am waiting for it to turn black being th

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