Wednesday, February 12, 2014

33rd B-Day This silly girl will never change! "I HOPE"

 33rd B-Day This silly girl will never change! 


Hey Family,

So this week was.... really hot.... hahahaha. I am wearing sunscreen and still getting burnt. Imagine that. I could put it on nearly every hour and I think I would still feel like my skin was burning off.

I got an email from the office this past week letting us all know to tell our families to not send packages through FedEx or DHL as they are not getting to Chile. For some reason those companies expect extra payment upon deliver. Sooo. Don't send through anything other than the regular USA postal as you have been doing. I really like packages and I would rather them get to me than to see the FedEx or DHL people eat my chocolate and peanut butter. =)

Sooooo we got notice this week that we can no longer wear backpacks in the mission... as an official rule... Sooo chao to my backpack... good thing I didn't buy a camelback!! I have yet to find something that I can actually use that will not hurt my back. I am on the search though!!

For something for me to remember, this week Hermana Diaz decided she was going to talk to me in a Buenos Aires, Argentinan accent. It was horrible!!! It was for no longer than 10 minutes and after I had a headache. I hope I can talk to you guys in the different accents that they have in South America when I get home so you can understand how different the Spanish is. In Argentina, it is very up and down with your tone. Like in English it would sound like the person is fake... but anyway. She will never do that again because I seriously did have a headache after. SMH.

I ALMOST GOT TO PULL OUT STITCHES THIS WEEK!!! But then I didn't. I was so disappointed. It would have been my first nursing moment. Bummer.

Some kind of prayer wall near the Virgin Mary Statue

Celebrating Hermana Tingey's Birthday
Making empanadas with Hermana Diaz

So we talked about making habits of faith in church this week. Habits like scripture reading, prayer, family home evening, etc. It is so easy to have a habit to have our phone in our hand or pocket 24/7... so why is it so hard to do those religious things? Because we don't do them long enough to make them a habit and we do not have the desire to continue them. Let's make habits of faith!!!

9 Principles of Relationships
1. Faith
2. Prayer
3. Repentance
4. Forgiveness
5. Respect
6. Love
7. Compassion
8. Work
9. Clean Recreation

Let's take some time everyday to spend with our families! I read an article this past week asking that we all take an hour each day to turn all of our technology off (phone, TV, radio, computers, etc) and have some quality family time to play games, talk, take a walk, etc. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! Can you imagine how our families would grow together and have more love and unity? I challenge each one of you to start doing that.

D and C 19:23.... "Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me." Let's get us some peace... by following our Savior Jesus Christ.

I love you all! A lot. Like really a lot.

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