Tuesday, February 25, 2014

35th B-Day short BUT SWEET

35th B-Day 

Hey everyone!!!

I have over 40 emails this week. Some just photos (Mom keep them coming). Other emails from friends and of course my family. I feel so loved. Thank-you all. I am so sorry if I have not had the opportunity to write you back; however, I promise I will read them tonight before I go to bed and soak in the love. My family is telling me to take the time to write back to you as they talk to me every week, so we'll see how many I can get back to. =)

Caitlin and Tiffany. I hear through the grape vine that it was your birthday!! Happy belated b-day!!

Isaiah 1:6 ---- a missionary's body... not joking.....
Deut 32:14 ---- I am thanking God for Chilean food from now on.

So we have a new goal in our companionship right now... inspired by President Wright and Hermana Leishman..... to talk to 20 people everyday. Or attempt to. Not just to say hello (as we always do), but to literally stop and try to talk with them. Then the count after how many listened, rejected, or accepted a time for us to come visit. We'll see how it goes!!!

I am going to get 2 cysts cut out of my arm and back this week. Doctor Johnson is going to do it. I am praying he as something to numb me up. hahaha. My companion is grossed out. She can't even think about it without shivering. Needless to say, she will not be in the same room as I think we will have another patient on our hands if she is. I will let you now how it goes. (Mom: they just kind of appeared all of the sudden and I know I have to get them out cause they're just getting bigger and bigger and are gonna scar something fierce if I don't do it now.)

Me eating a guilty pleasure (thanks to you Mom) peanut butter and apple. YUM.

We went to the temple with Graciella 

I have been studying a ton this week... about the Atonement of Christ and such. I am hoping to share some of it with you all after I write some emails.

So I wrote a book last week, but this week is a short one. I am hoping all is well at work, home, etc. Take care. Love you all.


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